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5:56pm Running - "We Never Close" - Wake Up Applauding (Castle Face)
5:50pm Recipe - "Home's Over" - Imminent 2 (Food LTD)
5:45pm Cold Beat - "Pearls" - Mother (DFA)
5:40pm Dan Deacon - "ARP II: Float Away" - Mystic Familiar (Domino)
5:24pm Marty Gras - "New Clothes" - New Clothes (Fish Ranch)
5:20pm Cosmopolitans - "Psychic Joan" - Wild Moose Party (Dionysus)
5:18pm Eyeball Skeleton - "Cyclopse Girl" - #1 (My Pal God)
5:14pm Louder Than Death - "Erased World" - Stop Und Fick Dich! (In the Red)
5:09pm Thee Sixpence - "My Flash On You" - I Was a Teenage Caveman (Teenage Caveman)
5:06pm Thane Russal & Three - "Security" - English Freakbeat Vol. 4 (Archive Int'l)
5:04pm Pentagons - "I'm In Love" - One Million Years of Doo-Wop (Jamie/Guyden)
5:01pm Dorothy Williams - "Closer to My Baby" - The Complete Stax-Volt Singles (Atlantic)
4:58pm Lalo Guerrero Y Sus Cinco Lobos - "Los Chucos Suaves" - Pachuco Boogie (Arhoolie)
4:56pm Lennie Hibbert - "Real Hot" - 100% Dynamite! (Soul Jazz)
4:53pm Joanne & Sonny - "Journey" - No Other Love: Midwest Gospel 1965-1978 (Tompkins Square)
4:47pm Magnapop - "Super Size Me" - The Circle is Round (HHBTM)
4:44pm So Cow - "Sugar Factory" - The Long Con (Goner)
4:41pm Any Trouble - "Turning Up the Heat" - Any Trouble (Stiff)
4:38pm Tiger Lily - "Die Laughing" - Girls Can't Help It (Rhino)
4:35pm Sponsers - "I'll Be Back" - Sponsers (Plexus)
4:33pm Lodger - "Kicking Sand" - Grown-Ups (Slumberland)
4:29pm Mr. Wrong - "Isolation Du Plenty" - Create a Place (Water Wing)
4:26pm Minimal Man - "You! You!" - Safari (CD Presents, LTD)
4:21pm Martin Dupont - "Just Because" - Minimal Wave Tapes Vol. 3 (Stones Throw)
4:18pm Girl Ray - "Go to the Top" - Girl (Moshi Moshi)
4:14pm Destroyer - "The Man in Black's Blues" - Have We Met (Merge)
4:07pm Betty and the Werewolves - "David Cassidy" - David Cassidy (Damaged Goods)
4:04pm School - "When He Kisses Me" - Never Thought I'd See the Day (Elefant)
4:01pm Mamas and the Papas - "Twelve Thirty" - Papas & the Mamas (Dunhill)
3:58pm In Mates - "The Same" - No, No, No (Cheep! Cheep!)
3:56pm Gravedigger V - "She's Gone" - All Black and Hairy (Voxx)
3:53pm Chats - "Mum Stole My Darts" - The Chats (Burger)
3:47pm Field Music - "Best Kept Garden" - Making a New World (Memphis Industries)
3:41pm Annie Anxiety - "Closet Love" - Soul Possession (Corpus Christi)
3:38pm Magazine - "Suburban Rhonda" - Magic, Murder and the Weather (I.R.S.)
3:33pm Dry Cleaning - "Conversation" - Sweet Princess (S/R)
3:25pm Son Little - "That's The Way" - Aloha (Anti-)
3:23pm Wendy Rene - "Deep in My Heart" - After Laughter Comes Tears (Light in the Attic)
3:21pm Carole King - "Crying in the Rain" - One Kiss Can Lead to Another (Rhino)
3:19pm Bad Roads - "Don't Look Back" - Blue Girl (Sundazed)
3:15pm Sands - "Listen to the Sky" - Nuggets II Vol. 3 (Rhino)
3:13pm Lala Lala - "Nothing" - Sleepyhead (Hardly Art)
3:10pm Kids on a Crime Spree - "Trumpets of Death" - We Love You So Bad (Slumberland)
3:01pm Steve Hauschildt - "Reverse Culture Music" - Nonlin (Ghostly International)
5:57pm Sharing Orb - "Dirty Projectors & Bjork" - Mount Wittenberg Orca (Domino)
5:50pm Essential Logic - "Alkaline Loaf in the Area" - Beat Rhythm News (Rough Trade)
5:47pm Fitness Womxn - "Living Hell" - Typical Girls Vol. 3 (Emotional Response)
5:43pm Dance - "Stay Down" - Stay Down (Statik)
5:35pm Polaroid - "Altri Giorni" - Senza Respiro (Dark Entries)
5:32pm Weekend - "Drum Beat For Baby" - La Varieté (Rough Trade)