Volunteering at KALX

There are tons of ways that you, the dedicated KALX listener, can help keep the wheels of progress turning at the station. KALX holds volunteer recruitments at the beginning of the fall, spring and summer semesters. To find out more, shoot us an email. If you've just missed a recruitment, we'll keep your name on file for the next one.

Yeah, but what can I do?

  • Glad you asked! KALX is looking for motivated people to work in any of the many departments responsible for the day to day operations of the station. In addition to on-air positions, there are plenty of behind the scenes things to do. KALX volunteers work a minimum of twelve hours a month in any of the plethora of departments.

Music Department

  • The Music Department is responsible for tracking down the groovy tunes that KALX fills your ears with every day. Besides aquiring music for the DJ's to play, the Music Department is also responsible for creating our weekly Top 35 charts and our monthly Top 100 charts. So, you can see there's a lot of work put into keeping you abreast of the newest-latest.

Music Library

  • After the Music Department has brought all that great music into the station, there's a whole crew of people who find a place to put it in the Music Library. The Music Library Department is responsible for the care and feeding of over 100,000 items that cover all genres and styles. Want to get your hands on our stash? This is the department for you.


  • KALX Sports Department is the voice of Cal sports -- Cal football, men's and women's basketball, and baseball. The Sports Department is responsible for the weekly on-air feature Bear Talk.


  • The News Department is another non-music oriented KALX department, which is responsible for producing daily half hour news programs. Additionally, the News Department provides morning casts. Newscasts offer broad coverage including local issues, national and international news, sports, business, and weather. Weekly reports concerning health, entertainment, and political commentary are also featured.

Public Affairs

  • The KALX Public Affairs Department takes care of shows that cover a broad selection of issues of interest to our listening community. Furthermore, the goal of this department is to broadcast what cannot be heard on other stations. We also provide listeners with community centered information and announcements (Public Service Announcements). Finally, this department gives different voices the opportunity to be heard. From going off the creative deep-end to exploring the underbelly of political intrigue, Public Affairs, gives all KALX staff members the chance to connect to the community with something they truly care about.


  • You know those catchy public service announcements and promotional bits with the sound effects in them? This department is responsible for them and much more. They also offer basic training in ProTools sound editing software.


  • We can't give away free tickets to shows without someone in the Promotions Department to work with local clubs.


  • The Publicity Department is responsible for getting the word out about KALX on and off campus, whether its the annual fundraiser or a KALX sponsored event.

Special Events

  • The Special Events Department is responsible for engineering bands playing live in our performance studio or going out to clubs and broadcasting live shows.


  • Heck, we even need people to answer the phones around here! If you're not the on-air type, or are unsure which department is a good match for you, the office is a great way to get familiar with the station.


  • Not really a department (cuz time spent DJing doesn't count towards the 12 hour work requirement), just a group of people bringing the distinctive KALX sound to the Bay Area. After working at the station for three months, KALX volunteers are eligible for DJ training, and eventually, their own shows.