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Aborting boredom in the Bay Area and beyond, Penny Royal is keeping things loud and weird on the KALX airwaves. From avant-noise, free jazz, to punk rock, there's a little something for everyone when Penny Royal takes over. Tune in and turn on.

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Wednesday, April 25, 2018 - 12:00pm to 3:00pm

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12:50am Lurch - "Pauline Oliveros and Jesse Stewart" - The Dunrobin Session (Nuun)
12:45am Government Alpha - "The Place Of A Person’s Death" - Extreme Music From Japan (Susan Lawly)
12:40am Niku-Zidousha - "Untitled" - Extreme Music From Japan (Susan Lawly)
12:30am Banyen Rakkaen - "Lam Plearn Charoen Jit" - Theppaeutr Productions (Zudrangmare)
12:20am TVCM-The Chugoku - "Hoppy Kamiyama" - Sonore Sampler (Sonore)
12:15am Traditional - "Jauk and Barong dance at STSI Denpasar" - Trance Gamelan in Bali (Felmay)
12:10am Dive - "Nightshift" - Objekt 5 (Ladd Frith)
12:05am Eye-D - "Murder Was The Case" - Murder Was The Case (Eupholus)
12:00am Deucalion - "Murder Was The Case" - Murder Was The Case (Eupholus)
2:58pm Fitness Womxn - "Living Hell" - Typical Girls Vol. 3 (Emotional Response)
2:56pm Wanda Coleman - "Wanda Why Aren’t You Dead" - High Priestess of Word (New Alliance)
2:50pm Suspirians - "Fortune Spider" - Ti Bon Ange (Super Secret)
2:46pm Chasms - "Not in this Dimension" - Subtle Bodies (Sleep Genius)
2:42pm Esses - "Pestilence" - No Light In This Fire (Atakra)
2:18pm mic break - "**" - ** (**)
2:15pm Matchess - "Mortification Of The Flesh" - Somnaphoria (Trouble In Mind)
2:10pm Bjork - "Big Time Sensuality" - Big Time Sensuality (Elektra)
2:09pm Diamanda Galas - "M Dis I" - Schrei X (Mute)
2:03pm Neotropic - "Poetic Solitude" - Girls In Space (Urabon)
1:59pm Las Sucias - "Tetas" - Chupate Estas (The Label)
1:53pm mic break - "**" - ** (**)
1:46pm Irreversible Entanglements - "Enough" - Irreversible Entanglements (International Anthem/Don Giovanni)
1:40pm Wanda Coleman - "Without Visible Means" - High Priestess of Word (New Alliance)
1:36pm Foxy Brown - "Sorry (Baby Can I Hold You)" - Girl talk (Pow Wow)
1:32pm mic break - "**" - ** (*)
1:30pm Poppy - "Moshi Moshi" - Poppy.Computer (Mad Decent)
1:28pm Cate Le Bon - "Falcon Eyed" - Cyrk (The Control Group)
1:23pm Cruel Summer - "Around you, around me" - Part Time Punks Session (Grabbing Clouds)
1:20pm Jolenes - "Make Me" - Glossines/Jolenes split (Good Forks)
1:18pm Wooing - "In Colour" - Daydream Time (Ba Da Bing)
1:15pm Mona Wessman - "Vadret" - Girls Want The Boys! (Ace)
1:10pm mic break - "**" - ** (**)
1:07pm Monster Treasure - "Butter Cream" - II (Leisure and District)
1:04pm Orchids - "Oo chang-a-Lang" - The Girls’ Scene (Deram)
1:01pm Shilpa Ray - "Morning Terrors Nights of Dread" - Door Girl (Northern Spy)
12:59pm L7 - "Cat O’ Nine Tails" - L7 (Epitaph)
12:55pm Donnas - "Who Invited You" - Spend The Night (Atlantic)
12:52pm mic break - "**" - ** (**)
12:50pm Tomboys - "I’d Rather Fight Than Switch" - Girls With Guitars (Ace)
12:47pm Patti Seymour - "The Silencers" - Girls Go Zonk! (RPM)
12:44pm Regrettes - "Red Light" - Attention Seeker (Warner Bros.)
12:41pm Those Darlins - "Be Your Bro" - Screws Get Loose (Oh Wow Dang)
12:39pm Shannon & the Clams - "It’s Gonna Go Away" - Onion (Easy Eye Sound)
12:35pm mic break - "**" - ** (**)
12:34pm Elvis McMan - "Bite Me" - The Girls Can Dish It Out Too! (Emancypunk)
12:33pm X - "I’m Coming Over" - Wild Gift (Slash)
12:30pm Rubella Ballet - "A Dream of Honey" - Ballet Bag (Dark Entries)
12:28pm Sonic Youth - "Making The Nature Scene" - Confusion is Sex (SST)
12:24pm Nots - "Reactor" - We Are Nots (Goner)
12:20pm Slits - "Typical Girls" - Cut (Island)