Picture of Suzie True
Thursday, November 21st - 8:00pm
Posted on 11/10/2019

Suzie True is an indiepop / twee-punk band from Los Angeles fronted by Lexi of Bearcats. Their debut EP was released by Toronto label Buzz Records in 2018.

Galore is an emerging DIY indiepop / jangle-punk band from San Francisco, featuring members of Rays and Rainbow. The first run of their self-released demo cassette quickly sold out.

Artsick is Christina of Salinas melodic fuzzpop band Burnt Palms, backed by members of Kids On A Crime Spree and Lunchbox. Their debut 7" was released in late 2018.

Jason Becker
Friday, November 22nd - 10:30am
Posted on 11/18/2019

Tune in for an interview with local guitar great and composer Jason Becker hosted by DJ Jon the Reptilian on Friday, November 22nd @ 10:30AM.

Caamp by Makaila Heifner
Posted on 11/14/2019

Caamp is comprised of three friends from Athens, Ohio. They describe themselves as a “folk trio... making beautiful noise.” This summary perfectly surmises the group and the infectious joy they brought to the Fillmore in San Francisco on October 21st.

Written and photographed by Makaila Heifner

Picture of Gabriel Zucman
Friday, November 22nd - 12:00pm
Posted on 11/10/2019

On the next Method to the Madness, Friday, November 22, at noon, host Lisa Kiefer speaks with Gabriel Zucman, Associate Professor of Economics at UC Berkeley and co-author [with Emmanuel Saez] of the new book The Triumph of Injustice –How the Rich Dodge Taxes and How to Make Them Pay.  He and his colleagues are advocating a progressive wealth tax as a solution to global inequality and have advised Elizabeth Warren and other politic

Monday, October 21st - 6:00am to Monday, October 28th - 11:59pm
Posted on 10/14/2019

This year KALX has a special Fundraiser Site for ONLINE DONATIONS -- please click below to donate without having to call us! 


Steve Lacy
Posted on 11/21/2019

By Elliot Gross

Edited by Tessa Rissacher

Singer, producer and multi-instrumentalist Steve Lacy stopped by San Francisco for his Apollo XXI tour on October 25th to perform for a sold-out crowd. The 21-year-old member of The Internet has turned heads recently with an onslaught of top-tier production credits including songs by Solange, Vampire Weekend, and Kendrick Lamar