At War With Heaven

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Head banging metal mayhem. Every other Thursday night / Friday morning from midnight to 1 am.

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Friday, December 9, 2022 - 12:00am to 1:00am

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12:45am Kampfar - "Gloria Ablaze" - Profan (Indie)
12:39am More Than Human - "Love (Save Your Breath)" - Love. Lust. Loath (S/R)
12:35am Post Mortal Possession - "Skinwalker" - Forest Of The Damned (S/R)
12:29am Spirt Adrift - "Form And force" - Chained To Oblivion (Prosthetic)
12:24am Devil To Pay - "Kerfuffle" - A Bend Through Space And Time (Ripple)
12:15am Dawnbringer - "North by North" - XX (S/R)
12:10am Klonque - "The Hunt" - Burn Particularly (S/R)
12:08am Into The Storm - "I Gotta Get The Bees Outta My Teeth" - Where The Merfalo Roam (Alive & Breathing)
12:06am Antigama - "Meteor" - Meteor (Selfmadegod)
12:00am VoiVod - "Meteor" - Negatron (Mausoleum)
12:56am Eerie - "Blood Drinker" - Eerie (Tee Pee)
12:52am The Grindmother - "Age Of Destruction" - Age Of Destruction (S/R)
12:47am Ghoul - "Ghoulunitics" - Dungeon Bastards (tank Crimes)
12:43am Lethal Shock - "Sulfur Heart" - Evil Aggressor (Witches Brew)
12:37am Problem Of Pain - "Forge (Feed The Flame)" - Burn What My Hands Wrought (Blood & Ink)
12:32am Negative Standards - "XIV" - Fetters (Negative Standards)
12:28am Yekun - "Faith Of Serpents" - The Boars Nest (S/R)
12:25am Ringworm - "Snake Church" - Snake Church (Relapse)
12:16am Jinjer - "I Speak Astronomy" - King Of Everything (Napalm)
12:11am Coscradh - "Lynch" - Demo MMXVI (Invictus)
12:09am Panzerbastard - "The devil Wins Every Time" - Motorheathen (Patac)
12:06am Hellripper - "Mephistophelien Dreams" - Prophecies Of Ruin ()
12:00am Celestial Grave - "The Heartbeats" - Burial Ground Trance (Iron Bonehead)
12:54am Humble Pie - "Stone Cold Fever" - Performance Rockn' The Fillmore (A&M)
12:42am UFO - "Rock Bottom" - Strangers In The Night (Chrysalis)
12:34am Boris - "Ano Onna No On Ryou" - Akamai Nouta (Southern Lord)
12:25am Black Sabbath - "Wasp/ Behide the Wall Of Sheep/ Basically/ N.I.B." - Black Sabbath (Warner Bros.)
12:21am Shineol - "Highway Star" - Cream Of The Slop (Hellam)
12:16am Uriah Heep - "Devil's Daughter" - Return To Fantasy (Bronze)
12:12am Manchestra Orchestra - "Cope" - Cope (Republic)
12:09am Motörhead - "Ace Of Spades" - Ace Of Spades (Bronze)
12:06am White Lung - "Kiss Me When I Bleed" - Paradise (Domino)
12:01am Hawkwind - "Yum-Yum / A Solitary Man" - The Machine Stops (Cherry Red)
12:55am Candlemass - "Under The Oak" - Epicus Doomicus Metallicus (Black Dragon)
12:49am Entombed - "Hollowman" - Hollowman (Earache)
12:44am Sister - "Disguised Vultures" - Disguised Vultures (Metal Blade)
12:38am The Ugly - "Nibiru" - Decreation (ViciSolum)
12:32am Paganizer - "Angry All The Time" - On The Outskirts Of Hades (Transcending Obscurity)
12:28am Phidion - "Slaves To Eternal Insomnia" - Flesh Of The Forsaken (S/R)
12:23am Terra Tenebrosa - "Marmorisation" - The Reverses (Debemur Morti)
12:12am Pyramido - "En linje i sanden" - Vatten (Absolute Contempt)
12:09am Achilles - "Vriden & Vanskapt" - Pestbringaren (S/R)
12:05am Dracena - "Infernal Damnation" - Infernal Damnation (S/R)
12:00am Bathory - "Hades" - Bathory (Black Mark)
12:58pm Twilight - "Oh, Wretched Son" - III: Beneath Triton's Tomb (Century Media)
1:28am -- - "" - ()
1:26am Torche - "Kiss Me Dudely" - Harmonicraft (Volcom Entertainment)
1:21am Allegaeon - "Across the Folded Line" - Fragments of Form and Function (Metal Blade)
1:16am Shroud Eater - "High John the Conqueror" - Thundernoise (s/r)
1:07am Fister - "The Failure" - Fister/Dopethrone Split (s/r)