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Monday, February 3, 2020 - 1:00am to 3:30am

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11:54pm Amma Ateria - "Departures" - Vague Pure Affection (Bimodal Press)
11:50pm Sofie Birch - "Reverie" - Planetes (Seil)
11:47pm HRNS - "White Heron" - Naomi (Warm Winters Ltd.)
11:44pm Felicia Atkinson - "Un Ovale Vert" - The Flower And The Vessel (Shelter Press)
11:42pm SUSS - "Salt Flats" - High Line (Northern Spy)
11:39pm FKA twigs - "Cellophane" - Magdalene (Young Turks)
11:38pm Mike Cooper - "Mika Ohe" - Rayon Hula (15th Anniversary Edition) (Room40)
11:34pm Ayyuka - "FM" - Maslak Halavi (Tantana)
11:29pm x.y.r. - "Esto Se Masca" - Bamboo Shows Tapes 001 (Bamboo Shows)
11:24pm Vanishing Twin - "Language Is A City (Let Me Out!)" - The Age Of Immunology (Fire)
11:21pm Olivia Belli - "Full Moon" - Four Moons (Self Released)
11:19pm Julia Kent - "Floating City" - Temporal (Leaf)
11:15pm Costanza Francavilla - "Cosmic Dust" - Children of the Universe (Silent Frequencies)
11:11pm Jane Weaver - "Arrows (Loops Version)" - Loops In The Secret Society (Fire)
11:06pm Saariselka - "Horizons" - The Ground Our Sky (Temporary Residence)
11:03pm Mesa - "Emily A. Sprague " - Thousands of Eyes in the Dark (Ghostly International)
11:00pm Daniel Schmidt - "Fanfare and Lancaran Daniel" - Abies Firma (Recital Program)
10:57pm R Weng - "Sound of the Breeze" - Montreal Pleiades (Cosmic Tones)
10:51pm Scanner - "Mothlit" - DE:10.07 (De:tuned)
10:48pm Andrew Pekler - "Hy Brasil" - Sounds From Phantom Islands (Faitiche)
10:39pm Ancestral Voices - "Samhain" - Samhain EP (The Fifth Kingdom)
10:31pm Wolf Müller / The Nile Project / featuring Adel Mekha - "Southern Voice" - Wolf Muller Meets the Nile Project (Nouvelles Ambiance)
10:29pm Komodo Kolektif - "Temple Ball" - Sundada (Invisible, Inc.)
10:26pm Cenes ‎ - "2 Hope" - Carried (bigo & twigetti ‎)
10:23pm Blarf - "Banana" - Cease & Desist (Stones Throw)
10:20pm Dengue Dengue Dengue - "Agni" - Zenit & Nadir (Enchufada)
10:18pm Chelique Sarabia - "El Pajarillo" - Revolución Electrónica En Música Venezolana (Pharaway Sounds)
10:16pm Ethnic Heritage Ensemble - "Ntozake (For Ntozake Shange)" - Be Known: Ancient/Future/Music (Spiritmuse)
10:13pm Philip Bailey - "Brooklyn Blues" - Love Will Find A Way (Verve)
10:01pm Meitei - "Nami" - Komachi (Metron)
10:00pm D.K. - "Going Into Trance" - The Goddess Is Dancing (Good Morning Tapes)
10:00pm Popp - "Yerba" - Laya (Squame)
9:57pm Dax Pierson - "Macrobid" - Live In Oakland (Ratskin)
9:52pm Ariwo - "Quasi" - Quasi (Manana)
9:47pm Elite Beat - "Budget Dancehall" - Selected Rhythms (Research)
9:44pm Sunny Balm - "Eucalypt" - Eucalypt (Sacred Summits)
9:41pm Lo Kindre - "No Hiding" - Chlorophytum (12th Isle)
9:37pm Malibu - "Nana (Like A Star Made For Me)" - One Life (Joyful Noise Recordings)
9:34pm Young Marco - "Moving Ornaments" - Bahasa (Island Of the Gods)
9:31pm N Chambers - "Lattice" - Air Example (Love All Day)
9:28pm Barrett Martin Group - "The Twilight Hour" - Indwell (Sunyata Records)
9:23pm Golden Ivy - "Delta" - Kläppen (Malmö Inre ‎)
9:20pm Seahawks - "Dancing Inner Space" - Eyes of the Moon (Cascine)
9:18pm Kenji Kihara - "日日是好日 - 6" - 日日是好日 (「日日是好日」)
9:13pm Angelina Yershov - "Jelsiz Jel" - CosmoTengri (Twin Paradox)
9:10pm Vieo Abiungo - "Unravel Together" - The Dregs (Lost Tribe Sound)
9:08pm Free the Robots - "Manisi Song" - DATU (Astral Travels)
9:04pm Valentina Magaletti & Julian Sartorius - "Sobaka" - Sulla Pelle (Marionette)
9:00pm Channelers - "Strange and Familiar" - The Depth of Rest (Inner Islands)
3:26am Ikebe Shakedown - "The Witness" - Kings Left Behind (Colemine)