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11:52am April Wine - "Roller" - First Glance (Capitol)
11:48am Hand Habits - "Can't Calm Down" - Placeholder (Saddle Creek)
11:45am Silver Machine - "Band Mates" - Standing On The Bare Ground (Alternative Tentacles)
11:42am Fanny - "Badge" - Fanny (Reprise)
11:37am Mommyheads - "Only Star" - Bingham's Hole (Dot Dot Dash)
11:07am Adam Elk interview & live performance - "" - ()
11:03am Mommyheads - "Phantom Limb" - Soundtrack To World's End (Dead Frog)
8:55pm Benni - "The Return Pt. 1" - The Return (Goner)
8:52pm Mar-Keys - "Pop-Eye Stroll" - The Complete Stax/Volt Singles: 1959-1968 Vol 1 (Atlantic)
8:49pm Here Lies Man - "Taking The Blame" - You Will Know Nothing (Riding Easy)
8:45pm Wishbone Ash - "Engine Overheat" - Twin Barrels Burning (Cherry Red)
8:42pm Flight - "Luvin', Huggin' & More" - Brown Acid: The Sixth Trip (Riding Easy)
8:34pm Gilberto Rodriguez - "Caramelo" - Delta 88 7" (Discos Pistolas Y Saguaros)
8:30pm Aretha Franklin - "Who's Zoomin' Who" - Who's Zoomin' Who (Arista)
8:25pm El Chicano - "Let Me Dance With You" - Let Me Dance With You 12" (Columbia)
8:23pm Dos Santos - "How Far Are We From Here" - Logos (International Anthem)
8:13pm Oneida - "Whitey Fortress" - Annihilation To Traitors (Turnbuckle)
8:10pm Electric Prunes - "Kyrie Eleison" - Mass In F Minor (Reprise)
8:06pm Los Dug Dug's - "Cambia, Cambia" - Los Dug Dug's (RCA)
8:03pm La Luz - "Cicada" - Floating Features (Hardly Art)
8:00pm Latitude - "Say What You Mean" - L'Atitude (s/r)
7:48pm Terry Gross - "Broadcast Solutions" - Terry Gross 10" (Valley King)
7:43pm Black Sabbath - "Sabbra Cadabra" - Sabbath Bloody Sabbath (Warner Bros.)
7:39pm Iron Crown - "Electric Mountain" - Iron Crown (s/r)
7:27pm Jenn Champion - "O.M.G. (I'm All Over It)" - Single Rider (Hardly Art)
7:23pm Hard Place - "Sexy" - In Reverse (XPL)
7:18pm Roadmaster - "Someday" - Fortress (Mercury)
7:16pm Cherokee - "Girl, I've Got News For Yoyu" - Nuggets Vol 5: Pop, pt III (Rhino)
7:14pm Cat Butt - "Born Loser" - Journey To The Center Of (Sub Pop)
7:12pm Lavender Flu - "Floor Lord" - Mow The Glass (In The Red)
7:04pm Dead Crew - "The Projects" - The Projects 12" (MCA)
7:00pm Dizz1 - "We Make It Look Easy" - Oscillations (Strange Neighbor)
6:56pm Brownout - "By The Time I Get To Arizona" - Fear Of A Brown Planet (Fat Beats)
6:46pm Brankas - "Worms" - My Parkour Body Is the Paint and the World is My Canvas. I Don't See Obstacles I See Opportunities (Snafu Family)
6:44pm F.U.K. - "Road Kill" - Road Kill 7" (Hozac)
6:40pm Riggs - "Ready Or Not" - Riggs (Full Moon)
6:37pm Tom Heyman - "All Ears" - Show Business, Baby (Bohemian Neglect)
6:35pm Aretha Franklin - "See Saw" - Aretha Now (Atlantic)
6:22pm Blurt - "Spill The Beans" - Spill The Beans 12" (Red Flame)
6:19pm Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks - "Future Smile" - Sparkle Hard (Matador)
6:17pm Turtles - "Sound Asleep" - Greatest Hits (Rhino)
6:13pm Razz - "Hot Little Hands" - Time Frames (Emotional Response)
6:11pm Razz - "Change Me" - Time Frames (Emotional Response)
6:08pm Helter Skelter - "I Need You" - I Need You 7" (Just Add Water)
6:02pm 101 Strings - "Re-Entry To Mog" - Astro Sounds From Beyond The Year 2000 (Scamp)
2:54pm Larry Kucharz - "Imitation I" - Piano Etudes, Imitations, and Tracks (International Audiochrome)
2:47pm Earth Quake - "Hit The Floor" - 8.5 (Beserkley)
2:43pm Recidive - "Recidive" - Demon Queen (Star Player)
2:39pm Magnetix - "Mort Clinique" - Live In San Franciso (Castle Face)
2:37pm Easybeats - "St. Louis" - Absolute Anthology 1965 to 1969 (Albert)