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Friday, February 23, 2018 - 9:00am to 12:00pm

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11:54am Joyce Delaney - "Peter Pan Collar" - Demo (S/R)
11:52am Breakfast Muff - "Stinky Goodbye" - Eurgh! (S/R)
11:50am Marble Gods - "Big Baby" - Big Baby (Marry Me)
11:48am Spook School - "Less Than Perfect" - Could it Be Different (Slumberland)
11:45am Spook School - "While You Were Sleeping" - Could it Be Different? (Slumberland)
11:29am Spook School Interview - "N/A" - N/A (N/A)
11:22am Shoes For Industry - "Shell Shock" - Talk Like a Whelk (Fried Egg)
11:20am Rays - "Back Downtown" - Rays (Trouble in Mind)
11:16am Men - "Turn it Around" - Open Your Heart (Sacred Bones)
11:13am Let's Go Naked - "I Thought I Could See You" - Retrospective 1985-2006 (Egg)
11:08am Chin Chin - "Stop! Your Crying" - Stop! Your Crying (Farmer)
11:06am Terry Malts - "Cheap Mimicry" - Our Love (Emotional Response)
10:59am Gary War - "Nothing Moving" - Horrible Parade (Sacred Bones)
10:56am Department of Eagles - "Noam Chomsky Spring Break" - The Whitey on the Moon UK LP (Isota)
10:52am Gel Set - "This is Between" - Body Copy (2MR)
10:49am Ludus - "Crinkum Crankum" - Danger Came Smiling (New Hormones)
10:41am Woolly Bushmen - "Don't Let Him In" - Arduino (Pig Baby)
10:39am Barons - "Drawbridge" - Yeah Yeah Yeah (Cheep! Cheep!)
10:37am Baytovens - "Such a Fool" - You Got Yours! (Big Beat)
10:34am Ral Donner and the Rocking' Five - "Miss Ann" - Kicksville Vol. 3 (Norton)
10:32am Golden Gate Quartet - "Jezebel" - Swing Down, Chariot (Columbia)
10:22am Spirit Fest - "Hitori Matsuri" - Spirit Fest (Morr)
10:18am Van Dyke Parks - "The All Golden" - Song Cycle (Warner Bros.)
10:13am Les Sinners - "Québécois" - La Révolution Française (Disques Merite)
10:11am Letta Mbulu - "Mahlalela" - Letta (Chisa)
10:03am In Camera - "Fragments of Fear" - 13 (Lucky For Some) (4AD)
9:59am Shame - "Lampoon" - Songs of Praise (Dead Oceans)
9:54am Savages - "City's Full" - Silence Yourself (Matador)
9:52am Sonic Youth - "Drunken Butterfly" - Dirty (DGC)
9:45am L.A. Law - "Tunnel Vision" - Law & Order (Burger)
9:42am Andreas Dorau und die Marinas - "Fred Vom Jupiter" - Da, Da, Da, Das War Die Neue Deutsche Welle (Repertoire)
9:38am Randi Paldi - "Nothing You Can Do" - Livin' in the Eighties (Ripe)
9:35am Video Rouge - "Little Red Book" - Total Destruction (Richmond)
9:33am La Düsseldorf - "White Overalls" - Viva (Water)
9:27am Superchunk - "Black Thread" - What a Time to Be Alve (Merge)
9:23am Ladybug Transistor - "Thoughts of You" - Beverly Atonale (Merge)
9:21am Poconos - "October" - Days Are Getting Shorter (Jigsaw)
9:19am Teacups - "Count to Ten" - This Will Come Back to Haunt You (Kindercore)
9:16am Odd Hope - "We Belong" - Odd Hope (Fruits & Flowers)
9:01am Les Rallizes Denudes - "Night of the Assassins" - Heavier Than a Death in the Family (Phoenix)
11:56am Vivian Girls - "Can't Get Over You" - Everything Goes Wrong (In the Red)
11:50am Forest Bees - "Dust" - Forest Bees (Venerable Wax President)
11:45am Hookworms - "Static Resistance" - Static Resistance (Domino)
11:38am Egrets on Ergot - "Spit of Liaison" - Surfeit of Gemutlich (Cleopatra)
11:36am The World - "Itch" - First World Record (Upset the Rhythm)
11:32am Paisley Jungle - "We Don't Twist" - Paisley Jungle (My Grain)
11:27am Komputer - "Bill Gates" - The World of Tomorrow (Mute)
11:18am Jim O'Rourke - "And I'm Singing" - I'm Happy, And I'm Singing, And a 1,2,3,4 (Mego)
11:16am Camille - "Langue" - Oui (Because Music)
11:09am Curtis Harding - "Ghost of You" - Face Your Fear (Anti-)