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Got'em, if you smoke'm. Pioneering the aural trail with the odd, indie and international to live layering bionic meltdowns. Spreading seeds of sound, far and near - everything you've never heard (or not heard quite like this)! Take the time to smell the weeds . . .


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Monday, December 5, 2022 - 3:00pm to 6:00pm

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4:53pm Beethoven - "Symphony No. 6 in F Major" - Immortal Beloved Soundtrack (Capital)
4:49pm David Lynch and Alan Splet - "Dinah's Stomp" - Eraserhead Soundtrack (I.R.S.)
4:46pm Philip Glass - "Prologue" - The Thin Blue Line Soundtrack (Nonesuch)
4:40pm Elizabeth Joan Kelly - "Whaliens" - Farewell, Doomed Planet (S/R)
4:37pm Roy Orbison - "In Dreams" - Blue Velvet Soundtrack (Varese Sarbande)
4:32pm Anonymous - "Love is Strange" - Deep Throat Soundtrack (Bonk)
4:31pm Dustin Hoffman and Faye Dunaway - "The Religious Education of Jack Crabb at the Hands of Rev. and Mrs. Pendrake" - Little Big Man Soundtrack (Columbia)
4:25pm Ko Shin Moon - "L'Offrande" - 78 Fragments (Akuphone)
4:20pm John Carpenter - "Sde 1" - Dark Star Soundtrack (WRWTFWW)
4:17pm The Espresso's - "Wandering" - You're Not From Around Here (Numero Group)
4:14pm Vanilla Ice - "Ninja Rap" - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II (SSK)
4:11pm Rammstein - "Rammstein" - Lost Highway Soundtrack (Nothing)
4:03pm Lucifer Was - "The Green Pearl" - Underground and Beyond (Sommor)
3:59pm Anonymous Street Musicians - "Gili" - Latcho Drom Soundtrack (Caroline)
3:56pm Tarif de Haiduks - "Ducho Balvado" - The Man Who Cried Soundtrack (Mercury)
3:52pm Angelo Badalamenti - "Cool Cat Walk" - Wild At Heart Soundtrack (Polydor)
3:49pm Herschel 36 - "Farthest Stars" - Astrophysik (Lickety Split)
3:45pm Harry Nilsson - "He Needed Me by Shelley Duval" - Popeye Soundtrack (Boardwalk)
3:43pm Elliott Smith - "Between the Bars" - Good Will Hunting Soundtrack (Capital)
3:40pm Jeannie Lewis - "Do Not Go Gently" - Stone Soundtrack (Finders Keepers)
3:36pm Bach - "Toccata n D Minor bhy Simon Preston" - Rollerball Soundtrack (MCA)
3:29pm Nikki Roberts - "Spaceman" - You're Not From Around Here (Numero Group)
3:25pm Sleeper - "Atomic" - Trainspotting Soundtrack (Capital)
3:20pm The Call - "I Still Believe" - The Lost Boys Soundtrack (Atlantic)
3:14pm Los Wembler's De Iquitos - "Los Wembler's Para el Mundo" - Vision Del Ayahuasca (Barbes)
3:11pm Lalo Schifrin - "Enter the Dragon Theme" - Enter the Dragon Soundtrack (WB)
3:09pm Akira Ifukabe - "Destroy All Monsters Main Title" - The Best of Godzill 1954-1975 (Toko Music)
3:05pm Marilyn Manson - "I Put a Spell a On You" - Lost Highway Soundtrack (Nothing)
3:00pm Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - "Bellbottoms" - Baby Driver Soundtrack (Sony)
5:53pm Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - "Sun Forest" - Ghosteen (Awail)
5:46pm Alessandro Cortini - "Amare Amaro" - Volume Massimo (Mute)
5:39pm Tusken Raiders - "Groipnol" - Inchstar Static (Furthur Electronix)
5:35pm Yao Bobby and Simon Grab - "Djole" - Diamonds (Lava Lava)
5:32pm Har-You Percussion Ensemble - "Welcome to the Party" - Har-You Percussion Ensemble (Cubop)
5:29pm Tito Puente - "Tambao" - Tambao (S/R)
5:25pm Bossacucanova E. Roberto Menescal - "Kalunga Rocket" - Bossa Got the Blues (Six Degrees)
5:24pm Alan Lorber Orchestra - "Hang on to a Dream" - The Lotus Palace (Modern Harmonic)
5:20pm The B Girls - "Big Girl" - Who Says Girl Can't Rock (Other Peoples Music)
5:15pm Tesla - "Last Action Hero" - Last Action Hero Soundtrack (Columbia)
5:12pm Rival Sons - "Thundering Voices" - Heavy Nuggets Vol. 4 (Mojo)
5:08pm Ted Nugent - "Paralyzed" - State of Shock (Epic)
4:59pm Cracker - "Sweet Thistle Pie" - The Golden Age (Virgin)
4:56pm The Neckbones - "Reckless Night" - The Lights Are Getting Dim (Fat Possum)
4:52pm Cortex - "Nightmare No.74" - Spinal Injuries (Sacred Bones)
4:49pm The Chats - "Smoko" - Get This In Ya (Burger)
4:44pm Live Human - "Step Up" - Monosteriosis: The New Victrola Method (Hip Hop Slam)
4:33pm Richard Franecki - "Down Machine" - Welcome to the Electric Circus (Insignificant)
4:21pm Christine Price - "Urashima" - Japanese Folk and Fairy Tales (CMS)
4:20pm Scattered Purgatory - "C1" - Lost Ethnography of the Miscanthus Ocean (Guruguru Brain)
4:19pm Caterina Barbieri - "Pinnacles of You" - Ecstatic Computations (Editions Mego)