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Got'em, if you smoke'm. Pioneering the aural trail with the odd, indie and international to live layering bionic meltdowns. Spreading seeds of sound, far and near - everything you've never heard (or not heard quite like this)! Take the time to smell the weeds . . .


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Tuesday, June 26, 2018 - 3:00pm to 6:00pm

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8:52pm Steve Reich - "Pulse" - Steve Recih (Nonesuch)
8:47pm Cabaret Voltaire - "Scream" - The Original Sound of.... (Virgin)
8:44pm Geld - "Scando Ripper" - Perfect Texture (S/R)
8:37pm Kat Edmonson - "Till We Start to Kiss" - The Big Picture (Masterworks)
8:34pm Jack Black - "Let's Get It On" - High Fidelity Soundtrack (Milan)
8:30pm Potatoehead People - "Talking With Gawd" - NIck and Astro's Guide to the Galaxy (Bastard Jazz)
8:24pm Vincent Price Reads John Collier - "The Touch of Nutmeg Makes It" - Fancies and Goodnights (Caedmon)
8:23pm Tom Dissevelt and Kid Baltan - "Movimientos Mecanicos" - El Facinante Mundo de la Musica Electronica (Sonitron)
8:15pm Ali Farka Toure - "Inchana Massina" - The Source (World Circuit)
8:09pm Battleme and Katie Sagal - "House of the Rising Son" - Sons of Anarchy Soundtrack (Sony)
8:06pm Cal Smith - "Between Lust and Watching TV" - Country Bumpkin (MCA)
8:01pm Sammi Smith - "Never Been to Spain" - The Rainbow in Daddy's Eyes (Mega)
7:57pm Entourage Music and Thearte Ensemble - "Milkweed" - Ceremony of Dreams (Tompkins Square)
7:50pm Jimi Hendrix - "Jimi/Jimmy Jam" - Nine to the Universe (Reprise)
7:45pm Laurie Spiegal and Don Christensen - "Donnie and Laurie" - Laurie Spiegal and Don Christensen (Unseen Worlds)
7:35pm Weeed - "Haze II" - This (Important)
7:26pm Jon Hopkins - "Neon Pattern Drum" - Singularity (Domino)
7:20pm Grandchildren - "End Times" - Golden Age (Ernest Jenning)
7:16pm X.Y.R. - "Captain's Pipe" - Tourist (Ingrown)
7:11pm Love and Rockets - "Yin Yang the Flower Pot Man" - Express (Bigtime)
7:09pm Lene Lovich - "Say When" - Stateless (Stiff)
7:07pm The World - "Cool" - First World Record (Upset the Rhythm)
7:03pm Bill Nelson - "Love in the Abstract" - Bill Nelson (Mercury)
6:54pm Robert Haigh - "Koto Line" - Creatures of the Deep (Unseen Worlds)
6:50pm Nike Karlsson - "Tulia Yon Takana" - Valosta Valoon (Feeding Tube)
6:46pm Kate Bush - "This Woman's Work" - She's Having Baby Soundtrack (I.R.S.)
6:42pm The Pantones - "Self-Denial" - For the Ones Who Love You (S/R)
6:36pm Gibby Haynes - "Paul's Not Home" - Gibby Haynes (Third Man)
6:33pm The Beautiful South - "Perfect 10" - Quench (Mercury)
6:28pm Mary Margaret O'Hara - "Body's In Trouble" - Miss America (KOCH)
6:24pm Tom Jones - "Just Dropped In" - Spirit in the Room (Rounder)
6:20pm Whatnauts - "Why Can't People Be Colors, too?!" - On the Rocks (Stang)
6:16pm G Love and the Special Sauce - "Lemonade" - G Love and the Special Sauce (OKeh)
6:09pm Sparks - "Cool Places" - Sparks in Outer Space (Atlantic)
6:06pm David Hasselhoff - "I'll Always Be There" - Baywatch Soundtrack (Scotti Bros)
6:05pm Richard Cheese - "Yellow" - I'd Like a Virgin (Ideatown)
6:02pm Nat King Cole - "Those Lazy-Hazy-Crazy Days of Summer" - Collectors Series (Capital)
8:56pm Red Sovine - "Daddy" - Teddy Bear (Gusto)
8:46pm The Henrys - "Dear Dark Heart" - Puerto Angel (Bar None)
8:43pm Amy Rigby - "Are We Still There Yet" - The Old Guys (S/R)
8:41pm Lorne Greene - "The Man" - The Man (RCA)
8:38pm Sekhon Baljinder - "Passageways" - Places and Times (Innova)
8:35pm Tarantella - "Elder Tree" - Esqueletos (Alternative Tentacles)
8:28pm Slim Cessna's Auto Club - "Jesus Christ" - Always Say Please and Thank You (Alternative Tentacles)
8:23pm Patrick Cowley - "Take a Little Trip" - Afternooners (Dark Entries)
8:16pm Drumcell - "Unwilling Suspension of Disbelief" - Hypoxia (Bl__k Noise)
8:08pm Hawthonn - "Eden" - Red Goddess (of this Mea Shall Know Nothing) (Ba Da Bing)
8:05pm Chris Isaack - "Blue Spanish Sky" - Wild at Heart OST (Polydor)
8:01pm David Lynch and Alan Splet - "Dinah;s Stomp" - Eraserhead OST (I.R.S.)
7:56pm Kreng - "Rick's Tape" - Cooties OST (SpectreVision)