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Underground hip-hop at its finest. Every other Sunday night / Monday morning from midnight to 1 am.

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Monday, December 31, 2018 - 12:00am to 1:00am

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12:57am Televangel - "The Pauper's Pit" - Anthropecene Blues (Fake Four Inc)
12:51am Masta Ace & Marco Polo - "Still Love Her (feat. Pearl Gates)" - A Breukelen Story (Fat Beats)
12:49am Doppelgangaz - "All 2 Da Good" - Beats for Brothels Vol. 4 (Groggy Pack)
12:45am DJ Muggs & Roc Marciano - "Dolph Lundgren" - KAOS (Soul Assassins)
12:42am Astralblak - "Wanna Be Saved" - Seeds (Sound Verite)
12:37am Xperience - "What 2 Say (feat. Iame & Smoke M2D6)" - William the VIII (s/r)
12:33am Dag Savage - "If You're Down (feat. Blu & CashUs King)" - Furnace EP (Dirty Science)
12:27am El-P - "Tuned Mass Damper" - Deep Space 9mm (Def Jux)
12:24am Homeboy Sandman & Edan - "Unwavering Mind" - Humble Pie (Stones Throw)
12:21am Rob Sonic - "Ithaca" - Defriender (s/r)
12:18am Four Fists - "Bobby Hill" - 6666 (Doomtree)
12:15am Mestizo & the Heavy Twelves - "Pearl Gates" - Big Bad Death (Fake Four Inc.)
12:11am MC Homeless - "Sex and Death (Remix) (feat. Awol One)" - Sex and Death (Fake Four Inc)
12:07am Curly Castro - "Mortimo Planno" - TOSH (Backwoodz Studioz)
12:02am A.M. Breakups - "Fever Pitch" - Out of Four Came Many Soldiers (Reservoir Sound)
12:58am deM atlaS - "Runnin' Back" - Bad Actress (Rhymesayers)
12:51am Atmosphere - "Randy Mosh (feat. the Dynospectrum)" - Mi Vida Local (Rhymesayers)
12:48am Four Fists - "Fjortis" - 6666 (Doomtree)
12:44am Spoken Nerd - "Wrestlemania B.C. (feat. Gregory Pepper)" - I Need a Friend Like You (Fake Four Inc)
12:40am Kenny Segal - "Big Decisions" - Happy Little Trees (Ruby Yacht)
12:37am Lord Finesse - "Hip 2 Da Game" - Hip 2 Da Game b/w No Gimmicks (Penalty)
12:31am Shad - "Another Year (feat. Ian Kamau & Eternia)" - A Short Story About a War (Secret City)
12:24am Masta Ace & Marco Polo - "God Bodies (feat. Trini Boy)" - A Breukelen Story (Fat Beats)
12:21am Seez Mics - "Buy the Time" - (Strange Famous Digital)
12:20am A.G. - "Marcus Garvey (Interlude)" - A Taste of AMBrosia (Slice of Spice)
12:17am Curly Castro - "Ital-You-Can-Eat (feat. Billy Woods)" - Tosh (Backwoodz Studioz)
12:13am Damu the Fudgemunk - "Army Fatigue Rap (feat. Low Budget)" - Redef Remixes (Redefinition)
12:10am Gajah & Mute Speaker - "User 101 (feat. Onewerd)" - Vent (Order Label)
12:06am Live Percenters - "Good to See You" - Higher Vibrations (Vinyl Digital)
12:02am Dag Savage - "Furnace (feat. Fashawn & the Last Artful Dodgr)" - Furnace (Dirty Science)
12:00am deM atlaS - "Runnin' Back" - Bad Actress ()
12:57am Tunde Olaniran - "Celine Dion" - Stranger (Magic Wheel)
12:52am Golden Rules - "Talkin' Bout" - Golden Ticket (Lex)
12:49am Z-Ro - "Continue 2 Roll" - I'm Still Livin' (Rap-A-Lot)
12:45am Kooley High - "More Than Money" - Never Come Down (M.E.C.C.A.)
12:42am CunninLynguists - "Mr. Morganfield & Ms. Waters" - Rose Azura Njano (RBC)
12:37am UGK - "One Day" - Ridin' Dirty (Jive)
12:33am Goodie Mob - "Soul Food" - Soul Food (La Face)
12:26am MidaZ the Beast - "Brouhaha Season" - JAWS EP (s/r)
12:23am Big Twins - "Memories (feat. Havoc)" - Grimey Life (Drumset)
12:22am Kev Brown - "Tried Love?" - Fill In the Blank (Redefinition)
12:19am Curren$y, Freddie Gibbs & The Alchemist - "Bundy & Sincere" - Fetti (ESGN)
12:18am Swarvy - "Crocodiles (feat. Lojii)" - Anti-Anxiety (Paxico)
12:15am Masta Ace & Marco Polo - "Three (feat. eMC)" - A Breukelen Story (Fat Beats)
12:11am CashUs King - "Idle Hands Are the Devil's... (feat. Blu)" - Lost In the Wilderness (s/r)
12:07am Woke - "The Lavishments of Light Looking (feat.George Clinton)" - Brainfeeder X (Brainfeeder)
12:02am Astralblak - "Seeds" - Seeds (Sound Verite)
12:58am Edan - "I'll Come Running Back to You" - Emcees Smoke Crack Remix / I'll Come Running Back to You (Lewis)
12:52am Sa-Roc - "Goddess Gang" - Goddess Gang (Rhymesayers)
12:49am A.M. Breakups - "Fire Blazing" - Out of Four Came Many Soldiers (Resevoir Sound)