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"Radio has helped to make people fixated on one particular kind of a sound and one particular kind of a style. And, a lot of people today, since music education is virtually nonexistent in public schools, they don't even know what they've been missing in terms of music from other cultures, music from America from other periods, (and) different styles. You may not like it all, but if you don't even know that it exists, how are you going to make up your mind?" - Frank Zappa

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Monday, October 22, 2018 - 7:00pm to 9:30pm

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9:26pm Simian Mobile Disco - "Hey Sister" - Murmurations (Wichita)
9:20pm The Goon Sax - "Make Time for Love" - We're Not Talking (Wichita)
9:17pm Motels - "Kix" - Motels (Capitl)
9:14pm The Like - "Fair Game" - Release Me (Downtown)
9:11pm Motrik - "Ride the Lion" - Safety Copy (Jealous Biscuit)
9:07pm Antony More - "Ready" - Flying Doesnt Help (Quanto)
9:03pm Rosebuds - "Bow to the MIddle" - Like Life (Merge)
8:58pm Doug Bielmeir - "Costa Mesa Rocking Chair" - Mind & Machine (Ravello)
8:53pm Resina - "Jeninbophal" - Opinio Omnium (Mousike Lab)
8:49pm Anne-James Chaton and Andy Moor - "Metro" - Transfer (Unsounds)
8:45pm Low - "Dancing and Fire" - Double Negative (Sub Pop)
8:37pm David Bowie - "Right" - Young Americans (RCA)
8:33pm Tirzah - "Do You Know" - Devotion (Domino)
8:29pm Hot Chocolate - "You Could've Been a Lady" - 10 Greatest Hits (Rak)
8:25pm Impressions - "First Impressions" - Lasting Impressions (Curtom)
8:20pm Sound Species and Ache Meyu - "Hyper Bembe!" - Sound Species and Ache Meyi (Manana)
8:15pm Kool and the Gang - "Rated X" - Greatest Hits! (De-Lite)
8:09pm Anna Calvi - "As A Man" - Hunter (Domino)
8:06pm Morrissey - "Little Man, What Now" - Viva Hate (Sire)
8:02pm Moose - "Asleep at the Wheel" - Honey Bee (Play It Again Sam)
7:59pm Sis - "Jaikeyah" - Euphorbia (Native Cat)
7:55pm Stealing Sheep - "Deadlock" - Not Real (Heartbeat)
7:48pm Dennis Kam - "String Quartet 2 Pt 1" - The Music of Dennis Kam (Navona)
7:45pm Moondog - "WItch of Endor Part 1" - Moondog (Columbia)
7:41pm De Boca En Boca - "Tres Golpes" - Musica Des Mundos (Acqua)
7:37pm Rio Mira - "Estaban Llorando" - Marima Del Pacifico (Aya)
7:31pm Pepper Adams and Donald Byrd - "Libeccio" - Stardust (Bethlehem Archives)
7:28pm Cootie WIlliams - "I May Be Easy, But I'm No Fool (Bob Merrill Vox) 1946" - Rhythm and Jazz in the Mid Forties (Official)
7:25pm Sarah Vaughan - "Gentleman Friend" - Young Sassy (Proper)
7:16pm Aphex Twin - "T69 Collapse" - Collapse (Warp)
7:13pm Kali Mutsa - "Quispe" - Souvenance (Shock Music)
7:09pm Debruit and Alsarah - "Jibal Alnuba" - Aljawal (Soundway)
7:04pm Steve Hauschildt - "Syncope" - Dissolvi (Ghostly International)
9:23pm Sis - "Crosshairs" - Euphorbia (Native Cat)
9:19pm Verve - "A Man Called Sun" - Gravity Grave 12" (VC)
9:15pm Earth Girl Helen Brown - "Earth Elevator" - Four Satellites Vol. 1 (In the Red)
9:10pm Fairport Convention - "Furs & Feathers" - Rosie (A & M)
9:06pm Glenn Jones - "The Giant Who Ate Himself" - The Giant Who Ate Himself (Thrill Jockey)
9:03pm Blind Lemon Jefferson - "One Dime Blues" - King of the Country Blues (Yazoo)
8:55pm Killer Mike - "Don't Die" - R.A.P. Music (Adult Swim)
8:52pm Nostrum Grocers - "Camera" - Nostrum Grocers (Ruby Yacht)
8:48pm Mistah F.A.B. - "Kicket Out Da Club" - Ants in Your Pants (Intergetic)
8:44pm Gone Beyond & Mumbles - "Knight in a Panther's Skin" - Notes from the Underground (Content Label)
8:36pm Sleater-Kinney - "Rollercoaster" - The Woods (Sub Pop)
8:33pm Nazz - "Only One Winner" - Nazz III (Rhino)
8:29pm Michael Rault - "Out of the Light" - It's a New Day tonight (Wick)
8:26pm Jobraith - "Take Me I'm Yours" - Jobraith (Elektra)
8:22pm Anthony Newley (Leslie Bricusse) - "Mumbo Jumbo (with Anna Quayle" - Stop the World I Want to Get Off (London Records)
8:18pm Rainstick Orchestra - "Electric Counterpoint Fast" - The Floating Glass Key in the Sky (Ninja Tune)
8:13pm Motoko and Myers - "Seed Cycling" - Basis Key (Open Head Real Flames)