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"Radio has helped to make people fixated on one particular kind of a sound and one particular kind of a style. And, a lot of people today, since music education is virtually nonexistent in public schools, they don't even know what they've been missing in terms of music from other cultures, music from America from other periods, (and) different styles. You may not like it all, but if you don't even know that it exists, how are you going to make up your mind?" - Frank Zappa

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Friday, April 26, 2019 - 10:00pm to 11:59pm

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11:52pm Meg Baird and Mary Lattimore - "Damaged Sunset" - Ghost Forests (Three Lobed)
11:48pm Budos Band - "The Enchanter" - V (Daptone)
11:45pm Yoko One - "Move on Fast" - Approximately Infinite Universe (Apple)
11:43pm Alan Price - "O Lucky Man" - O Lucky Man OST (Warner Bros.)
11:38pm La Mechanica Popular - "Bienvenida" - Roza Cruz (Names You Can Trust)
11:33pm VT100 - "Burnout" - The Burden of Irrational Optimism (S/R)
11:30pm Sextile - "Disco" - 3 (Felte)
11:23pm Kouta Katsutaro - "Yanagi No Ame" - Kouta Katsutaro (Death is Not the End)
11:19pm Lucy Rose - "Treat Me Like a Woman" - No Words Left (Arts and Crafts)
11:17pm Roy Orbison - "The Loner" - The Orbison Way (MGM)
11:14pm Big Maybelle (and Rose Marie McCoy) - "Gabbin' Blues" - Okeh Rhythm and Blues Story (Sony)
11:09pm Betty Carter - "30 Years" - The Music Never Stops (Blue Engine)
11:03pm Orchid Spangiafora - "Hold Everything" - Flee Past's Ape Elf (Twin/Tone)
11:00pm Apparat - "Eq_Break" - LP5 (Mute)
10:56pm Tom Dissevelt/Kid Baltan - "Song of the Second Moon" - Song of the Second Moon (Limelight)
10:51pm Boards of Canada - "Split Your Infinites" - Tomorrow's Harvest (Warp)
10:48pm Black to Comm - "Lethe" - Seven Horses For Seven Kings (Thrill Jockey)
10:43pm Wicca Phase Springs Eternal - "Put me in Graves" - Suffer On (Run for Cover)
10:39pm Big Youth - "Keep Your Dread" - Natty Cultural Dread (Trojan)
10:35pm Tussle - "Eye Contact Version" - Eye Contact (Troubleman Unlimited)
11:54pm Golden Retriever - "Serene Velocity" - Occupied with the Unspoken (Thrill Jockey)
11:47pm Cypress Hill - "I Wanna Get High/Stoned is the Way of the Walk" - Live at the Fillmore (Columbia)
11:44pm Dead Can Dance - "The Writing on My Fathers Hand" - A Passage in Time (Rykodisc)
11:41pm Helen Forrest - "You're A Sweet Little Headache" - The Big Bands' Greatest Vocalists Series (Joyce)
11:35pm Snowdrops - "Festive Music" - Manta Ray (Gizeh)
11:32pm Not Waving - "Transition 2" - Futuro (Music For The Waldorf Project) (Ecstastic)
11:27pm Derek Bailey and Gregg Bendian - "Crane Groove and Dark" - Banter (00 Discs)
11:23pm Jessica Pavone - "In the Action" - In the Action (Relative Pitch)
11:18pm petra - "Eager to Die" - filament (Gold Bolus)
11:11pm Karyyn - "Segment and the Line" - The Quanta Series (Mute)
11:08pm Susann Deyhim/Bill Laswell - "The Candle and the Moth" - Twenty Ways to Float through Walls (Crammed Discs)
11:03pm Faramarz Payvar & Ensemble - "Dastgah Segah" - A Persian Heritage: Classical Music of Iran (Nonesuch Explorer)
11:00pm Constantinople & Francoise Atlan - "Tres Sonetes #2" - Premieres Songes (Analekta)
10:57pm Sepideh Raissadat - "Na-re-Ye Showgh" - Iranian Women (Fuuse)
10:48pm The Faint - "Own My Eyes" - Egowerk (Saddle Creek)
10:45pm Astralasia - "Twilight World" - Pitched Up at the Edge of Reality (Magick Eye)
10:41pm Boy Harsher - "Come Closer" - Careful (Naked Club)
10:38pm Saint Etienne - "Split Screen" - Good Humor (Sub Pop)
10:34pm Echo and the Bunnymen - "With a Hip" - Heaven Up Here (Sire)
10:26pm Michelle Blades - "Ring" - Visitor (Midnight Special)
10:23pm Eerie Wanda - "Rockabiller" - Pet Town (Joyful Noise)
10:21pm Tiny Tim - "Livin in the Sunlight, Living in the Moonlight" - God Bless Tiny Tim (Reprise)
10:18pm Lonnie Brooks - "Mr. Hot Shot" - Stompin V. 5 (Stompin)
10:15pm Dale Watson - "The Dumb Song" - Call Me Lucky (Red House)
10:12pm Merrill E Moore - "Down the Road a Piece" - 20 Golden Pieces (Bulldog)
10:00pm Herbie Hancock - "Chameleon" - Head Hunters (Arista)
9:56pm TMBOY - "Held Under" - Steam (S/R)
9:50pm Barry Manilow - "Copacabana" - Greatest Hits (Arista)
10:09am Johnny Dodds - "Bull Fiddle Blues (1928)" - Vintage Series (RCA)
11:54pm Amina Baraka and the Red Microphone - "The Fascist" - Amina Baraka and the Red Microphone (ESP-Disk)