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Monday, November 4, 2019 - 9:30pm to 11:59pm

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11:59pm Akron / Family - "I'll Be On The Water" - Akron Family (Young God)
11:56pm Cachaito - "Tumbanga" - Cachaito (World Circuit)
11:53pm Amon Tobin - "Natureland" - Supermodified (Ninja Tune)
11:48pm Francoise Breut - "Vignt a Trois Mille Jours" - Vignt a Trois Mille Jours (Bella Union)
11:44pm Department of Eagles - "Noam Chomsky Spring Break" - The Whitey on the Moon UK LP (Isota)
11:40pm Sapphire Slows - "Speculation" - The Role Of Purity (Nous)
11:32pm Wanderwelle - "Her Name is Vairumati" - Gathering of Spirits (Silent Season)
11:29pm Cachao - "Descarga Cubana" - Cachao Descargas (Yemaya Records)
11:25pm Orchestra Baobab - "Yaraf" - N'wolof (Dakar Sound)
11:22pm Tabu Ley Rochereau - "Tabalissimo" - The Voice Of Lightness (Sterns Africa)
11:17pm Grand Kalle & African Jazz - "Parafifi" - Rumba On The River (Syllart)
11:02pm The Lilys - "Returns Every Morning" - Better Can't Make Your Life Better (Che)
10:59pm The Millenium - "It's You" - Begin (Columbia)
10:56pm Deradoorian - "Expandering Flower Planet" - Expandering Flower Planet (Anticon)
10:52pm Can - "Tango Whiskeyman" - Soundtracks (Spoon)
10:45pm Norm Chambers - "Circle" - Air Example (Love All Day)
10:41pm Lilacs & Champagne - "Listener X" - Lilacs & Champagne (Mexican Summer)
10:39pm Andrzej Korzynski - "SOS Lament" - SOS (DiM)
10:35pm Dijf Sanders - "Bandung" - Java (W.E.R.F. ‎)
10:30pm Chuck Johnson - "Balm of Gilead" - Balsams (Vin Du Select Qualitite)
10:26pm Kiln - "Acre" - Meadow Watt (Ghostly)
10:25pm Franco Battiato - "Le Mereato Dagli De" - Clic (BMG)
10:22pm Spiritualized - "Electric Mainline" - Electric Mainline (Dedicated)
10:18pm Pram - "Mariana Deep" - The Moving Frontier (Domino)
10:11pm Mort Garson - "Music To Soothe the Savage Snake Plant" - Mother Earth's Plantasia (Sacred Bones)
10:08pm Rakotazafy - "Ramanjero (ny Any Aminay)" - Valiha Malaza (Famous Valiha) (Globestyle)
10:05pm Jacob Newman - "Canopy Shadows" - Biospherica (Carpe Sonum)
10:04pm Msafiri Zawose - "Nzala Urugu" - Uhamiaji (Soundway)
10:01pm Antonia Lamb - "Wolf" - Sad About The Times (Anthology)
9:58pm Barbara & Brenda - "If I'm Hurt, You'll Feel The Pain" - A Quartet of Soul (Musicor)
9:52pm Soda Lite - "Vale & Stone" - Vale & Stone (Inner islands)
9:49pm Cortijo y su Combo - "Los Ingratitudes" - Cortijo Invites You To Dance (Seeco)
9:46pm Lito Barrientos - "Manuelito Barrios" - La Bala (Discos Fama)
9:43pm Amparito Jimenez - "Oye Mi Cumbia" - Las 100 Cumbias y Porros vol 1 (Sonolux)
9:39pm Dub Specialist - "Starring Dub" - Studio 1 Dub (Studio 1)
9:36pm Brainwaltzera - "Poly Ana Summers" - Poly Ana Summers (Film)
9:32pm Chris Cohen - "Monad" - Overgrown Path (Captured Tracks)
11:57pm Ultrafog - "Trace" - How Those Fires Burned That Are No Longer (Motion Ward)
11:57pm Dax Pierson - "Memory" - Live in Oakland (Ratskin)
11:52pm Sabiwa - "Jinfi ~ Wo de Shijan" - Reincarnation (Chinabot)
11:49pm Susan Deyhim & RIchard Horowitz - "Amrmour" - Made To Measure vol 8 (Crammed)
11:37pm Hambone - "Hambone" - Big Fat Juicy Fun (Salsoul)
11:33pm Opaline - "Inside Sky" - Thought Texture (Constellation Tatsu)
11:31pm HRNS - "Canadian Rifles" - Naomi (Warm Winters Ltd.)
11:27pm Barrett Martin Group - "The Balance" - Songs of the Firedbird (Sunyata)
11:22pm Secret Universe - "The Cosmic Lens" - The Cosmic Lens (Secret Universe)
11:20pm Remulak - "Sunshine Hit Me" - One (Village Live)
11:17pm Mo Boma - "Ituri Spaceman" - Jijimuge (Extreme)
10:58pm Nerija - "Equanimus" - Blume (Domino)
10:55pm Daona - "Jivatman" - The Secret Assembly (Faustus)