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Rockin' the joint with punk, r&b, garage, rockabilly, soul & jazz.

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Friday, August 24, 2018 - 12:00pm to 3:00pm

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2:56pm duane eddy - "the attack of the duck billed platypus" - road trip (emi)
2:53pm rolling blackouts coastal fever - "time in common" - hope downs (sub pop)
2:51pm donkeys - "sticky sand" - sundamaged youth (flop)
2:48pm saucy jacks - "mover" - beach day-runaway with you (chocolate covered)
2:46pm chartbusters - "she's the one" - she's the one (mutual)
2:44pm isley brothers - "nobody but me" - story vol. 1 (rhino)
2:42pm little willie john - "my nerves" - r&b hipshakers - teach me to monkey (gusto)
2:34pm firestarter - "saturday night (is the end of the world)" - saturday night (is the end of the world) (shit sandwich)
2:32pm rich kids - "young girls" - ghosts of princes in towers (emi)
2:29pm s'cool girls - "rock n roll discotek" - ep (intravenous)
2:25pm velveteen rabbit - "mind numbing entertainment" - mind numbing entertainment (hozac)
2:23pm snatch (patti palladin & judy nylon) - "i.r.t." - destination bomp (bomp)
2:20pm tyrannosaurus rex - "mustang ford" - my people were fair and had sky in their hair (sounds marketing)
2:17pm john lee hooker - "just me and my telephone" - plays and sings the blues (chess)
2:14pm memphis minnie - "hoodoo lady" - hoodoo lady (columbia)
2:06pm fixed up - "who is innocent?" - who is innocent? a singles collection 1983-1987 (nineteen something)
2:03pm wanderers - "ready to snap" - the only lovers left alive (polydor)
2:01pm tony molina - "give he take you" - kill the lights (slumberland)
1:58pm flamin' groovies - "you tore me down" - groovies greatest grooves (sire)
1:56pm amy rigby - "on the barricade" - the old guys (southern domestic)
1:52pm hitsville house band - "the girl with the wandering eye" - 12 o'clock stereo (humbug)
1:50pm ken cope - "hands off, stop muckin' about" - the breakaways - that's how it goes (castle)
1:47pm harry champion - "i'm henry the viii" - cockney bill of london town (windy ridge)
1:40pm d generation - "no way out" - no lunch (columbia)
1:37pm james williamson and the pink hearts - "the revolution stomp" - behind the shade (leopard lady)
1:35pm nervous eaters - "no more idols" - no more idols (penniman)
1:33pm barrence whitfield and the savages - "edie please" - soul flowers of titan (bloodshot)
1:31pm terry clement and the tune tones - "won't somebody love me" - boppin' by the bayou (ace)
1:28pm collins kids - "hoy hoy" - rockin' rollin' (bear family)
1:26pm collins kids - "the wildcat" - television party (tv)
1:23pm collins kids - "rock boppin' baby" - rockin' rollin' vol. 2 (bear family)
1:14pm rock n roll hi-fives - "same mistakes" - re-introducing (little dickman)
1:10pm juliette seizure and the tremor-dolls - "sezure salad" - seizure salad (off the hip)
1:07pm countdown 5 - "shaka shake na na" - complete recordings (gear fab)
1:05pm capitols - "up on top now" - their greatest recordings (solid smoke)
1:02pm jackie wilson - "so you say you wanna dance" - soul galore (brunswick)
12:57pm fun things - "(i ain't got) time enough for love" - fun things (pennimann)
12:54pm reigning sound - "if i can't come back" - love and curses (in the red)
12:50pm redondo beat - "do you wanna have this dance?" - meet redondo beat (dionysus)
12:48pm zephyrs - "there's something about you" - planet beat (big beat)
12:46pm lou christie - "trapeze" - original sinner (rpm)
12:43pm billy and dolly - "everything is off" - five suns (shit krystal)
12:40pm leon and the metronomes with the kool kings band - "buy this record for me" - a carnival of soul (kent)
12:33pm pandoras - "stop pretending" - hey! it's the pandoras (burger)
12:31pm m n ms - "knock knock knock" - i'm tired (quark)
12:29pm paul collins - "kind of girl" - out of my head (alive natural sound)
12:27pm soleil - "apple princess go go!" - my name is soleil (victor)
12:23pm les 5,4,3,2,1 - "vol de nuit" - un un un (nippon columbia)
12:20pm cat stevens - "baby, get your head screwed on" - matthew and son (deram)
12:18pm linda jones - "just can't live my life" - after hours 2 (warner uk)