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Friday, October 19, 2018 - 9:00am to 12:00pm

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11:53am Last Stand - "One Man" - Approved Cuts (One Way)
11:50am Buzzcocks - "Why She's a Girl From the Chainstore" - Parts 1-3 (I.R.S.)
11:48am Klamydia - "Pippalot" - Älpee (Free Animals)
11:47am Snap-Her - "I Don't Get It" - ...And You're Fucked! (Real George)
11:43am Crispy Ambulance - "Deaf" - Rough Trade: Post Punk Vol. 1 (Rough Trade)
11:39am Makthaverskan - "Front" - III (Run for Cover)
11:36am Deaf Wish - "Afraid For You" - Lithium Zion (Sub Pop)
11:32am Kitchen's Floor - "Doomed" - Battle of Brisbane (Hozac)
11:27am Ty Segall & White Fence - "Hey Joel, Where You Going With That?" - Joy (Drag City)
11:24am Litter - "Little Red Book" - Rare Tracks (Eva)
11:21am Stone Graphics - "Traveller Man" - Hide and Seek (Psychic Circle)
11:20am Tony Molina - "Nothing I Can Say" - Kill The Lights (Slumberland)
11:17am Bill Baird - "Happiness Is Forgetting" - Nightly Never Ending (Super Deluxe)
11:14am Cure - "Dressing Up" - The Top (Sire)
11:08am Counselors - "Love Go Round" - 60's Garage Unknowns, Vol. 2 (Gear Fab)
11:02am Jeff The Brotherhood - "Focus on the Magick" - Magick Songs (Dine Alone)
10:58am Charles Brown Superstar - "Sweet Pea" - Slut Rock (W.I.N.)
10:54am Air Miami - "Definitely Beachy" - Me. Me. Me. (Teen Beat)
10:51am Goon Sax - "Love Lost" - We're Not Talking (Wichita)
10:45am Bran Flakes - "Give Yourself a Stereo Check-Out" - I Don't Have a Friend (Lomo)
10:42am Instant Music - "Do Not" - Instant Music (Dark Entries)
10:40am Snakefinger - "Magic and Ecstasy" - Chewing Hides the Sound (East Side Digital)
10:37am Lower Self - "Repeated Life" - In the Glow (S/R)
10:36am Purrkur Pillnikk - "Leaekner" - Tilf (Gramm)
10:33am Business - "Real Enemy" - Suburban Rebels (Dojo LTD)
10:31am OBN IIIs - "Parasites" - Third Time to Harm (Tic Tac Totally)
10:24am Angel - "Driving (Down)" - Sky Girl (Efficient Space)
10:21am Astronomique - "Losing Our Control" - Sharp Divide (S/R)
10:17am Askeleton - "Starlet" - Sad Album (Blood of the Young)
10:14am Kitchens of Distinction - "Mainly Mornings" - Love is Hell (One Little India)
10:12am Mitski - "Remember My Name" - Be the Cowboy (Dead Oceans)
10:05am Fred Lane - "Fun in the Fundus" - From the One That Cut You (Shimmy Disc)
10:02am E.T. Mensah et His Tempo Band - "Weeya Weya" - Highlife High Ups (Night & Day)
9:59am Dennis Alcapone - "Teacher Teacher" - Guns Don't Argue (Trojan)
9:57am Techniques - "When You Are Wrong" - Ska After Ska After Ska (Heart Beat)
9:55am Skeeter Davis - "I Can't Stay Mad At You" - Honeybeat (Real Gone)
9:52am Shannon Shaw - "Cryin' My Eyes Out" - Shannon in Nashville (Easy Eye)
9:46am Renaldo & The Loaf - "Scottish Shuffle" - Struvé & Sneff (Ralph)
9:42am Legendary Marvin Pontiac - "Runnin' Round" - Greatest Hits (Northern Spy)
9:40am Liquid Liquid - "Push" - Successive Reflexes (99)
9:32am Rim Kwaku Obeng and Kasa - "Love Me for Real" - Too Tough (Sum Sum)
9:26am Chai - "Kitty" - Pink (Burger)
9:24am Slick! - "I Want You" - Slick! (King Rocker)
9:21am Bad Sports - "Nothing In This World" - Bras (Dirtnap)
9:18am R. Stevie Moore - "Why Should I Love You" - Glad Music (New Rose)
9:15am Josie Cotton - "(Let's Do) The Blackout" - Johnny Are You Queer? (Elektra)
9:13am Marine Research - "At The Lost and Found" - Sounds From the Gulf Stream (K)
9:05am Hungry March Band - "Ataraxia" - Running Through With The Sadness (Imaginator)
11:56am Smokescreens - "Waiting for the Summer" - Used to Yesterday (Slumberland)
11:50am Peechees - "Love is the Law" - Antarticists (Roxy)