Leftfield Lance

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Psychedelic guitar freakouts, free jazz blowouts, and anything and everything in off-kilter pop, soul, funk. Tune in and join me out in deep leftfield.


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Tuesday, December 25, 2018 - 9:00pm to 11:59pm

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11:53pm Beast - "Paprika Shorts" - Ens (Thrill Jockey)
11:48pm Kikagaku Moyo - "Orange Peel" - Masana Temples (Guruguru Rain)
11:44pm Abstract Truth - "Moving Away" - Love, Peace & Poetry: African Psychedelic Music (QDK)
11:41pm Tinariwen - "Aldhechen Manin" - Amassakoul (World Village)
11:38pm Mountain Man - "Fish" - Magic Ship (Nonesuch)
11:35pm Carmen McRae - "Strange Fruit" - Lover Man (Columbia)
11:28pm Stereolab / Nurse with Wound - "Exploding Head Movie" - Crumb Duck (United Diaries)
11:25pm Kate Fagan - "I Don't Wanna Be Too Cool" - I Don't Wanna Be Too Cool (Disturbed)
11:22pm Scott Blair - "Dance Pacific" - Switched on Eugene (Numero Group)
11:16pm Grace Jones - "I've Lost Control" - Private Life (Island)
11:11pm Motorik - "Impossible/OK" - Safety Copy (Jealous Butcher)
11:06pm Cymande - "Brothers on the Slide" - Promised Heights (Castle Face)
11:03pm Charles Bradley - "Heart of Gold" - Black Velvet (Dunham)
10:58pm Buddy Montgomery - "This Rather Than That" - This Rather Than That (Impulse!)
10:56pm The Putbacks - "Soma" - The Putbacks (Hopestreet)
10:49pm Archie Shepp - "Slow Drag" - Kwanza (Impulse!)
10:42pm Non-Prophets - "Bounce" - Hope (Lex)
10:38pm LTF - "Soviet Groove Machine" - Jazz Echo (Content (L)abel)
10:34pm El Chicano - "Viva Tirado" - Sampled 4 (Virgin)
10:28pm Matana Roberts - "Lulla/bye" - Coin Coin Chapter One: Les Gens De Couleur Libres (Constellation)
10:23pm Fit to Body - "Eighty-One" - Black Box No Cops (2MR)
10:18pm Kode9 + the Space Ape - "Backward" - Backward (Hyperdub)
10:12pm Rhythm & Sound w/ Jennifer Lara - "Queen in My Empire" - With the Artists (Asphodel)
10:09pm Marcia Aitken - "I'm Still in Love With You" - 500% Dynamite! (Soul Jazz)
10:05pm Jr. Thomas & the Volcanos - "What a Shame" - Rockstone (Colemine)
9:59pm Carbonas - "I'm a Stray" - Your Moral Superior (Goner)
9:58pm Deprogrammer - "Instant Passion" - Instant Passion (At Last)
9:55pm Suburban Homes - "Magazine Version" - E.P 3 (Neck Chop)
9:53pm Surfbort - "Burn" - Friendship Music (Fat Possum)
9:50pm The Ponys - "Chemical Inbalance" - Laced with Romance (In the ed)
9:46pm Sex Church - "Slipped" - Sonambulist (Instant Pleasure)
9:40pm Primo! - "You've Got a Million" - Amici (Upset the Rhythm)
9:37pm Tough Customer - "Soul Patch" - Darlene (Sweet Rot)
9:35pm Get Smart! - "Knight" - Action Reaction (Fever)
9:33pm VKTMS - "Roma Rocket" - VKTMS (Broken Rekids)
9:31pm DUDS - "Elastic Feel" - Of a Nature or a Degree (Castle Face)
9:28pm Exit Group - "Plastic Coffin" - Adverse Habitat (Castle Face)
9:25pm DA - "White Castles" - Dark Rooms (Autumn)
9:18pm Wedding Present - "Everyone Thinks He Looks Daft" - George Best (Pearls from the Past)
9:14pm Dum Dum Girls - "There Is a Light That Never Goes Out" - He Gets Me High (Sub Pop)
9:11pm Fenne Lily - "Car Park" - On Hold (S/R)
9:08pm Sea Urchins - "Pristine Christine" - Air Balloon Road (Sarah)
9:05pm Holly GoLightly - "Too Late Now" - Singles Round-Up (Damaged Goods)
9:01pm Cub - "Your Bed" - Cuties (Mint)
11:55pm Kinski - "Fun Couple" - Accustomed to your Face (Kill Rock Stars)
11:52pm Kev Brown - "Look at the Way the World Move" - Homework (Redefinition)
11:49pm Ame Son - "Je Veux Justre Dire" - The Byg Deal (B-Music)
11:38pm Maurice McIntyre - "Ensemble Fate" - Humility in the Light of the Creator (Delmark)
11:33pm Dark Day - "Don't Bother" - Window (Plexus)
11:30pm Noisy Pencil - "Weirton, West Virginia" - Nobody Gets on the Guest-List! (Throbbing Lobster)