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From whence beautiful sounds bloom and send
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7:18am Antonio Carlos & Jocafi - "Minhas Razoes" - Favela Chic Postonove 3 (Milan)
7:12am Angelo Noce Santoro - "Tapajos" - For You (Pharaway Sounds)
7:09am Chelique Sarabia - "El Pajarillo" - Revolucion Electron ica en Musica Venezolana (Pharaway Sounds)
6:54am Arp - "Nzuku" - Zebra (Mexican Summer)
6:48am Ron Cooley - "Daydreams" - Daydreams (American Gramaphone)
6:45am Mattson 2 - "Naima's Dream" - Paradise (Company)
6:42am Willie Wright - "Nantucket Island" - Telling The Truth (Numero Group)
6:30am Kinloch Nelson - "Coming Down From The Ceiling" - Partly On Time: Recordings 1968-1970 (Tompkins Square)
6:22am Richard Osborn - "The Open Road" - Endless (Tompkins Square)
6:03am Jefre Cantu-Ledesma - "Tracing Back The Radiance" - Tracing Back the Radiance (Mexican Summer)
8:55am Chris Spheeris & Paul Voudouris - "Prism" - Passage (Emotional Response / Mountains in the Sea)
8:47am Cars - "Double Life" - Candy-O (Elektra)
8:41am Stratis - "Foggy Weather" - New Face (Dark Entries)
8:37am Com Truise - "Kontex" - Persuasion System (Ghostly)
8:33am Jay Som - "Anak Ko" - Anak Ko (Polyvinyl)
8:25am Dr. Strangely Strange - "Sign On My Mind" - Heavy Petting (Tapestry)
8:14am Malcolm Dalglish - "Bell Pump" - Jogging The Memory (Windham Hill)
8:11am Owen Marshall - "Nana's Sleeping" - The Naked Truth (Jazzman)
8:08am Jesca Hoop - "Time Capsule" - Stonechild (Memphis Industries)
8:04am Erasmo Carlos - "Sorriso Dela" - Sonhos E Memorias 1941-1972 (Polydor)
8:01am Luisa Maita - "Fulaninha" - Lero-Lero (Cumbancha)
7:59am Chelique Sarabia - "Maracaibo En La Noche" - Revolucion 'Electronica' En Musica Venezolana (Pharaway Sounds)
7:48am Dax Pierson - "Live In Oakland" - Krafteno (Ratskin)
7:44am Tuluum Shimmering - "1" - Where The Turquoise Spring Sings Among Pebbles (Tuluum Shimmering)
7:38am Playdate - "Tape VII AM" - Manitoulin Tapes (Seance Centre)
7:24am Fleetwood Mac - "Storms" - Tusk (Warner Bros)
7:18am Mommyheads - "Lead Balloon" - Bingham's Hole (s/r)
7:06am Nass El Ghiwan - "El Mekkaoui" - Chants Gnawa Du Maroc (Buda)
7:02am Tinariwen + 10:1 - "Zawal" - Amadjar (Anti-)
6:58am Dama - "Madirovalo" - The Moon And The Banana Tree (Shanachie)
6:55am Richard Smyrnios - "As I Walk" - Wayfaring Strangers: Lonesome Heroes (Numero Group)
6:52am Florist - "Moon Begins" - Emily Alone (Double Double Whammy)
6:40am Borah Bergman - "Meditation 3" - Meditations For Piano (Tzadik)
6:32am Felicia Atkinson - "Moderato Cantabile" - The Flower And The Vessel (Shelter Press)
6:21am Code III - "Formations / The Genesis" - Planet Of Man (Wah Wah)
6:02am Livingdog & Mike Johnson - "Music For Home Improvement Stores" - Cro$$ (Constellation Tatsu)
8:52am Chuck Mangione - "Give It All You Got" - Fun And Games (A&M)
8:49am Jay Som - "Devotion" - Anak Ko (Polyvinyl)
8:44am Sandro Perri - "God Blessed The Fool" - Soft Landing (Constellation)
8:41am Gigi Masin & Johnny Nash - "The Sea In Your Eyes" - Postcards From Nowhere (Melody As Truth)
8:35am Roland Young - "Row Land" - Isophonic Boogie Woogie (Em)
8:31am Dean Hurley - "Somewhere In Time" - Anthology Resource Vol. 2: Philosophy of Beyond (Sacred Bones)
8:20am Otto - "Bob" - Samba Pra Burro (Trama)
8:17am Spencer Owen Timeshare - "(How It Feels) To Be Late" - Presentation (s/r)
8:14am Trini Lopez - "Bye Bye Blackbird" - At PJ's (Reprise)
8:10am Vanishing Twin - "KRK (At Home In Strange Places)" - The Age of Immunology (Fire)
8:06am United States Of America - "Where Is Yesterday" - United States Of America (Edsel)
8:02am Aerobitch - "High Voltage" - An Urge To Play Loud (I Used To Fuck People Like You In Prison)
7:53am Instupendo - "Earring" - Boys By Girls (s/r)
7:48am Kassa Overall - "My Friend" - Go Get Ice Cream And Listen To Jazz (s/r)