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Got'em, if you smoke'm. Pioneering the aural trail with the odd, indie and international to live layering bionic meltdowns. Spreading seeds of sound, far and near - everything you've never heard (or not heard quite like this)! Take the time to smell the weeds . . .


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Sunday, March 24, 2019 - 6:00pm to 9:00pm

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8:57pm Hugo Montenegro - "My Way" - Moog Power (Victor)
8:50pm Ruth White - "Litanies of Satan" - Flowers of Evil (Limelight)
8:46pm Coil (Time Machines) - "Track 4" - Time Machines (Dais)
8:43pm Matmos - "Plasticphere" - Plastic Anniversary (Thrill Jockey)
8:39pm Severed Heads - "Voices of the Dead" - Slab City Horror (Medical)
8:36pm Pink Floyd - "On The Run" - Dark Side of the Moon (Capital)
8:25pm Caterina Barbieri - "Gravity That Binds" - Patterns od Conciousness (Important)
8:23pm Narrator - "Will Power" - Learn While You Sleep (Knight Education Inc.)
8:16pm Michele Whalter - "Dark Night of the Soul" - Colibri (S/R)
8:12pm Glazunov by Clara Rockmore and Nadia Reisenberg - "Chant du Menestrel" - Te Art of the Theremin (Delos International)
8:07pm Peter Garland - "After Dark" - The Landscape Scrolls (Starkland)
8:05pm Norma Tanega - "Walkin' My Dog Named Cat" - Norma Tanega (New Voice)
8:01pm Gogi GRant - "When the Tide Is High" - Gogi GRant (Era)
7:54pm Robert Rich - "Dominion of Miscus" - Tactile Ground (Soundscape)
7:50pm Susumu Yokota - "My Energy" - Wonder Waltz (Leaf)
7:43pm Yumiko Endo Schlaffer - "Metamorphosis I" - Rhapsodie (S/R)
7:39pm John Davis - "Idly Sit the Sun" - Visiting the Sky (Bimodal Press)
7:28pm Kings of Feedback - "Normal" - OBE and Kings of Feedback (Extraterrestrial)
7:24pm DJ Spooky That Subliminal Kid - "Sum Ill Shit" - Synthetic Fury EP (Asphodel)
7:20pm Myra Melford, Zeena Parkins, and Miya Masaoka - "Eight-burst" - MZM (Infrequent Seams)
7:13pm Sculpture - "Disperal Projection" - Toad Blinker (Dekorder)
7:07pm Public Works - "Substance" - Matter (Staalplatt)
6:59pm Tuluum Shimmering - "Dancing in the Third Sky" - Dancing in the Seven Skies (S/R)
6:55pm Robert Ashley - "Act II Track 6" - Improvement (Elektra)
6:52pm Vas Deferns Organization - "Pongcraft" - Zyzzybaloubah (S/R)
6:44pm Matmos - "Plastic Anniversary" - Plastic Anniversary (Thrill Jockey)
6:36pm As Ra Temple and Timothy Leary - "Schwingungen" - Schwingungen (Purple Pyramid)
6:31pm Time Machines (Coil) - "Track 2" - Time Machines (Dais)
6:25pm Gene Tyranny - "Blue" - Geen Tyranny (S/R)
6:15pm Tuluum Shimmering - "Dancing in the Sixth Sky" - Dancing in the Seven Skies (S/R)
6:14pm Allegory Chapel Ltd. - "Predatory Instincts" - When Angels Fall (Asphodel)
6:10pm Susumu Yokota - "Eternity In The Beginning of the End" - Wonder Waltz (Leaf)
6:06pm Public Works - "Prsuasion" - Matter (Staalplatt)
6:03pm The Beautiful South - "You're the One That I Want" - Golddiggas (Sony)
6:00pm Allegory Chapel Ltd. - "Escalate the Violence" - When Angels Fall (Asphodel)
8:53pm Josh T. Pearson - "A Love Song (Set Me Straight)" - The Straight Hits (Mute)
8:43pm Slim Cessna's Auto Club - "He, Roger Williams" - The Bloody Tenent Truth Peace (Alternative Tentacles)
8:40pm Collisionville - "Somebody's Free" - Stones, Keys, Flat Ninths and Salvage (Boplet)
8:36pm Hayseed Dixie - "Running With the Devil" - A Hot Piece of Grass (Cooking Vinyl)
8:31pm Miss Velvet and the Blue Wolf - "Bad Get Some" - Bad Get Some (Isotopia)
8:28pm A.F. Moebius - "Erika" - Magnetband 1984-1989 (Zonic)
8:23pm Men Without Hats - "I Like" - Rhythm of Youth (Backstreet)
8:18pm Myra Melford, Zeena Parkins, Miya Masaoka - "Spiral" - MZM (Infrequent Seams)
8:12pm Faust - "T-electronique" - Raavivando (ReR)
8:08pm Yaz - "Winter Kills" - Upstairs at Eric's (Mute)
8:04pm IE - "Idol Horizon" - Pome (ISH)
7:58pm Lou Champagne System - "Do Something" - No Visible Means (Medical)
7:55pm Vector Command - "Ports of Venus" - System 3 (Hozac)
7:52pm Devo - "Pink Pussy Cat" - Greatest Misses (WB)
7:50pm LFZ - "Beat Labyrinth" - Jazz Echo (Content Label)