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11:55pm Snowdrops - "Circles" - Mantaray (Gizeb)
11:45pm Mercurial - "Track 2" - Mercurial (S/R)
11:35pm Skyminds - "Illuminated and Warming" - Skyminds (Auasca)
11:30pm Yola - "It Ain't Easy" - Walk Through Fire (Easy Eye)
11:22pm John Vanderslice - "Spectral Dawn" - The Cedars (Native Cat)
11:20pm Adrian Younge - "February" - Produced by Adrian Younge (Amazon)
11:16pm Curtis Mayfield - "The Makings Of You" - The Anthology (MCA)
11:11pm Kelly Finnigan - "Impression Of You" - The Tales People Tell (Colemine Records)
11:03pm Wand - "xoxo" - Laughing Matter (Drag City)
10:50pm Tyga - "Never Be The Same" - Back Thoughts (S/R)
10:39pm Sergei Rachmaninoff - "Prelude for Piano #1 in C# Minor" - Rachmaninoff 24 Preludes (Hyperion)
10:31pm Kramer - "This Diamond Ring" - The Brill Building Book Two (Tzadik)
10:27pm Spellling - "Real Fun" - Mazy Fly (Sacred Bones)
10:23pm Johnny Guitar Watson - "Lovin' You" - Listen (Ace)
10:20pm Dan Hicks and The Acoustic Warriors - "Hell I'd Go" - Best Of Mountain Stage Vol. 1 (Blue Plate)
10:16pm Pearl Harbor And The Explosions - "Release It" - Pearl Harbor And The Explosions (Blixa Sound)
10:14pm -- - "--" - ()
10:11pm Joe Rut - "You'd think those Pirates" - Nekkid (S/R)
10:06pm Jenny Kerr - "Still Around" - Head Of Fire (Okey Doke)
10:04pm TV On The Radio - "Careful You" - Seeds (SR)
10:02pm Pearl Harbor And The Explosions - "Drivin'" - Pearl Harbor And The Explosions (Blixa Sounds)
9:55pm Jesse Brewster - "Sometimes" - Wrecking Ball At The Concert Hall (Crooked Prarie)
9:52pm Danny Allen - "Mary May" - Howdy (Stanley)
9:49pm -- - "--" - ()
9:46pm In-Flight Safety - "Crowd" - Conversationalist (Ooh La La)
9:42pm Wendy & Lisa - "All Nite" - Girl Bros. (S/R)
9:38pm Playboy Manbaby - "Mermaid Pterodactyl" - Electric Babyman (Rubber Brothers)
9:34pm Gladys Knight & the Pips - "Hold On" - Claudine O.S.T. (Buddha)
8:57pm Jesse Brewster - "Sorry Ain't Enough" - Wrecking Ball At The Concert Hall (Crooked Prarie)
8:51pm Tommy Tutone - "Cheap Date" - Tommy Tutone (A&M)
8:47pm El Radio Fantastique - "Chain Of Roses" - Outside Of Space And Time (S/R)
8:45pm Elliot Smith - "Oh Well. OK" - Either/Or (Mute)
8:40pm Ting Tings - "Estrangled" - The Black Light (Finca)
8:32pm California Honeydrops - "A River's Invitation" - A River's Invitation (Tubtone)
8:27pm Mercury Rev - "Okolona River Bottom Band" - The Delta Sweete Revisited (Partisan)
8:23pm Playboy Manbaby - "Mermaid Pterodactyl" - Electric Babyman (S/R)
8:21pm Brower - "Hacksaw" - Buzzsaws (DIG!)
8:18pm Bo Saris - "She's On Fire" - She's On Fire (S/R)
8:11pm Ty Segall - "Isolation" - Fudge Sandwich (In The Red)
8:07pm Lisa Sanders - "Secret Angel" - Shiver (S/R)
8:03pm Ken Nordine - "Faces In The Jazzmatazz" - Word Jazz (Blue Note)
8:02pm Seve Vai - "The Walls Of Light" - Achieves Vol.1 (S/R)
7:59pm Ella Fitzgerald - "Two Little Men In A Flying Saucer" - Miss Ella's Playhouse (Verve)
11:58pm Suzanne Kramer - "P.S. I Love You" - Suzanne Kramer Quartet (S/R)
11:49pm Yves Tumor - "Licking An Orchid" - Safe in the Hands of Love (Warp)
11:43pm Dave Brubeck - "More Than You Know" - Just You, Just Me (Telarc)
11:35pm Ben Webster - "My Romance" - Ben & Buck (Sackville)
11:32pm Jack Moves - "Penn Station" - Free Money (EverLoving)
11:29pm Alan Monasch - "Going Under, Going Down" - Going Under, Going Down (S/R)
11:25pm Mel Torme - "Comin' Home Baby" - Comin' Home Baby (Atlantic)