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Psychedelic guitar freakouts, free jazz blowouts, and anything and everything in off-kilter pop, soul, funk. Tune in and join me out in deep leftfield.


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Tuesday, September 17, 2019 - 9:00pm to 11:59pm

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11:49pm Expo 70 - "Growing Mushrooms of Potency" - Journey Through Astral Projection (Immune)
11:46pm Bad Breeding - "C.S.A.M" - Exiled (Iron Lung)
11:43pm Flux of Pink Indians - "Tube Disasters" - Neu Smell (Crass)
11:40pm The Ex - "Apathy Disease" - Singles. Period. (Touch & Go)
11:37pm Saint Vitus Dancers - "Survivors" - Bullshit Detector Vol. 2 (Crass)
11:32pm Tropical Fuck Storm - "Who's My Eugene?" - Braindrops (Joyful Noise)
11:27pm Alan Lorber Orchestra - "Mas Que Nada" - The Lotus Palace (Modern Harmonic)
11:23pm Kim Gordon / DJ Olive / Ikue Mori - "What Do You Want?" - SYR 5 (SYR)
11:17pm Kate Tempest - "People's Faces" - The Book of Traps and Lessons (Republic)
11:12pm Bubba Thomas & the Lightmen - "109 Psychosomatic" - Complete Works: Free As You Want to Be (Now-Again)
11:08pm Lee FIelds & the Sugarman 3 - "Stand Up" - Daptone Gold (Daptone)
11:04pm Black Heat - "Wanaoh" - Black Heat (Atlantic)
10:58pm Monophonics - "Bang Bang" - Soul Slabs Vol. 2 (Colemine)
10:55pm O.C. Smith - "Blowin' Your Mind" - Pimps, Players & Private Eyes (Sire)
10:52pm O.V. Wright - "A Nickle and a Nail" - Sweet Soul Music: Voices From The Shadows (Sire)
10:50pm Reuben Bell & the Casanovas - "It's Not That Easy" - Shreveport Southern Soul: The Murco Story (Kent)
10:45pm Kelly Finnigan - "Catch Me I'm Falling" - The Tales People Tell (Colemine)
10:42pm Bettye Swann - "(My Heart Is) Closed for the Season" - Bettye Swann (Astralwerks)
10:35pm Choosey & Exile - "Brown & Beautiful" - Black Beans (Dirty Science)
10:32pm Tower of Power - "Clever Girl" - Tower of Power (Warner Bros.)
10:28pm Emilia Sisco - "Don't Believe You Like That" - Bad Education - Vol. 1 (Timmion)
10:25pm Barbara Howard - "My Song" - On the Rise (Remined)
10:22pm Gerald McCauley - "Wondering" - Wondering (Timmion)
10:20pm Irma Thomas - "I'm Gonna Cry 'Til My Tears Run Dry" - Straight from the Soul (Minit)
10:18pm James Carr - "These Arms of Mine" - These Arms of Mine (Deep Soul)
10:12pm The Shags - "Don't Press Your Luck" - Don't Press Your Luck (Sundazed)
10:10pm CTMF - "Troubled Mind" - Brave Protector (Damaged Goods/Burger)
10:07pm The Sound Barrier - "Hey Hey" - Highs in the Mid 60s, VOl. 9 (AIP)
10:05pm The Mystery Lights - "Too Much Tension" - Too Much Tension (Wick)
10:02pm Erkin Koray - "Gun Dugmuyor" - Mechul (Sublime Frequencies)
9:59pm Broadcast - "Still Feels Like Tears" - Pendulum EP (Warp)
9:52pm The Group - "The Feed-Back" - Psych Funk 101 (World Psychedelic Funk Classics)
9:46pm John Finbury & Thalma de Freitas - "Ondas" - Sorte! (Green Flash)
9:43pm Alice - "Que Pouvons-Nous Faire Ensemble?" - The BYG Deal (B-Music)
9:40pm Brigitte Fontaine - "Eternelle" - Est ... Folle (Superior Viaduct)
9:37pm Wendy and Bonnie - "You Keep Hanging Up on My Mind" - Genesis (Sundazed)
9:33pm Courtney Barnett and Kurt Vile - "Peepin' Tom" - Lotta Sea Lice (Matador)
9:30pm Florist - "Moon Begins" - Emily Alone (Double Double Whammy)
9:24pm Black Belt Eagle Scout - "Run It to Ya" - At the Party With My Brown Friends (Saddle Creek)
9:20pm Girls At Our Best - "I'm Beautiful Now" - Pleasure (Happy Birthday)
9:18pm The Jam - "Start!" - Sound Affects (Polydor)
9:16pm Galore - "Lemon Tea" - Hot, Sick, Vile & Fun: New Sounds from San Francisco, Vol. 1 (Rocks In Your Head)
9:13pm The Feminine Complex - "Now I Need You" - Livin' Love (Teenbeat)
9:10pm Television Personalitites - "Smashing Time" - Some Kind of Happening (Fire)
9:08pm Mick Trouble - "Not 'Alf Bad" - ...Here's the Mick Trouble lp (Emotional Response)
9:02pm Josef K - "Sorry for Laughing" - The Only Fun In Town: Sorry For Laughing (??)
11:56pm Gnoomes - "Ursa Major" - Mu! (Rocket)
11:52pm A Minor Forest - "Speed for Gavin" - Coed as Hell (Karate Brand)
11:44pm Sunn O))) - "Troubled Air" - Life Metal (Southern Lord)
11:38pm Thane Russal & Three - "Security" - English Freakbeat, Vol. 4 (P&C)