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3:17am Low - "What Part Of Me" - Ones And Sixes (Sup Pop)
3:13am Television - "Prove It" - Marquee Moon (4 Men With Beards)
3:05am Patti Smith - "Poppies" - Radio Ethiopia (Arista)
3:03am X-Ray Specs - "Warrior In Woolworths" - Gern`m Free Adolesents (EMI)
3:00am X - "Soul Kitchen" - Los Angeles (Slash)
2:54am Meanest Man Contest - "The Tenderloin" - Everything Worth Mentioning (Gold Robot)
2:50am Final Cop - "Pelt" - Castaway Lakota (Dub Ditch Picnic)
2:47am DJ Jus Ed - "Blaze (Do Dah Dab Mix)" - Fabric 63 (Fabric)
2:46am Joey Anderson - "Earth Calls" - Fabric 63 (Fabric)
2:45am Jefferson Airplane - "It's No Secret" - Jefferson Airplane Takes Off (RCA)
2:39am Paul Kantner / Jefferson Starship - "The Baby Tree" - Blows Against The Empire (RCA)
2:33am Jefferson Airplane - "Pretty As You Feel" - Bark (RCA)
2:28am Paul Kantner / Jefferson Starship - "Have You Seen The Stars Tonite?" - Blows Against The Empire (RCA)
2:23am Paul Kantner / Jefferson Starship - "Home" - Blows Against The Empire (RCA)
2:10am The Classical - "DeftWith Language" - Diptych (Time sensitive Material)
2:06am Tindersticks - "Help Yourself" - The Waiting Room (City Slang)
2:04am Allen Ginsberg - "Slack Key Guitar" - NewYork Blues (Locst)
1:47am Eric Dolphy - "When Lights are Low" - The Berlin Concerts (InnerCity)
1:43am The Beth Custer Ensemble - "Black Ops" - For The Grace Of Any Man (s/r)
1:33am DJ Baba James - "Waiting Room Remix" - Remakes and Remixes (S/R)
1:32am Life Stinks - "You'll Never Make It" - You'll Never Make It (SS)
1:30am Freakwater - "Ghost Song" - Scheherazade (Bloodshot)
1:20am St. Germain - "Real Blues" - St. Germain (Nonesuch)
1:20am Delaney And Bonnie - "Coming Home" - On Tour With Eric Clapton (Atco)
1:15am John Lee Hooker - "Morning Blues" - Boogie Awhile (Krazy Kat)
1:11am De La Soul - "Itzsoweezee" - Itzsoweezee 12" (Tommy Boy)
1:10am The RZA - "Samurai Showdown" - Ghost Dog OST (Epic)
1:00am Forest Whittaker - "Samurai Code Quote" - Ghost Dog OST (Epic)
5:55am Flaming Lips - "Do You Realize?" - Fight Test (Warner)
5:50am Akshin Alizadeh - "Southern Man" - Street Bangerz Volume 8 (Cold Busted)
5:47am Mountain - "Nantucket Sleighride" - Nantucket Sleighride (Windfall)
5:45am Feelies - "White Light" - Invitation 12" (Coyote)
5:40am Darkstar - "Pin Secure" - Foam Island (Warp)
5:32am Flight Of The Conchords - "Bowie" - Flight Of The Conchords (Sub Pop)
5:30am David Bowie - "We Are The Dead" - Diamond Dogs (RCA)
5:25am Mott the Hoople - "All the Young Dudes" - All the Young Dudes (Columbia)
5:21am Belle and Sebastian - "Belle and Sebastian" - Belle and Sebastian 12" (Jeepster)
5:15am Von Haze - "Carved Head" - Kar Dee Akk Ake (Pendu)
5:10am Caravan Palace - "Human Leather shoes" - Robot Face (Le Plan)
5:05am Duke Ellington - "A Slip of the Lip" - BigBands:World War 2 (Time Life)
5:00am Claptone - "Heartbeat" - Charmer (Different)
4:47am Mothers of Invention - "America Drinks and Goes Home" - Absolutely Free (Verve)
4:40am Mothers of Invention - "Brown Shoes Don't Make It" - Absolutely Free (Verve)
4:35am Boris Karloff - "Never Kick A Black Cat" - Tales of the Frightened Vol 2 (Mercury)
4:28am Fuck Buttons - "Brainfreeze" - Slow Focus (ATP)
4:20am Pink Frost - "We Know Time" - Gargoyle days (Smart Like virus)
4:18am Freakwater - "Ballad of Freakwater" - Freakwater (Amoeba)
4:12am Tommy Guerrero - "The Fire Remains" - Perpetual (Too Good)
4:07am Jerry Garcia - "Spike Drivers Blues" - Almost Acoustic (Rhino)
4:00am Spiro Agnew - "On Vietnam Protests" - Great Speeches of the 20th Century (Rhino)