Women Hold Up Half The Sky

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Talk radio and music by and about women. Featuring weekly interviews with women involved in politics, health policy, gender issues, and technology, a women's events calendar, and analysis of world, national, and local news. Every Saturday from 11 am to noon.

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Saturday, February 11, 2023 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm

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11:57am Saariselka - "The Void" - The Ground Our Sky (Temporary Residence)
11:56am mic break - "" - ()
11:53am Girl Ray - "Let It Go" - Girl (Moshi Moshi)
11:50am Common Holly - "It's Not Real" - When I Say To You Black Lightning (Barsuk)
11:45am Adife Nessa Frances - "Geranium" - Land of No Junction (Ba Da Bing)
11:41am WaqWaq Kingdom - "Doggy Bag" - Essaka Hoisa (Phantom Limb)
11:36am OOIOO - "Nijimu" - Nijimusi (Thrill Jockey)
11:35am mic break - "" - ()
11:31am Juliana Hatfield - "Every Breath You Take" - Juliana Hatfield Sings The Police (American Laundromat)
11:25am Jaimie Branch - "Simple Silver Surfer" - Fly or Die II: Bird Dogs of Paradise (International Anthem)
11:21am Kate Vargas - "Mighty Fire" - For the Wolfish and Wandering (Little Maniac)
11:17am Samantha Sidley - "Listen!!" - Interior Person (Release Me)
11:16am mic break - "" - ()
11:11am Ulla - "Leaves And Wish" - Tumbling Towards A Wall (Experiences Ltd.)
11:09am Chromatics - "Love Theme From Closer to Grey" - Closer To Grey (Italians Do It Better)
11:05am Blackpink - "Don't Know What to Do" - Kill This Love (Interscope Records)
11:01am The Waitresses - "No Guilt" - The Waitresses (Polydor)
11:46am Kathleen Supove - "Eye to Ivory" - Eye to Ivory (Starkland)
11:45am mic break - "" - ()
11:40am Ulla - "leaves and wish" - Tumbling Towards a Wall (Experiences Ltd)
11:33am Anne Muller - "Drifting Circles" - Heliopause (Erased Tapes)
11:20am Iceland Symphony Orchestra - "Metacosmos" - Concurrence (Sono Luminus)
11:19am mic break - "" - ()
11:14am Yeule - "Pretty Bones" - Serotonin II (Bayonet)
11:02am Jennie Oh Brown - "Wish Sonatine" - Giantess (Innova)
11:58am Emily Jane White - "The Gates at the End" - Immanent Fire (Talitres)
11:56am - - "-" - - (-)
11:50am Chromatics - "Touch Red" - Closer to Grey (Italians Do it Better)
11:45am Tulia - "Nothing Else Matters" - Tulia (Universal Poland)
11:40am Rasputina - "Signs of the Zodiac" - A Radical Recital (Filthy Bonnet)
11:38am - - "-" - - (-)
11:33am The Space Lady - "Synthesize Me" - The Space Lady's Greatest Hits (Night School)
11:02am The Space Lady - "Oh, Brave New World" - On the Street of Dreams (S/R)
11:01am - - "-" - - (-)
11:57am Deborah & Rick Hamouris - "We Are a Circle" - Welcome to Annwfn (S/R)
11:54am - - "-" - - (-)
11:47am Dr. Hava Schaver - "Appreciations" - Stoneridge: Our Gift to You...A Relaxing Holiday (Zeevarts)
11:43am Angela Davis - "On Becoming an Activist" - The Prison Industrial Complex (AK Press/Alternative Tentacles)
11:42am Dr. Hava Schaver - "Caring for Others" - Stoneridge: Our Gift to You...A Relaxing Holiday (Zeevarts)
11:37am Eels - "Jelly Dancers" - Dimension Mix: To Benefit Autism Charities; The Music of Bruce Haack and Esther Nelson (Eenie Meenie)
11:35am Dr. Hava Schaver - "Activities of Fun and Laughter" - Stoneridge: Our Gift to You...A Relaxing Holiday (Zeevarts)
11:33am - - "-" - - (-)
11:28am Bekah Barnett - "Grace" - Rise (Urban Minstral)
11:26am Dr. Hava Schaver - "Caring for Yourself" - Stoneridge: Our Gift to You...A Relaxing Holiday (Zeevarts)
11:25am Eileen Hazel - "Pixie Dance" - My Interesting Condition (Folk Diva)
11:22am Dr. Hava Schaver - "Wear a Half Smile" - Stoneridge: Our Gift to You...A Relaxing Holiday (Zeevarts)
11:18am Jennifer Berezan - "tracks 2+3" - In These Arms: A Song for All Beings (Edge of Wonder)
11:13am Dr. Hava Schaver - "Focus on One Thing at a Time" - Stoneridge: Our Gift to You...A Relaxing Holiday (Zeevarts)
11:10am Vijali Hamilton with Edie Hartsorne - "Rain in the Forest" - Sacred Chants (S/R)
11:05am Dr. Hava Schaver - "Focus on Deep Breathing" - Stoneridge: Our Gift to You...A Relaxing Holiday (Zeevarts)