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Got'em, if you smoke'm. Pioneering the aural trail with the odd, indie and international to live layering bionic meltdowns. Spreading seeds of sound, far and near - everything you've never heard (or not heard quite like this)! Take the time to smell the weeds . . .


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Friday, August 23, 2019 - 3:00pm to 5:30pm

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5:55pm Iz - "Take Me Home Country Roads" - Future (Bigboy)
5:50pm The Tiger Lilies - "Reap What You Sow" - The Brothel to the Cemetary (Ruf Stuff)
5:47pm Billy Stewart - "Over the Rainbow" - Rememberred (Chess)
5:45pm Daona - "Jivatman" - The Secret Assembly (Faustus)
5:40pm Quickspace - "Swisher" - Quickspace (Kitty Kitty)
5:36pm HKE - "Return of Dreams" - HK (Dream)
5:30pm Erik Wollo - "Swamp Land" - Sources: Early Works 1986-1992 (Smalltown Supersound)
5:26pm MJ Lallo - "Lunar Tribal Ritual" - Take Me With You (Seance Centre)
5:23pm Anonymous - "Never Can Say Goodbye" - Original Sounds and Tracks (S/R)
5:20pm Johnny Alhoa - "Vacation" - Lavapalooza (Ideatwon)
5:15pm J. Vandrogenbrock, M. Monsen - "Group Meditation" - Unusual Sounds (Kemado)
5:09pm Nurse With Wound - "Rock and Roll Station" - Joy in the House of Dada!!!!! (Castle)
5:02pm Mountain Goats - "Track 11" - In League With Dragons (Merge)
4:58pm Cat Power - "You May Know Him" - Moon Pix (Drag City)
4:55pm Exit Music - "The Cold" - Passage (Secretly Canadian)
4:50pm Dorian Wood - "The Real" - Bolka (S/R)
4:41pm Tomoyoshi Date and Stijn Huwels - "Tou" - Hocku-Ekki-Tou (Home Normal)
4:36pm Robert - "" - ()
4:33pm Loren Connors - "The Meteor" - Wound (Carbon)
4:25pm Hypoxia - "Active Tension" - Hypoxia (Bl_k Noise)
4:17pm Jake Xerxes Fussell - "The River St. Johns" - Out of Sight (Paradise of Bachelors)
4:12pm Foehn - "It's Oh So Strange" - Insideout Eyes (S/R)
4:12pm Foehn - "It's Oh So Strange" - Insideout Eyes (S/R)
4:08pm Pye Corner Audio - "The Black Mill Video Tape" - Sleep Games (Ghost Box)
3:59pm Death and Vanilla - "The Hum" - Are You a Dreamer? (Fire)
3:56pm Simple Minds - "Homosapien" - Neon Lights (Eagle)
3:54pm J. Vandrogenbrock and M. Monsen - "Group Meditation" - Unusual Sounds (Kemado)
3:48pm Papa's Culture - "Toes" - Papa's Culture, but.... (Elektra)
3:45pm Jan Gardarek - "Traneflight" - Esoteric Circle (Phonogram)
3:40pm Beta Band - "Won" - Hot Shots II (Regal)
3:35pm East Star All-Stars - "Great Gig in the Sky" - Dubber Side of the Moon (S/R)
3:25pm Clara Engel - "At Night They Race Through the Stars" - Where a City Once Drowned (S/R)
3:11pm Alessandro Cortini - "Stella" - Forse Two (Important)
3:04pm Gail Seymour - "Just Relax" - Just Relax..... (S/R)
3:00pm Karma Moffett - "Golden Bowls" - Golden Bowls (The Tibet Shop)
11:52pm Matthias Ziegler - "Very, Very Good..." - Uakli (New Albion)
11:47pm Earthen Sea - "Existing Closer of Deeper in Space" - Grass and Trees (Kranky)
11:44pm Dean Hurley - "Low Harmonic Fanfare" - Philosophy of Beyond (Sacred Bones)
11:35pm Aldous Harding - "Zoo Eyes" - Designer (4AD)
11:32pm Michael Morley - "The Living" - Wound (Carbon)
11:29pm Dion McGregor - "Pioneer" - Dreaming Like Mad (Torpor Vigil)
11:25pm Haruomi Hosono and Tadanori Yokoo - "Madam Consul General" - Cochin Moon (Light in the Attic)
11:20pm Susumu Yokota - "Track 5" - The Bird and the Tree (Leaf)
11:14pm The Thought Gang - "The Black Dog Runs at Night" - Modern Music (Sacred Bones)
11:08pm Tadzio - "Little Joys" - The Sick Room (Blight)
11:02pm Keegan Dewitt - "At III" - Her Smell Soundtrack (Waxwork)
10:55pm Tim Hecker - "Is But a Simulated Blur" - Anoyo (Kranky)
10:48pm Alan Jefferson - "Stranded" - Galactic Nightmare (Trunk)
10:44pm Alexander - "Untitled" - Wound (Carbon)
10:39pm Thomas Bangalter - "Rectum" - Irreversible Soundtrack (Thrive)