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5:56pm The Mills Brothers - "You Always Hurt the One You Love" - Paper Doll (RCA)
5:49pm Aife Nessa Frakes - "In the End" - Land of No Junction (Ba Da Bing)
5:45pm Pine Box Boys - "Weary Friend" - Arkansas Killing Time (City Hall)
5:42pm Johnny Cash - "Hurt" - American IV (American)
5:39pm Hayseed Dixie - "Running With the Devil" - A Hot Piece of Grass (Cooking Vinyl)
5:25pm Steve Horelick - "The Legend Lives" - Madman (Waxwork)
5:20pm Ennio Morricone - "Eternity" - The Thing Soundtrack (BSR)
5:17pm Steve Hauschildt - "Nonlin" - Nonlin (Ghostly International)
5:14pm Iron Maiden - "Running Free" - Iron Maiden (EMI)
5:11pm Black Sabbath - "Mob Rules" - Heavy Metal Soundtrack (Elektra)
5:08pm The Gonks - "I'm Dead" - Five Things You Didn't Know About the Gonks (Rocks In Your Head)
5:04pm Glen Campbell - "If You Could Read My Mind" - The Lst Time I Saw Her (Capital)
4:58pm Fran - "In My Own Time" - A Private Picture (Fire Talk)
4:55pm Bill Fav - "One Life" - Countless Branches (Dead Oceans)
4:52pm Jim Carroll Band - "People Who Died" - The Best of... (Rhino)
4:46pm KC and the Sunshine Band - "I'm Your Boogie Man" - I'm Your Boogie Man (T.K.)
4:42pm Citizens' Utilities - "No More Medicine" - No More Medcine (Mute)
4:39pm Barbara Eden - "I Got the Fever" - Miss Barbara Eden (Geffen)
4:36pm Frank Luther - "Health Can Be Fun" - Health Can Be Fun (Decca)
4:32pm Unearth Noise - "I Surrender" - Prayer and Resonance (Lullabies For Insomniacs)
4:31pm Thomas Bangalter - "Rectum" - Irreversible Soundtrack (Thrive)
4:20pm Comets on Fire - "Blue Tomb" - Blue Cathedral (Sub Pop)
4:18pm Franz Ferdinand - "Well That Was Easy" - Franz Ferdinand (Domino)
4:14pm Holy Fuck - "Deleters" - Deleter (S/R)
4:09pm RL Crutchfield's Dark Days - "No, Nothing, Never" - Exterminating Angel (Infidelity)
4:02pm Heliocentrics - "Venom" - Infinity of Now (Madlib Invazion)
3:58pm The Police - "Message in a Bottle" - Greateest Hit (A&M)
3:54pm Devo - "Gut Feeling" - Q. Are We Not Men? A. We Are Devo (WB)
3:45pm Ko Shin Moon - "Nava" - 78 Fragments (Akuphone)
3:44pm Inner Travels - "Calm After the Storm" - Nature Spirit (Inner Islands)
3:36pm White Heaven - "Fallin' Stars End" - Out (Black Editions)
3:30pm Patti Smith - "Ain't It Strange" - Land (1975-2002) (Arista)
3:25pm Guided By Voices - "Downer" - Sweating the Plague (GNVi)
3:22pm Martin Creed - "I Can't Move" - Weeds Music From... (Bullet Proof)
3:12pm Umberto - "Someone Chasing Someone Through a House" - Prophecy of the Black Widow (Not Not Fun)
3:05pm Lou Champagne System - "Propaganda Frustration" - No Visible Means (Medical)
3:00pm Glass Candy and the Shattered Theatre - "Hurt" - Demos (S/R)
5:56pm Lou Carter - "I Caught a Cold In My Heart" - Louie's Love Songs (Golden Crest)
5:52pm The Flys - "Love and Molotov Cocktail" - The Flys (See For Miles)
5:50pm Slant 6 - "Dry Heave" - Vain Attempt EP (Iron Lung)
5:46pm Hollywood Brats - "Tumble With Me" - Hollywood Brats (Cherry Red)
5:44pm Re-Volts - "Leeches" - Leeches (Pirates Press)
5:41pm The Wipers - "Taking To Long" - The Best of the Wipers (Restless)
5:39pm Rrose - "Saliva" - Hymn to Moisture (Faux)
5:26pm Very Paranoia - "Make Me" - Make Me (Wo Can You Trust?)
5:23pm Zoe Fitzgerald - "I Wanna Party (like It's 1985)" - Time-Traveling Transvestite (S/R)
5:14pm Ursula 1000 - "Laka and Lono" - Esoterique (Insect Queen)
5:12pm Craig McCracken - "Professor" - The Powederpuff Girls (Rhino)
5:10pm Hulda - "Tiny Bubbles" - At the Summit (Summit)
5:06pm Brain Damage - "Highway to Hell" - Brownbags (Kiki)