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Psychedelic guitar freakouts, free jazz blowouts, and anything and everything in off-kilter pop, soul, funk. Tune in and join me out in deep leftfield.


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Monday, April 30, 2018 - 9:30pm to 11:59pm

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11:54pm Crazy Dobermans - "Free LSD Part 1" - Free LSD (Radical Documents)
11:50pm R.D. Burman - "Freak Out Music" - Psych Funk Sa-Re-Ga (World Psychedelic Funk Classics)
11:48pm The Hysterics - "Won’t Get Far" - Pebbles Vol. 9 (AIP)
11:44pm Razz - "Hot Little Hands" - Time Frames (Emotional Response)
11:42pm The Sneetches - "She Does Everything For Me" - She Does Everything For Me (Bus Stop)
11:36pm The Montanas - "The Roundabout" - Haunted: Psychedelic Pstones II (Sequel)
11:34pm Gloria Barnes - "I Gotta Get Away" - Uptown (Remined)
11:31pm Mavis Staples - "The Choking Kind" - Mavis Staples (Volt)
11:25pm Curtis Mayfield - "Right On for the Darkness" - Back to the World (Curtom)
11:18pm James Hunter Six - "I Don’t Wanna Be Without You" - Whatever It Takes (Daptone)
11:15pm Shannon & the Clams - "I Leave Again" - Onion (Easy Eye Sound)
11:13pm Val McKenna - "I Can’t Believe What You Say" - Soul Source (Sequel)
11:04pm Isaac Hayes - "Hyperbolicsyllabicsesquedalymistic" - Hot Buttered Soul (Enterprise)
10:59pm My Teenage Stride - "Terrace Creepers" - Living in the Straight World (Unblinking Ear)
10:54pm The Feelies - "Slipping (Into Something)" - The Good Earth (Coyote)
10:52pm The Breeders - "Nervous Mary" - All Nerve (4AD)
10:50pm Adventures in Stereo - "Wonderful" - Smiling Pets (Sony)
10:44pm Suicide - "Dream Baby Dream" - The Second Suicide Album (Mute)
10:38pm Replacements - "Johnny's Gonna Die" - For Sale: Live at Maxwell's 1986 (Sire)
10:35pm Hank Wood & the Hammerheads - "How I Am I Supposed to Wake Up in the Morning" - Hank Wood & the Hammerheads (Toxic State)
10:33pm The Brat - "Attitudes" - Attitudes (Fatima)
10:31pm Learned Helplessness - "Vegis" - The Master Tape (Affirmation)
10:29pm Judy & the Jerks - "Greedy Goblin" - Typical Girls, Vol. 3 (Emotional Response)
10:26pm Warm Bodies - "Psychic Connection" - Warm Bodies (Lumpy)
10:23pm Liars - "Tumbling Walls Buiried Me in the Debris with ESG" - They Threw Us All in Trench and Stuck a Monument on Top (Mute)
10:17pm Manito - "Na Baixa Da Sapateiro" - Black Rio: Brazil Soul Power 1971-80 (Strut)
10:14pm Epic Beard Men - "Not Ur Uber" - Season 1 (Strange Famous)
10:10pm Finsta Bundy - "Feel the High" - Where Ya At? (Tape Kingz)
9:58pm Cecil Taylor - "Indent 2nd Part" - Indent (Unit Core)
9:50pm Wilderness - "Death Verses" - Vessel States (Jagjaguwar)
9:46pm Nonpareils - "Press Play" - Scented Pictures (Mute)
9:42pm C. Memi - "Ishin-Denshin" - Heavenly Peace (Bitter Lake)
9:35pm Yuzo Iwata - "Gigolo" - Daylight Moon (Siltbreeze)
9:31pm Unrest - "Bavarian Mods" - Bavarian Mods and Other Hits (Teenbeat)
11:50pm Ueno Takashi - "Track 2" - Smoke Under the Water (Room 40)
11:46pm Parsnip - "Health" - Health (Anti-fade)
11:43pm Solid Space - "Tenth Planet" - Space Museum (Dark Entries)
11:40pm Quails - "Yeah" - We Are the Quails (S/R)
11:38pm Abe Froman - "Fair Friend" - Split w/ Soophie Nun Squad (Plan-It X)
11:32pm Nap Eyes - "White Disciple" - I’m Bad Now (Paradise of Bachelors)
11:28pm Snapper - "Gentle Hour" - Vader (Flying Nun)
11:25pm Yo La Tengo - "Let’s Do It Wrong" - There's a Riot Going On (Matador)
11:18pm Montgomery Express - "Montgomery Movement" - Soulful (Luv N' Haight)
11:15pm Soul President - "Got to Have It" - Eccentric Soul: The Big Mack Label (Numero Group)
11:11pm Durand Jones & the Indications - "Can’t Keep My Cool" - Durand Jones & the Indications (Dead Oceans)
11:08pm Fierce - "Crab" - Crab (Hot Wax)
11:02pm Hamiet Bluiett - "Tranquil Beauty" - Wildflowers 4 (Douglas)
10:55pm Moaning - "Artificial" - Moaning (Sub Pop)
10:52pm Glaxo Babies - "This Is Your Life" - Put Me On The Guest List (Superior Viaduct)
10:49pm Bush Tetras - "You Can’t Be Funky" - Boom in the Night (ROIR)