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Aborting boredom in the Bay Area and beyond, Penny Royal is keeping things loud and weird on the KALX airwaves. From avant-noise, free jazz, to punk rock, there's a little something for everyone when Penny Royal takes over. Tune in and turn on.

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11:53pm vt100 - "Bill" - Algorithm (s/r)
11:47pm Schiller - "DJ Tiesto Remix" - Das Glockenspiel (Data)
11:43pm Wu Man and Master Musicians from the Silk Route - "Shadiana (Celebration)" - Borderlands: Music of Central Asia vol. 3 (Smithsonian Folkways)
11:39pm mic break - "-" - - (-)
11:36pm Sebadoh - "Subtle Holy Gift" - Weed Forestin (Homestead)
11:32pm Cindy - "To Be True" - 1:2 (Mt St Mtn)
11:30pm Ruth Weiss - "Silly City" - We Are Sparks in the Universe to Our Own Fire (Edgetone)
11:28pm Clout - "Let It Grow" - Clout (Epic)
11:25pm Secret Service - "It's All Happening Here!" - It's All Happening Here (Invader)
11:22pm Seekers - "59th Street Bridge Song" - Seekers Seen in Green (Capitol)
11:17pm mic break - "-" - - (-)
11:15pm Doner Party - "Terrible World" - At Dianne's Place (Penultimate)
11:13pm Flowertown - "Pieta" - "S/T" (Mt St Mtn)
11:11pm Esquivel and his Orchestra - "Carioca" - Space Age Pop Vol. 3 (RCA)
11:08pm Scum - "Bunker Life" - Born Too Soon... (Psyche)
11:05pm Scraper - "Country Song" - Scraper (Cut Rate)
11:00pm Sex Church - "Hidden Hand" - Somnambulist (Instant Pleasure)
10:55pm Severed Heads - "That That Revolves" - Clifford Darling, Please Don't Live In The Past (Dark Entries)
10:54pm Donald Rubinstein - "Martin at the Butcher Shop" - George A. Romero's MARTIN (Varese Sarabande)
10:50pm WeR7 - "Word Perfect (Edit)" - Cold Waves of Color Vol. 4 (Color Tapes)
10:48pm mic break - "-" - - (-)
10:41pm Drekka - "the Work in Question is Unbeknownst to The Participants at Hand (in three sections)" - Unbeknownst to the Participants at Hand (Dais)
10:38pm Oscar Brown, Jr - "Somebody Buy Me a Drink" - Sin & Soul (Columbia)
10:33pm James Tatum Trio Plus - "Introduction" - Spiritual Jazz (Jazzman)
10:30pm Mildred Bailey - "A Cigarette and a Silhouette" - Smoke, Smoke, Smoke That Cigarette! (ASV)
10:27pm mic break - "-" - - (-)
10:24pm Solomon Burke - "Beautiful Brown Eyes" - Cold Cold Heart Vol. 3 (Kent)
10:21pm Maja Francis - "How Are We Doing" - A Pink Soft Mess (RMV Grammafon)
10:18pm Norma Tanega - "I'm Dreamin' A Dream" - I'm the Sky: Studio and Demo Recordings, 1964-1971 (Anthology Recordings)
10:14pm Kikagaku Moyo - "Kogarashi" - House in the Tall Grass (Guruguru Brain)
10:10pm Visionist - "A Born New" - A Call To Arms (Mute)
10:06pm Pas Musique - "Ancient Culture in a Warp Drive" - The Phoenix (Alrealon)
10:03pm Whirlywirld - "Window to the World" - Complete Discography 1978-80 (Sorcerer/Hozac)
9:59pm mic break - "-" - - (-)
9:55pm Stereolab - "We're Not Adult Orientated (New Wave Live)" - Space Age Batchelor Pad Music (Too Pure)
9:50pm Unknown - "Unknown" - Choubi Choubi- Folk and Pop from Iraq (Sublime Frequencies)
9:47pm Lewsberg - "From Never To Once" - In This House (12xU)
9:45pm Sweeping Promises - "Hunger for a Way Out" - Hunger for a Way Out (Feel It)
9:42pm Buzz and the Gang - "Hearts Waiting" - Claws! (Throbbing Lobster)
9:39pm mic break - "-" - - (-)
9:37pm Teen Challengers - "Doin' Me-In" - Oh My God My Mom's on Channel 10! (Nardwuar)
9:32pm Yref - "Waste Mark VI" - Ecstasy By Current II (Schizophonia)
9:28pm Savage Republic - "Tragic Figure" - Tragic Figure 7" (Independent Project)
9:25pm Massage - "In Gray & Blue" - Still Life (Mt St Mtn/Bobo/Tear Jerk)
9:22pm LENZ - "Leaving (the 21st Century)" - SS10 (SS)
9:19pm mic break - "-" - - (-)
9:13pm Vivien Le Fay - "Ex self" - Ecolalia (Boring Machines)
9:07pm Sightings - "Untitled" - Space is no Place (Psych-o-Path)
9:04pm Ohio Penitentiary 511 Jazz Ensemble - "Psych City" - Spiritual Jazz: Esoteric, Modal and Deep Jazz from the Underground 1968-77 (Jazzman)
11:49pm People Like Us & Ergo Phizmiz - "Ghosts Before Breakfast" - Perpetuum Mobile (Soleilmoon)