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Don't stop the rock! From bebop to j-pop and beyond! This raverocker girl stirs it up! Can u dig it ?!


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8:55pm HAAi - "Systems Up Windows Down" - Systems Up, Windows Down (Mute)
8:45pm Zigan Aidi - "Magenta (Lunar Plane rmx)" - Rebels (?)
8:38pm Body Without Organs - "Osiris Rises" - Isis And Thoth (Dark Entries)
8:25pm Drunken Kong - "Viper" - Viper (?)
8:20pm Karate Boogaloo - "Juicy Fruit" - KB's Mixtape No. 2 (Hopestreet)
8:07pm Softmal, Nytrol - "Get Down" - Get Down (?)
8:02pm Prince - "Turn it Up" - 1999 (Super Deluxe Edition) (Warner)
7:55pm Antibalas - "Fist of Flowers" - Fu Chronicles (Daptone)
7:47pm Electric Light Orchestra - "Big Wheels" - Out of the Blue (CBS)
7:39pm Simple Minds - "Pleasantly Disturbed" - Life in a Day (Zoom Records)
7:35pm Dissemblance - "Torrens De Metal" - Over The Sand (Mannequinn)
7:25pm Grupo Jejeje - "Nefertiti" - Grupo Jejeje (Discos Rolas)
7:23pm Khalid Al Shaikh - "Fi El Akher Bashar" - Remixes 2 (?)
7:19pm Codek - "Tam Tam" - Tam Tam remixes (?)
7:13pm Giorgio Basseti - "Fake Love" - Fake Love (?)
7:00pm Vin Sol - "Sutro tower" - planet trash (Dark Entries)
6:55pm introflirt - "Broken Picnic" - Introflirt (?)
6:53pm Barbara Dane - "Wild Women Don't Get the Blue" - On My Way (Righteous)
6:50pm Charly Bliss - "Feed" - Supermoon (Barsuk)
6:38pm Akino Yano - "Genkotsuyama No Oniguirisama" - Gohan Ga Dekitayo (We Want Sounds)
6:33pm Gino Soccio/The Reflex - "Try It Out" - Free Edits (S/r)
6:27pm Yppah - "Pieces" - Sunset In The Peep End (Future Archive)
6:21pm Martin Gore - "Compulsion" - Counterfeit EP (Sire)
6:16pm X Japan - "Love Replica" - Jealousy (Siren Song)
6:06pm Taktus - "Glass Houses No.15" - MIrrored Glass (Ravello)
6:00pm Ethan Iverson Quartet - "out Of Nowhere" - Common Practice (Live at the Village Vanguard) (ECM)
8:31pm Bossacucanova - "Laudir's Theme" - Bossa Got the Blues (Six Degrees)
8:28pm Brother Ali - "Abu Enzo" - Secrets & Escapes (Rhymesayers)
8:25pm Arashi - "Japonesque" - Japonism (J Storm)
8:20pm Baba Ali - "House" - This House (30th Century)
8:10pm Akino Yano - "Hitotsudake" - Gohan Ga Dekitayo (We Want Sounds)
8:01pm Ghosts Of Lightning - "All The Pleasantries" - Generations (?)
7:57pm Siekiera - "We're Going through A Forest" - Nowa Aleksandria (Tonpress)
7:49pm Dario Nunez - "Dulce Sabor Del pacado" - Dulce Sado Del Pacado (?)
7:44pm Barbatuques - "Baiana" - Baiana (?)
7:39pm Cerrone - "The Impact" - DNA (Because Music)
7:35pm Bootsy Collins - "Bass Rigged System" - World Wide Funk (Mascot)
7:23pm Brides Of Funkenstein - "Disco To Go" - Funk or Walk (Altlantic)
7:19pm Ursula 1000 - "Bass Rock" - Esoterique (Insect Queen)
7:13pm Iftin Band - "Sirmqabe" - Mogadisco- Dancing Mogadishu (Analog Africa)
7:03pm Shigeto - "Detroit Part II" - The New Monday (Ghostly International)
6:55pm Kraftwerk - "Neon Lights" - Man Machine (Capitol)
6:51pm Beatrice Dillon - "Workarourd Two" - Workaround (Pan)
6:46pm Adult - "Why Always Why" - Perception is/as/of Deception (DAIS)
6:39pm Stephen Mllinder - "Working (You Are)" - Um Dada (Dais)
6:35pm Prince - "Don't Let Him Fool Ya" - 1999 (Super Deluxe Edition) (Warner.)
6:30pm The Cure - "Push" - The Head On The Door (Fiction)
6:23pm Car Seat Headrest - "Can't Cool Me Down" - Can't Cool Me Down (Matador)
6:20pm Buppa Saichon - "Send My Love On The Wind" - Classic Productions by Surin Phaksiri: Luk Thung Gems from the 1960s-80s (Em)
6:15pm Week End - "X Japan" - Blue Bllood (Siren Song)