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11:42am Siekeiera - "Idziemy Na Skraj (We're Going to the Edge)" - Nowa Aleksandria (Tonpress)
11:35am Bad Brains - "Secret 77" - I Against I (SST)
11:29am Metz - "Ripped on the Fence" - Automat (Sub Pop)
11:26am Guaxe - "Pupilxs" - Guaxe (Oar)
11:22am Guerilla Toss - "Future Doesn't know" - What Would The Odd Do? (NNA)
11:15am Prisonshake - "2 Sisters" - The Roaring Third (Scat)
11:13am The Take - "Revolution Now" - S/T (Demons Run Amok)
11:00am The Take - "Renee Black Interview 12-12-209" - KALX Interviews (KALX Live!)
10:53am Criminals - "The Cops Are Coming" - Sons of the Dolls (Fan Club)
10:50am Corbo - "15 Addivan" - Quatro Treses (Chewing Foil)
10:46am Bat for Lashes - "Vampires" - Lost Girls (AWAL)
10:40am Bromure - "Pour eux" - Bromure (Une Vie Pour Rien)
10:37am Les Sales Majestes - "Tout est faux" - Overdose (DKP)
10:34am Jerry's Kids - "Lost" - Is This My World? (Taang!)
10:31am Suss - "Salt Flats" - High Line (Northern Spy)
10:25am The Pinheads - "Feel It Now" - Is This Real (Stolen Body)
10:23am Spinnerette - "All Babes Are Wolves" - Spinnerette (Queen of Hearts)
10:20am Paranoyds - "Face First" - Carnage Bargain (Suicide Squeeze)
10:15am Siouxsie - "Loveless" - Mantaray (Decca)
10:08am The New Pornographers - "Higher Beams" - In The Morse Code of Brake Lights (Concord)
10:04am The Skeletones - "She Just Wants Too" - The Skeletones (MJC)
10:00am Lee "Scratch" Perry - "Sun is Shining" - Rootz Reggae Dub (Megawave)
9:57am No Doubt - "Up Yours" - California Ska-Quake (Moon)
9:53am U-Roy - "Hot Pop" - Version Galore (Treasure Isle)
9:46am Jamaica Girls - "Rock The Beat" - Big Apple Rappin' (Soul Jazz)
9:43am Karate Boogaloo - "Tom's Diner" - KB's Mixtape No. 2 (Hopestreet)
9:40am Jimmy James & The Vagabonds - "Hey Diddley Dee Dum Dum (It's a Good Good Feeling)" - Soul Source Vol. 1 (Sequel)
9:33am Slade - "Cocky Rock Boys (Rule Ok)" - The Amazng Kamikaze Syndrome (Perserverance)
9:31am Jimmy Jones - "Live and Let Live" - Soul Sides Vol. 1 (Zealous)
9:27am Lapalux - "Earth" - Amnioverse (Brainfeeder)
9:24am Saint Etienne - "Nothing Can Stop Us Now" - Nothing Can Stop Us Now (Single Remix) (Warner Bros.)
9:17am Chromatics - "The Sound of Silence" - Closer To Grey (Italians Do It Better)
9:11am Pulp - "The Day After The Revolution" - This is Hardcore (Island)
9:08am The Kiwi Animal - "Time of the Leaves" - Music Media (Digital Regress)
9:02am Newtown Neurotics - "Wake Up" - Beggars Can Be Choosers (Razormaid)
8:56am Esses - "Kingdom of Dust" - Offering (Near Dark)
8:51am The Creamers - "Stay With Me" - This Stuff'll Kill Ya (Triple X)
8:48am Lvger - "Evil Eye" - Lvger (Oi! The Boat Records)
8:44am Vis Vires - "The Executioner" - Vis Vires/ Kaleko Urdangak Split 7" (Common People)
8:29am Vis Vires - "Renee Black Interview 7-21-2019" - KALX Interviews (KALX)
8:20am Ceremony - "Turn Away the Bad Thing" - In The Spirit World Now (Relapse)
8:13am Slowness - "Berlin" - Berths (Schoolkids)
8:09am Bongo Hop - "L'Autre Quai" - Satingarona Part 2 (Underdog)
8:06am End Time - "Upon Sight" - End Time (Fullyintercoastal)
8:00am The Re-volts - "Leeches" - Leeches 7" (Pirates Press)
7:55am Bill Baird - "Bubo" - Owl (Dangerbird)
7:52am Komitern Sect - "Plus Fort Que Tout" - Oi! The Party: Volume V (Street Kids)
7:49am Lifters - "Are You Ready For The Good Life?" - Are You Ready For The Good Life? 7" (Uhhuh)
7:43am Lee "Scratch" Perry - "Sun is Shining" - Rootz Reggae Dub (Megawave)
7:41am Subhumans - "99%" - Crisis Point (Pirates Press)