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"Radio has helped to make people fixated on one particular kind of a sound and one particular kind of a style. And, a lot of people today, since music education is virtually nonexistent in public schools, they don't even know what they've been missing in terms of music from other cultures, music from America from other periods, (and) different styles. You may not like it all, but if you don't even know that it exists, how are you going to make up your mind?" - Frank Zappa


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Friday, February 17, 2023 - 6:00pm to 8:00pm

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9:27pm Limbo - "Eros et Thanatos" - My Whip Your Flesh (Mantra)
9:23pm Coil - "Amethyst Deceivers" - Live Two: Moscow Autumn 2001 (Loci)
9:19pm Laurence Pike - "Taught By Spirits" - Holy Spring (Leaf)
9:15pm Elizabeth Joan Kelly - "Human Research Roads" - Farewell, Doomed PLanet! (S/R)
9:10pm Throwing Muses - "Counting Backwards" - Real Ramona (Sire Records)
9:05pm Tame IMpala - "Feels Like We Only Go Backwards" - Lonerism (odule)
9:00pm Aztec Camera - "Backwards and Forwards" - Kinfe (Siire)
11:57pm WaqWaq Kingdom - "Warg" - Essaka Hoisa (Phantom Limb)
11:52pm Ami Deng - "Raiments" - Parted Plains (Leaving)
11:48pm Laurence Pike - "Taught By Spirits" - Holy Spring (Leaf)
11:45pm Saba Alizadeh - "Blood City" - Scattered Memories (Karl)
11:42pm Andrew Livingston - "News from the Oort Cloud" - A Moment (Gold Bolus)
11:38pm Earthen Sea - "Window, Skin and Mirror" - Grass and Trees (Kranky)
11:34pm Emily A. Sprague - "Huckleberry" - Water Memory / Mount Vision (RVNG INTERNATIONAL)
11:28pm Y La Bamba - "Mujeres" - Mujeres (Tender Loving Empire)
11:24pm Nicola Cruz - "Hacia Delante (Con Chato)" - Siku (ZZK)
11:20pm Los Wembler's De Iquitos - "Mi Caprichito" - Vision Del Aahuasca (Barbest)
11:17pm Los Disco Duro - "El Gallito" - Cumbia Sumpuesana 7" (Discos Mas)
11:07pm Leo Pa Layeng - "Nywal Kata Ber" - Kono Wiye Ocung (Lamyel Legends)
11:04pm Yao Bobby and Simon Grab - "Ahojde" - Diamonds (Lava Lava)
11:01pm MC Yallah and Debmaster - "Kubali" - Kubali (Hakuna Kulala)
10:58pm L'Orange & Jeremiah Jae - "Devil's Piano" - Complicate Your Life With Violence (Mello Music Group)
10:56pm MIKE - "Big Smoke" - Tears of Joy (10K)
10:47pm Big Thief - "UFOF" - UFOF (4AD)
10:44pm Common Holly - "Central Booking" - When I Say To You Black Lightning (Barsuk)
10:40pm Rachael Dadd - "Super Moon Machine" - Flux (Memphis Industries)
10:36pm Jesca Hoop - "Free of the Feeling (ft. Lucius)" - Stonechild (Memphis Industries)
10:33pm Kacy & Clayton - "Intervention" - Carrying On (New West)
10:30pm Dale Watson - "The Dumb Song" - Call Me Lucky (Red House)
10:21pm Sea Urchin - "Mish Hata'Ref tesHa?" - Tahtib (Bokeh Versions)
10:18pm Obuxum - "Don't Blame Them (feat yourhomienaomi)" - Rebirth (Sunrise)
10:15pm Billie Eilish - "Bad Guy" - When We All Fall Asleep Where Do We Go (Darkroom)
10:11pm Jane Weaver - "H>A>K (Loops Variation)" - Loops in the Secret Society (Fire)
10:07pm Death and Vanilla - "Let's Never Leave Here" - Are You a Dreamer? (Fire)
10:02pm Vanishing Twin - "Magician's Success" - The Age of Immunology (Fire)
9:57pm 100 Gecs - "xXXi_wud-nverstop_UXXx" - 1000 Gecs (Dog Show)
9:53pm Ondo Fudd - "Eyes Glide through the Oxide" - Eyes Glide Through The Oxide (The Trilogy Tapes)
9:49pm Lizzo - "Juice" - Cuz I Love You (Atlantic)
9:45pm Hugel - "They Know" - They Know (Warner Germany)
9:41pm Vin Sol - "Misguided Until Today" - Planet Trash (Dark Entries)
9:35pm French Vanilla - "Friendly Fire" - How Am I Not Myself? (Danger Collective)
9:31pm Rakta - "Miragem" - Falha Comum (Nada Nada Discos)
9:28pm Altin Gun - "Sofor Bey" - Gece (ATO)
9:25pm Operator Music Band - "Slim Spin" - Duo Duo (Broken Circles)
9:21pm Brower - "My Father's Name was Cat" - Buzzsaws (Dig!)
9:12pm Bird and the Bee - "Hot for Teacher" - Interpreting the Masters V2 (No Expectations)
9:08pm Electric Capablanca - "Karpov Counter" - Puzzles and Studies (Swim)
9:04pm The Comet is Coming - "Summon the Fire" - Trust in the Lifeforce of the Deep Mystery (Impulse!)
9:00pm Don Fiorino and Andy Haas - "Waning Empire Blues" - American Nocturne (Resonand)
11:57pm Delfonics - "La La La Means I Love You" - Super Hits (Philly Groove)