Leftfield Lance

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Psychedelic guitar freakouts, free jazz blowouts, and anything and everything in off-kilter pop, soul, funk. Tune in and join me out in deep leftfield.


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These times are shown in Pacific time

11:55pm Taktus - "Etude 5" - MIrrored Glass (Ravello)
11:46pm Walt Dickerson - "Universal Peace" - Peace (Inner City)
11:42pm Joe Zawinul - "The Soul of a Village Part 2" - Head Jazz (Atlantic)
11:40pm Sohail Rana - "Soul SItar" - Welcome to the Party (Jazzman)
11:37pm Son Little - "About Her. Again" - Aloha (Anti-)
11:29pm Cella Dwellas - "We Got It Hemmed" - We Got It Hemmed (Loud)
11:25pm Dillon & Batsauce - "Gonna Have a Drink Today" - Self Medicated (Full Plate)
11:22pm Harvey & the Phenomenals - "Soul & Sunshine" - Midwest Funk (Jazzman)
11:19pm Soul Suspects - "Handle It" - The Get It! (??)
11:14pm Yppah - "Light Cycle" - Sunset in the Deep End (Future Archive)
11:07pm Charles Wheeler & the Enforcers - "Right On" - Right On, Vol. 2 (Warner Bros.)
11:04pm Dr. Rubberfunk - "Slim's Mood" - My Life at 45 (Jalapeno)
11:00pm In One Peace - "In One Peace" - Inner City Sounds (Luv n' Haight)
10:55pm Waler Hawkins - "Metropolis" - Visible and Invisible Persons Distributed in Space (Numero Group)
10:50pm Khruangbin & Leon Bridges - "C-Side" - Texas Sun (Dead Oceans)
10:44pm Sons and Daughters - "House in my Head" - This Gift (Domino)
10:41pm Goriila Angreb - "Der Skal Drikkes Mere End For" - Goriila Angreb (Kick n' Punch)
10:39pm Endless Bummer - "Rip Tide" - Volume One (In the Red)
10:37pm The Chats - "Mom Stole My Darts" - The Chats (Burger)
10:34pm Hammersmith Gorillas - "I'm Seventeen" - Why Wait 'til Tomorrow (Just Add Water)
10:32pm Supercharger - "She's So Cool" - Supercharger (Radio X)
10:29pm The 13th Floor Elevators - "She Lives (In a time of her own)" - Easter Everywhere (Decal)
10:23pm Mr. Wrong - "Overstimulation" - Create a Place (Water Wing)
10:20pm Rays - "Drop Dead" - Rays (Trouble In Mind)
10:17pm Deep Time - "Homebody" - Deep Time (Hardly Art)
10:15pm Lithics - "Start of Side 2" - Wendy Kramer EP (Moone)
10:12pm Dislocation Dance - "It's So Difficult" - Messthetics #106: The Manchester Musicians Collective 1977-1982 (Hyped 2 Death)
10:10pm The Gonks - "Precious Alone Time" - Five Things You Didn't Know About The Gonks (Rocks in Your Head)
10:05pm QI-ZZ - "New Baby" - We Were Living in Cincinnati (Hozac)
10:02pm Vital Idles - "Break A" - Vital Idles (Upset the Rhythm)
10:00pm Shopping - "Wind Up" - Why Choose? (FatCat)
9:55pm GoGoGo Airheart - "When the Flesh Hits" - Death Before Disco (Pricehouse)
9:53pm NEON - "NEON" - NEON (Square One Again)
9:50pm Table Sugar - "To the Test" - Typical Girls, Vol. 5 (Emotional Response)
9:45pm Los Belkings - "Setima Petrulla" - Sons of Yma (Yma)
9:41pm Doronco Gumo - "Kageboshi" - Old Punks (Dilettante)
9:38pm Appendix Out - "Frontwards" - Everything Is Ending Here (Homesleep)
9:33pm Tindersticks - "Tough Love" - No Treasure But Hope (City Slang)
9:29pm Aoife Nessa Frances - "Blow Up" - Land of No Junction (Ba Da Bing)
9:21pm Frances Quinlan - "Your Reply" - Likewise (Saddle Creek)
9:19pm Tobin Sprout - "Small Parade" - What's Up, Matador? (Matador Records)
9:17pm Close Lobsters - "What Is There to Smile About?" - What Is There to Smile About? (Enigma)
9:13pm En Attendant Anna - "Flesh or Blood" - Juillet (Trouble in Mind)
9:09pm Betty and the Werewolves - "Paper Thin" - Teatime Favourites (Damaged Goods)
9:07pm Lorella con los Shakers - "Sola Estoy" - Los Nuggetz (Rock Beat)
9:01pm Seam - "Granny 9X" - Granny 9X (Merge)
11:51pm Ilyas Ahmed - "Wild Violet" - Behold Killers (Geographic North)
11:44pm Stereolab - "Soop Groove #1" - Oscilations From the Anti-Sun (Too Pure)
11:36pm Rene McLean Sextet - "Jihad" - Watch Out! (Inner City)
11:30pm Har You Percussion Ensemble - "Santa Cruz" - Viva CuBop (Ubiquity)