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Underground hip-hop at its finest. Every other Sunday night / Monday morning from midnight to 1 am.

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Monday, February 6, 2023 - 12:00am to 1:00am

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12:47pm Samiyam - "Ronald" - Animals Have Feelings (Stones Throw)
12:46am Ersatz Splynter - "Noel Fielding Do a Song With Me?" - Lolachezia (Fake Four Inc.)
12:44am LoDeck - "Darwin" - Pomegranate (Johnny 23)
12:41am Gajah & Mute Speaker - "Good Explorer" - Zapped (Acid Lab)
12:37am Eddie Shinn & Step - "Sludge" - The Third Should Not Be Unheard (Cold Busted)
12:33am Open Mike Eagle & Paul White - "Protectors of the Heat (feat. Hemlock Ernst)" - Hella Personal Film Festival (Mello Music Group)
12:25am Eminem - "Dre Beats" - Shady vs stretch (s/r)
12:21am Ill all Scratch - "Yo Love" - Yo Love (Mercury)
12:58pm Milo - "Souvenir (feat. Hemlock Ernst)" - So the Flies Don't Come (Ruby Yacht)
12:53pm Them That Do - "Yeah, I Had That Tape (feat. John Robinson & LD Henriquez)" - Them That Do... (HiPNOTT)
12:50pm A Tribe Called Quest - "Check the Rhime" - Anthology (Jive)
12:47pm Open Mike Eagle & Paul White - "Smiling (Quirky Race Doc)" - Hella Personal Film Festival (Mello Music Group)
12:38am Dillon & Paten Locke - "Humdinger" - Food Chain (Full Plate)
12:35am Guante & Katrah-Quey - "White People on Twitter" - Post-Post-Race (s/r)
12:33am Willie Evans Jr. - "Moon Shine" - The Crush (s/r)
12:30am Poldoore - "Corn Syrup" - The Day After (Cold Busted)
12:26am Bop Alloy - "Chillaxation" - Substantial & Marcus D re Bop Alloy (Absolutzero)
12:24am Jay-Z - "Cashmere Thoughts" - Reasonable Doubt (Rocafella)
12:20am Kanye West - "Family Business" - College Dropout (Rocafella)
12:16am Dr. Dre - "Lil Ghetto Boy" - The Chronic (interscope)
12:12am Redman - "Ride" - Singles (Dreamworks)
12:08am Lil Flip - "Game Over (Remix)" - Single (Columbia)
12:00am Lil Wayne - "Tha Mobb" - Tha Carter II (Young Money)
12:50am Ice Cube - "What Can I d" - ()
12:47am Redman - "Soopaman Luva 5" - Malpractice (Def jam)
12:42am MF DOOM - "Guinesses" - MM... FOOD (Rhymesayers)
12:38am Blue Scholars - "Sagaba" - s/t (s/r)
12:34am Badbadnotgood - "Gunshowers" - Soul Soul (Lex)
12:31am Ice Cube - "Endangered Species" - Endangered Species [single] (Priority)
12:26am Jonny October & Box B - "Jealousy (feat. Open Mike Eagle)" - Prisoner's Cinema (self-releasees)
12:22am Kooley High - "Where I'm Going (feat. Add-2)" - Heights (M.E.C.C.A)
12:19am Moka Only & Chief - "For Always" - Crickets (Feelin' Music)
12:15am Them That Do - "Jazz Jazz Jazz Jazz" - Them That Do... (HiPNOTT)
12:11am Pete Rock & CL Smooth - "T.R.O.Y (They Reminisce Over You)" - They Reminisce Over You/Creator (Elektra)
12:05am Mister T. - "Let's Funk (feat. Kate Sousoula Suarez)" - Big Day (Cold Busted)
12:00am K-Def - "Uneke (feat. De'1)" - The Way It Was (Redefinition)
12:57am Jonny October & Box B - "Jealousy (feat. Open Mike Eagle)" - Prisoner's Cinema (s/r)
12:54am Destro - "Eat'Em Up (feat. Sleep & Vursatyl)" - Ill.ustrated (Vinyl Fluid)
12:51am Sole & DJ Pain 1 - "Death Drive" - Death Drive (s/r)
12:47am Aesop Rock & Homeboy Sandman - "Get a Dog" - Lice (Rhymesayers/Stones Throw)
12:43am Avatar - "Propellors" - This Machine Has Gone Wrong... (Dumptruck)
12:40am Hologram Kizzie - "Mike Bivens" - Hug Life (Bonafyde)
12:37am B. Dolan - "Stay Inspired" - Kill the Wolf (Strange Famous)
12:32am Esbe - "Intimate" - Bloomsday (Cold Busted)
12:29am Kooley High - "Automatic" - Heights (M.E.C.C.A.)
12:26am Corina Corina - "Do You Mind? (feat. Elucid)" - The Eargasm (s/r)
12:23am Akshin Alizadeh - "Lost Generation" - Street Bangerz Vol. 8 (Cold Busted)
12:19am Gajah & Mute Speaker - "Peace of Mind (feat." - On & Offspring (Acid Lab)
12:13am Mister T. - "Let's Funk (feat. Kate Sousoula Suarez)" - Big Day (Cold Busted)
12:11am Chicharones - "Ring Ring" - When Pigs Fly (Camobear)