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Friday, December 16, 2022 - 8:00pm to 10:00pm

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9:52pm Sam Prekop and John McEntire - "A Ghost At Noon" - Sons Of (Thrill Jockey)
9:49pm -- - "" - ()
9:45pm Mama!Milk - "Smoky Dawn" - Fragrance of Notes (Windbell)
9:41pm Horace Andy - "Sleepy's Night Cap" - Midnight Scorchers (On-U Sound)
9:34pm Squid - "Boy Racers" - Bright Green Field (Warp)
9:29pm Wobbly - "Every Piano" - Popular Monitress (Hausu Mountain)
9:26pm -- - "" - ()
9:20pm Renaldo and the Loaf - "Gurdy Hurding (The Knight in White Satin Armor Mix)" - Hardly Gurning While The World Is Turning (Klanggalerie)
9:14pm Emil Abramyan - "Sky" - Yeraz (Past, Present and Future Armenian Sounds From Los Angeles To Yerevan) (Critique)
9:11pm Cyril Cyril - "Les Gen" - Yallah Mickey Mouse (Les Disques Bongo Joe)
9:05pm -- - "" - ()
9:01pm Dax Pierson - "Keflex" - Nerve Bumps (A Queer Divine Dissatisfaction) (Ratskin)
8:55pm Alexandre Bazin - "Four Steps IV" - Four Steps (Umor Rex)
8:52pm Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith - "Check Your Translation" - Let's Turn It Into Sound (Ghostly International)
8:47pm Pye Corner Audio - "Saturation Point (Sonic Boom Remix)" - Let's Remerge (Sonic Cathedral)
8:43pm -- - "" - ()
8:33pm Charles Lloyd - "kuan yin" - Trios: Ocean (Blue Note)
8:27pm Myra Melford's Fire and Water Quintet - "VII" - For The Love Of Fire And Water (RogueArt)
8:23pm --- - "" - ()
8:19pm BKO - "BKO Kagni" - Djine Bora (Les Disques Bongo Joe)
8:14pm Al-Qasar - "Sham System" - Who Are We (Glitterbeat)
8:10pm Gaye Su Akyol - "Kör Bıçakların Ucunda" - Anadolu Ejderi (Glitterbeat)
8:04pm Aftab Arooj - "Diya Hai" - Vulture Prince (New Amsterdam)
2:55pm Shapes - "Benzin" - Beyond Reflection (Umor Rex)
2:46pm Boxhead Ensemble - "Cat's Cup" - La Hora Magica (Astral Spirits)
2:40pm David John Sheppard - "Seconds, Minutes, Hours" - Vertial Land (Village Green)
2:34pm Adrian Belew - "Sunlight" - Side Two (Sanctuary)
2:33pm MDC - "Business On Parade" - Millions Of Dead Cops (R Radical)
2:29pm Sun Ra and His Arkestra - "Pink Elephants On Parade" - Stay Awake (Various Interpretations Of Music From Vintage Disney Films) (A&M)
2:25pm Susumu Yokota - "Strma A Uzka" - Wonder Waltz (Skintone)
2:13pm Daniel Klag - "Hard Pass" - True Neutral (Muzan Editions)
2:08pm Einstürzende Neubauten - "Zuckerstimme" - Alles In Allem (Potomak)
2:01pm Arthur Blythe - "Carespin' With Mamie" - Illusions (Columbia)
1:50pm Angel 1 - "Apple-tini" - Terra Nove (Constellation Tatsu)
1:43pm Raime - "Ripli" - Planted (RR)
1:38pm Zombi - "XYZT" - 2020 (Relapse)
1:32pm Mary Lattimore - "Silver Ladders" - Silver Ladders (Ghostly International)
1:25pm Angèle David-Guillou - "Absolutely Not" - A Question Of Angles (Village Green)
1:21pm Nino Rota - "Guido e Luisa Nostalgico Swing" - Otto e Mezzo (RCA)
1:15pm Maserati - "A Warning In The Dark" - Enter The Mirror (Temporary Residence)
1:05pm Damu the Fudgemunk - "Plea Jargon" - Vignettes (Redefinition)
12:59pm Brother Ah - "Nature's Childred" - Move Ever Onward (Manufactured)
12:55pm Deerhoof - "O Ye Saddle Babes" - Future Teenage Cave Artists (Joyful Noise)
12:49pm Blitzoids - "Middle Of Nowhere" - Stealing From Helpless Children (Mook)
12:41pm Circle Of Birds - "Old Ironside" - Circle Of Birds (Burnt Toast)
12:37pm Floating Spectrum - "Falling Apart On The Dreary Field" - A Point Between (Temporary Residence)
12:31pm Crime In Choir - "Measure Of A Master" - Trumpery Metier (Gold Standard Labs)
12:23pm Phantom Horse - "Mynah Bird Sounds" - Mehr Null (Umor Rex)
12:17pm Kiln - "Koi" - Astral Welder (Ghostly International)
12:10pm Nicky Skopelitis - "Omens" - Next To Nothing (Venture)