Tumble Weed

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Got'em, if you smoke'm. Pioneering the aural trail with the odd, indie and international to live layering bionic meltdowns. Spreading seeds of sound, far and near - everything you've never heard (or not heard quite like this)! Take the time to smell the weeds . . .


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These times are shown in Pacific time

4:04pm Candelmass - "Under the Oak" - Epicus Doomicus Metallicus (Peaceville)
3:59pm Blue Phantom - "Diodo" - Distortions (AMS)
3:54pm Peter Ivers - "The Night She Didn't Come" - Bcoming Peter Ivers (RVNG Intl)
3:48pm Cybotron - "Industrial Lies" - Clear (Fantasy)
3:45pm Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - "Fireflies" - Ghosteen (S/R)
3:41pm Sui Zhen - "Mountain Song" - Losing, Linda (Cascine)
3:35pm Kommunity FK - "To Blame" - Voice (Mobilization)
3:26pm One Dove - "Why Don't You Take Me" - Morning Dove White (FFRR)
3:22pm Yin Yin - "The Rabbit That Hunts Tigers" - The Rabbit That Hunts Tigers (Bongo Joe)
3:16pm Komeda - "Frolio" - Komeda (Minty Fresh)
3:11pm DEborah Washington and the Astros - "Shortest Lady" - Personal Space Electronic Soul 1974-1984 (Numero Group)
3:07pm Naeal Francis - "She's a Winner" - Changes (Karma Chief)
3:03pm Country Teasers - "Thank You God For Making Me an Angel" - Satan Is Real Again (Crypt)
3:00pm Holly Golightly & the Brokeoffs - "Virtually Happy" - The Good Things (Damaged Goods)
5:50pm Frank Pahl - "These Lips" - In Cahoots (Vaccination)
5:43pm The Screamers - "122 Hours of Fear" - In a Better World (Xeroid)
5:35pm Quickspace - "Song for Someone" - Quickspace (Kitty Kitty)
5:30pm The Datsuns - "Freeze Sucker" - The Datsuns (V2 Music)
5:25pm Imoyama Land - "Track 14" - Commissions 1977-2000 (Empire of Signs)
5:22pm Haydon Thompson - "16.88" - Youre Not From Around Here (Numero Group)
5:19pm Katy Hobgood Ray - "Oh Devil" - I Dream of Water (Out of the Past)
5:11pm Futuro Antico - "Piano Synt" - Dai Primitivi All'Elettronica (Black Sweat)
5:07pm Red River Dialect - "BV Kistvaen" - Abundance Welcoming Ghjosts (Paradise of Bachelors)
4:59pm Zru Vogue - "Now!" - Zru Vogue (Late-NIght Rec.)
4:55pm Alu - "Camarillo Boogie" - Autismenschen (C.I.P.)
4:51pm Dendo Marionette - "Frozen Edge" - Dendo Marionette (Bitter Lake)
4:49pm Vicious Cycles - "Dynomite" - Motorcycho (Pirates Press)
4:45pm The Gravel Spreaders - "Crazy Train" - Metal Hee-Haw (S/R)
4:44pm Negativland - "Secret Win" - True False (Seeland)
4:34pm Lucifer's Friend - "Everybody's Clown" - Lucifer's Friend (Bureau B)
4:29pm Quicksilver Messenger Service - "Fresh Air" - Grass Soundtrack (Mercury Records)
4:20pm Miss Pussycat - "Shadow amd Eve" - Anthropomorphizer (Terror Vision)
4:19pm Alessandro Cortini - "Momenti" - Volume Massimo (Mute)
4:10pm Orlando Julius Ekemode - "Alo Mi Alo (Parts 1 & 2)" - Nigeria 70 - The Definitive Story of 1970s Funky Lagos (Strut)
4:06pm Stone Coal White - "Hell Below" - Stone Coal White (Numero Group)
3:59pm Anonymous - "Used in Suite for Beaver II from OST" - Original Sounds and Tracks Stepchild Fan Club Edition Vol.1 (A Piecelock 70 Inc.)
3:55pm Skyfish - "Skyfish" - Comission: 1977-2000 (Epire of Signs)
3:51pm TransFX - "Cut to the Chase" - Gaslit (Joker's Got a Posse)
3:45pm Kingdom of Knot - "Debbie and the Demons" - Journey To the Far Side of the Room (Migg Tweeny)
3:40pm Harold Weiss - "Thema Fur Carolin" - Winter Songs (Wergo)
3:37pm Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - "Waiting For You" - Ghosteen (S/R)
3:27pm Akiko Yano - "Ai Ai Gasa" - Irohani Konpeiton (We Want Sounds)
3:24pm Chad Everett - "I Can't Go On LIvin' Without You" - All Strung Out (MGM)
3:21pm The Crewcuts - "The Frim-Fram Sauce" - Music ala Carte (Mercury)
3:16pm Ra Ra Riot - "A Check for Daniel" - Superbloom (Rob the Rich/Caroline)
3:11pm Man Man - "Zebra" - Man Man (Ace Fu)
3:04pm Robert Dick - "Machine Gun" - Jazz Standards On Mars (Enja)
2:57pm Prince - "1999" - 1999 Deluxe Edition (Warner Brothers)
2:49pm Bing Crosby - "Those Were Those Days" - Hey Bing! (Springboard)
2:46pm Ween - "Buckingham Green" - Mollusk (Elektra)