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Got'em, if you smoke'm. Pioneering the aural trail with the odd, indie and international to live layering bionic meltdowns. Spreading seeds of sound, far and near - everything you've never heard (or not heard quite like this)! Take the time to smell the weeds . . .


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Monday, December 5, 2022 - 3:00pm to 6:00pm

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5:03pm The Cult - "She Sells Sanctuary" - Love & Theft (Sire)
4:56pm Adolescents - "Amoeba" - SLC Punk Soundtrack (Hollywood Records)
4:54pm Young Guardians - "No Escape" - Joyride on the Western Front (White Noise)
4:52pm Housemartins - "Sheep" - Now That's What I Call Quite Good (Elektra)
4:49pm Fun Boy Three - "Our Lips Our Sealed" - Trainspotting 2 (Capital)
4:47pm Yung Bae - "Pacific Standard" - Bae5 (S/R)
4:40pm Coil - "Futher" - Stoen and Contaminated Songs (Cold Spring)
4:36pm Phillipe Besombes - "La Plage" - Libra (Mio)
4:32pm Dave Noyze - "The Memory Accessibility Principle" - Automata 52 (S/R)
4:27pm Crosley Bendix - "Fear" - Negativland Presents Over the Edge Vol. 5 (Seeland)
4:20pm Matmos - "The Purple Island" - Quasi-Objects (Vague Terrain)
4:18pm This Mortal Coil - "Not Me" - It'll End In Tears (4AD)
4:14pm The Residents - "Die! Die! Die!" - In Between DReams Live (Secret Records)
4:10pm Cat Five - "American Military OPerations" - American Military Operations (S/R)
4:05pm Mike Nichols and Elaine May - "Interrupted Hour" - Examine Doctors (Mercury)
3:59pm Wrekmeister Harmonies - "Midnight to Six" - We Love to Look at the Carnage (Thrill Jockey)
3:57pm Dub Spencer and Trance Hill - "25 Years featuring the Catch" - Riding Strange Horses (Echo Beach)
3:52pm Yin Yin - "One Inch Punch" - The Rabbit That Hunts Tigers (Bongo Joe)
3:46pm El Chicano - "Elanor Rigby" - Viva Tirado (MCA)
3:40pm Choir Boy - "Sunday Light" - Sunday Light (Dais)
3:33pm Hovercraft - "Phantom Limb" - Experiment Below (Mute)
3:26pm Dead Kennedy's - "Kill the Poor" - SLC Punk Soundtrack (Hollywood)
3:23pm Yvonne and the No Regrets - "More Guerilla Girls" - World of Women (S/R)
3:16pm The World Famous Beat Junkies - "U Call Dis a Song?!" - The World Famous Beat Junkies Volume 2 (Blackberry)
3:11pm Bel, Biv, Devoe - "Poison" - Poison (MCA)
3:06pm David Bowie and Ice Cube - "I'm Afraid of America" - Im Afraid of Americans (Virgin)
2:59pm Dan Deacon - "Become a Mountain" - Mystic Familiar (Domino)
2:54pm Frankie Perez - "The Times They Are a Changin'" - Music from Sons of Anarchy (Sony)
2:50pm Yoyo Xno - "Better Ways" - Kiss & Hug (S/R)
2:43pm Wormhole - "Magic Dive" - Alpoio (Accretions)
2:36pm Harry Nilsson - "Jump Into the Fire" - Nilsson Scmilsson (RCA)
2:33pm Miss Murgatroid - "Love Like Anthrax" - Through Alien Empires (Disk Union)
2:27pm Humpback Whales - "Three Whale Trip" - Songs of the Humpback Whale (Living Music)
2:25pm Andrew Weathers and Seth Chrisman - "Somerville" - Put Your Face In the River (Full Spectrum)
2:15pm Love and Rockets - "R.I.P. 20C" - Love and Rockets (Red Ant)
2:13pm Wiki - "NYOPxTONY" - OOFIE (Wisket Enterprise)
2:05pm Matias Aguayo - "Menta Latte" - Ay Ay Ay (Kompakt)
1:56pm Coil - "Nasa-Arab" - Stolen and Contaminated Songs (Cold Spring)
5:54pm Matthew Shipp Trio - "Stage Ten" - Signature (ESP-Disk)
5:44pm Sigmun - "The Raid" - The Raid Soundtrack (Death Waltz)
5:42pm Van Halen - "Take Your Whiskey Home" - Women and Children First (WB)
5:38pm The Smiths - "Rusholme Ruffians" - Meat is Murder (Rough Trade)
5:31pm The Cambodian Space Project - "Track 6" - Psychedelic Cambodia (Rough Guides)
5:25pm Los Jaivas - "Tarka Y Ocarina" - Los Jaivas (Pathe Marconi)
5:22pm CS + Kreme - "The Whale's Tale" - Snoopy (The Trilogy Tapes)
5:16pm The Heartwood Institute - "Devil's Riders" - Tomorrow's People (Polytechnic Youth)
5:14pm Dissemblance - "Torse Nu" - Over the Sand (Mannequin)
5:07pm The Makers - "If I Go to Heaven" - All-Night Riot! (Estrus)
5:04pm The Datsuns - "Harmonic Generator" - The Datsuns (v2 Music)
5:00pm The Go-Nuts - "Hot for Twinkie" - Dunk and Cover! (Lookout!)