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Underground hip-hop at its finest. Every other Sunday night / Monday morning from midnight to 1 am.

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Monday, October 3, 2022 - 12:00am to 1:00am

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12:15am Clyde Carson - "No Sleep" - Playboy ()
12:12am 100s - "Slide On Ya" - IVRY ()
12:08am Dru Down - "Playa Fo Real" - Can You Feel Me ()
12:03am Trackademicks - "Rise & Shine (feat. Moxmore, Mike Baker the Bike Maker, Josie Stingray, Spank Pops & 1-O.A.K.)" - The Secret of My Success (HNRL)
12:57am Z-Man - "Bay Certificate (feat. DJ True Justice)" - California Brainwashed (Gurp City)
12:48am Sole & DJ Pain 1 - "Coal (feat. Decomposure)" - Death Drive (s/r)
12:44am Bike For Three! - "The Last Romance" - So Much Forever (Fake Four Inc)
12:42am Mestizo - "Turning Tables (feat. doseone)" - n/a (Machina Muerte)
12:38am Ecid - "G R U N G E H O T E L" - Post Euphoria Vol. 1 (Fill in the Breaks)
12:32am One Be Lo - "PIGS" - L.A.B.O.R (Subterraneous)
12:28am Astronautalis - "Contrails (Jel Remix)" - n/a (Fake Four Inc.)
12:24am Awol One & Gel Roc - "Invisibility" - The Cloaks (Abolano)
12:22am Nocando - "Little Green Monsters (feat. Liphemra)" - Jimmy the Burnout (Hellfyre Club)
12:18am Corina Corina - "Last Night (Remix) (feat. billy woods)" - The Free Way (s/r)
12:11am Sleep of Oldominion - "Sinking Ship" - Oregon Failure (Strange Famous)
12:07am Hologram Kizzie aka Psalm One - "Need Love Too" - Free Hugs (Bonafydee)
12:04am Grieves - "Shreds" - Winter & the Wolves (Rhymesayers)
4:57pm Dujeous - "Spilt Milk" - City Limits (Third Earth)
4:50pm Nate Krooks - "Sweet Darling (feat. Audio Angel)" - Still True (s/r)
4:46pm Brother Ali - "Haunted Housebroken (feat. Aby Wolf)" - The Bite-Marked Heart (Rhymesayers)
4:44pm Gavlyn - "Cheaters (feat. EQ)" - Modest Confidence (Broken Complex)
4:41pm Dag Savage - "Darlin' (feat. Choosey)" - E&J (Dirty Science)
4:37pm Roosevelt Franklin - "A Meditation on Why Love Sucks" - Something's Gotta Give (Third Earth)
4:31pm Bi-Polar Bear - "F*** Her Pt. 2" - When Ledge is Home (Modern Shark)
4:28pm Neila - "Paper Airplanes" - Marked for Breath (s/r)
4:24pm Matre - "Alright OK" - Easter Sonday (s/r)
4:21pm Asheru & Blue Black - "Dear You" - Soon Come (7 Heads)
4:16pm Gel Roc & Joe Dub - "Dress Rehearsal (feat. Rahviance)" - From the Vault (s/r)
4:11pm Mine+Us & DJ Hoppa - "The Piano is Too Heavy To Move" - Everything is A-OK (Broken Complex)
4:05pm Bike for Three! - "Sublimation" - So Much Forever (Fake Four Inc)
4:57pm Homeboy Sandman - "Couple Bars" - First of a Living Breed (Stones Throw)
4:54pm Dag Savage - "Wine & Cheese" - E&J (Dirty Science)
4:49pm Murs - "Love and Appreciate II (feat. Tyler Woods)" - Murs for President ()
4:40pm PremRock & Willie Green - "Jogger (feat. Open Mike Eagle)" - s/t (Isolated Wax)
4:36pm John Robinson - "There She Goes" - Who Is This Man? (High Water Music)
4:33pm Prince Paul - "Flattery" - Itstrumental (Female Fun)
4:29pm Blacklove R88ers - "Peaches" - Mixed Kids Vol. 2 (Blacklove)
4:26pm General Populus & DJ Hoppa - "The Deafest Girl" - Hop & Pop (Broken Complex)
4:23pm Robust - "Hey Girl" - The Close Up (Galapagos4)
4:17pm Grieves - "Shreds (prod. by B. Lewis)" - Winter & the Wolves (Rhymesayers)
4:14pm Zion I - "Danger Zone (feat. 1-O.A.K.)" - Masters of Ceremony EP ()
4:10pm Bedrockk feat. Swoonz - "Faded" - ()
4:05pm Kev Choice - "Shed Light (feat. Howard Wiley & Jennifer Johns)" - Oakland Riviera (s/r)
12:52pm The Regiment - "10,000 Strong (feat. El Da Sensei)" - Live From the Coney Island (Soul Tools)
12:49pm Homeboy Sandman - "Wade in the Water" - White Sands (Stones Throw)
12:44pm Mute Speaker - "Turtleneck (feat. Gel Roc)" - Take Yourself Apart (Liquid Noise)
1:00am Existereo & Paris Zax - "Nice Things (feat. Abstract Rude)" - Dirt Road Holiday (Dead Guy)
12:53am The Regiment - "10,000 Strong (feat. El Da Sensei)" - Live From the Coney Island (Soul Tools)
12:50am Homeboy Sandman - "Wade in the Water" - White Sands (Stones Throw)
12:45am Mute Speaker - "Turtlenecks (feat. Gel Roc)" - Take Yourself Apart (Liquid Noise)