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Monday, February 18, 2019 - 9:30pm to 11:59pm

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3:24am IE - "Idol Horizon" - Pome (Moo Glyph)
3:22am Lena - "Alchemy of Fingers and Dark" - Alchemy of Fingers and Dark (Hypnos)
3:19am The Heptones - "Love Won't Come Easy" - Sea Of Love (Studio 1)
3:13am Franco et L'OK Jazz - "Mandona Mpungu Zifwidi" - !966-1968 (Sonodisc)
3:10am La Sonora Matancera - "El Novio Celoso" - Los Invita A Bailar (Tropical)
3:05am Orgone - "Light In Me" - Reasons (Killion)
3:03am Moon Express - "Awake And Love II" - Prophetic Spirit (Modern Harmonic)
3:02am Laurie Spiegel - "Strand Of Life" - Unseen Wrolds (Unseen Worlds)
2:58am Brainworlds - "Heliopause" - Split 12" (These Are Not Records)
2:55am Montibus Communitas - "The Pilgrim And The Light Masters" - The Pilgrim To The Absolute (Self Released)
2:52am Unknown Artist - "Alarippu" - Exotic Dances (Folkways Records)
2:49am Excepter - "Sand Dollar" - LBlack Beach (Paw Tracks)
2:43am Ambient Temple of - "Beltane 93 (A Trip Down Memory Lane)" - Planetary House Nation (Midspore)
2:40am Akira Ito - "Praying For Mother / Earth Part 1" - Kankyo Ongaku: Japanese Ambient, Environmental & New Age Music 1980-1990 (Light in the Attic)
2:36am LTF - "Meteo" - Jazz Echo (Content Label)
2:32am Yalls - "Real Fantasy" - Fantasy (Gold Robot)
2:28am Televangel - "Strip Mall Church" - Anthropocene Blues (Fake Four Inc.)
2:23am High Places - "Don't Just Stand There" - High Places / Soft Circle Split 12" (Post Present Medium)
2:20am Warning Light - "Jetplanes Leaving At Dawn" - At The End of The Road (Stickfigure)
2:17am Brainwaltzera - "[Take 2]" - Epi-Log EP (Film)
2:11am Ashan - "Far Drift Afield" - Far Drift Afield (Inner Islands)
2:08am The Animated Egg - "That's How It Is" - Guitar Freakout (Sundazed)
2:03am Dub Disco Band - "For The Love Of Money" - For The Love Of Money 7" (Mr. Bongo)
2:01am Mutual Benefit - "Come To Pass" - Thunder Follows The Light (Transgressive)
1:58am Film School - "Bright To Death" - Bright To Death (Hauskat Records)
1:52am Swervedriver - "Drone Lover" - Future Runs (Danger Bird)
1:50am Les Halles - "Second Distance" - Zephyr (Not Not Fun)
1:45am La Dee Da - "Espionage" - Under Weather (Self Released)
1:37am Pram - "Blue" - Helium (Too Pure)
1:33am Brian & Chris - "March To The Sea" - Brian & Chris (This)
1:29am Electric Company - "Polymetric Accent" - A Pert Cyclic Omen (American Laundromat)
1:26am Alpha - "Black" - Come From Heaven (Melankolic)
1:19am Kenji Kihara - "End of Summer" - Scenes of Scapes (Inner Islands)
1:17am Noelita - "Sambalancao" - Split 7" single (Mr. Bongo)
1:14am Joe Cuba Sextet - "Sock It To Me" - The Best of oe Cuba (Charly)
1:10am Sure Fire Soul Ensemble - "Rise of the East" - Out On The Coast (Colemine)
1:08am Jr. Thomas & The Volcanos - "Chin Up" - Rockstone (Daptone Records)
1:05am Yabby You & Michael Prophet - "Know The Right Dub" - Yabby You & Michael Prophet Meets Scientist at the Dub Station (Graylan Music)
1:02am Sheehan Rian - "Elegy For The Past" - A Quiet Divide (Loop)
3:24am Steven Legget - "a3" - Bathhouse (Firecracker)
3:22am terreke - "l8r h8r" - Improvisational Loops (Music From Memory)
3:19am Shuta Hasunuma & U-zhaan - "ISO" - 2 Tone (Commmons)
3:16am Kilchhofer - "Karon" - The Book Room (Marionette)
3:12am Chancha Via Circuito - "Indios Tilcara" - Bienaventuranza (Wonderwheel)
3:08am Orquesta Akokan - "A Gozar La Vida" - Orquesta Akokan (Daptone)
3:06am Docteur Nico - "Vita Matata" - La Dieux de la Guitarre (Planet Ilunga)
3:02am Coast Social Orchestra - "Moyo Wanitanga" - Listen All Around (Dust To Digital)
2:59am Poemme - "Forest hymn" - Golden Moments in Light (Constellation Tatsu)
2:54am Eiko Ishibashi - "A Ghost In A Train, Thinking" - The Dream My Bones Dream (Drag City)
2:45am Donato Dozzy - "Cleo" - Mindless Fullness (Eerie)