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Underground hip-hop at its finest. Every other Sunday night / Monday morning from midnight to 1 am.

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Monday, December 12, 2022 - 12:00am to 1:00am

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12:17am Bleubird - "Fog Rollin" - Cannonball!!! (Fake Four Inc)
12:11am Dday One - "Forgotten Nature" - Mood Algorithms (Content (L)abel)
12:07am Ka & Preservation - "Day 22" - Days With Dr. Yen Lo (s/r)
12:04am Oddisee - "Meant It When I Said It" - The Good Fight (Mello Music Group)
12:59am Blueprint - "My Generation (feat. Illogic)" - King No Crown (Weightless)
12:56am Big Quarters - "Firebird" - From the Home of Brown Babies & White Mothers (LCB)
12:51am Dr. Yen Lo - "Day 13" - Days With Dr. Yen Lo (s/r)
12:47am Doomtree - "Little Mercy" - No Kings (Doomtree)
12:41am Abstract Rude & Myka 9 - "Weight Gain (feat. MC Woes & DJ Drez)" - Ayem Ray-Dio (Keep the Feel)
12:37am Sole & DJ Pain 1 - "Old Gods Ain't Dead" - Death Drive (Black Canyon)
12:33am Sahtyre - "Buzz Aldrin" - LSD (Saga) (s/r)
12:29am Radioinactive - "Outta Your Head" - The Akashic Album (Flying Carpet Studios)
12:25am CashUs King - "Exorcise Your Soul" - Church (of the Good Thief) (s/r)
12:22am 2econd Class Citizen - "Roll On" - A Hall of Mirrors (Content (L)abel)
12:16am B. Dolan - "Lazerus" - Kill the Wolf (Strange Famous)
12:11am Blue Scholars - "The Inkwell" - Blue Scholars (s/r)
12:07am Reverie & Louden - "Since You Left" - Russian Roulette (s/r)
12:02am Toki Wright & Big Cats - "Pangaea" - Pangaea (Soul Tools)
12:57am Large Pro - "New Train Ole Route" - Re:Living (Fat Beats)
12:51am Dangerdoom - "Crosshairs" - The Mouse & the Mask (Epitaph)
12:50am Brycon - "Sons Are Born" - The Adventures of Whoopin Crane Parts I-III (Megakut)
12:48am Moka Only - "We Never Think" - Magickal Weirdness (Urbnet)
12:43am Relic - "The 13th" - The 13th Floor (s/r)
12:41am SiR - "Love You" - Seven Sundays (Fresh Selects)
12:39am Nosaj Thing - "Cold Stares (feat. Chance the Rapper)" - Fated (Innovative Leisure)
12:33am Fatima - "Underwater" - Yellow Memories (Eglo)
12:31am Knxwledge - "behindme" - Hud Dreems (Stones Throw)
12:28am Myka 9 & Factor - "Next Transpo" - Famous Future Time Travel (Urbnet)
12:23am Themselves - "Crayon Sharpener" - Them (Anticon)
12:18am 2econd Class Citizen - "Yellow Butterfly" - A Hall of Mirrors (Content (L)abel)
12:15am Oddisee - "CounterClockwise" - The Good Fight (Mello Music Group)
12:12am Ceschi - "Bite Through Stone" - Broken Bone Ballads (Fake Four Inc)
12:09am Donald Mayhem - "Flatlines (feat. Dee Jackson of the 80's Babies)" - Skywritters (Jericho Lounge)
12:06am Philadelphia Slick - "State of Your Plate" - Earth Rocks Harder (Badtape)
12:01am B. Dolan - "Memory of Bombs" - Kill the Wolf (Strange Famous)
12:57am Brother Ali - "Rain Water" - Champion EP (Rhymesayers)
12:54am Mestizo - "Turning Tables (feat. doseone)" - Underlord (Machina Muerte)
12:49am C-Rayz Walz - "Body You" - Buck 80/Body You (Def Jux)
12:46am Mr. Len - "This Morning (feat. The Juggaknots)" - Pity the Fool (Matador)
12:39am Uncommon Nasa - "This Bodega (Is Trying to Kill Me) (feat. Elucid)" - New York Telephone (Uncommon)
12:35am Gangrene - "Play It Cool (feat. Samuel T. Harring & Earl Sweatshirt)" - Welcome to Los Santos (Mass Appeal)
12:31am Pumpkinhead - "It's Over" - Dynamic/It's Over (Makin)
12:27am The Extremities - "Quick Brown Fox (feat. Ghettosocks)" - Instruments (Droppin' Science)
12:24am Dr. Yen Lo (Ka & Preservation) - "Day 22" - Days With Dr. Yen Lo (s/r)
12:18am Sadistik - "Russian Roulette (feat. Cage & Yes Alexander)" - Flowers for My Father (Fake Four Inc)
12:13am Heiruspecs - "5ves" - A Tiger Dancing (Razor & Tie)
12:10am Scratch Bandits Crew - "Goodbye" - Stereo 7 (Chinese Man)
12:06am Asphate - "A Shadow's True Colors (feat. Qwel)" - Closed Doors to an Open Mind (Galapagos4)
12:04am Knxwledge - "letuleave.[Geekdop]" - Hud Dreems (Stones Throw)
12:55am K-Murdock - "The Future (feat. Junclassic)" - The Ronin (s/r)