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Saturday, February 24, 2018 - 6:00am to 9:00am

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8:56am OM - "Cremation Ghat" - God is good (Drag city)
8:53am ExEye - "Xenolith" - Ex Eye (Relapse)
8:52am DRI - "Stupid Stupid war" - Dealing with it (OUr Own)
8:50am Myrkur - "The Serpent" - Mareridt (Relapse)
8:45am Phasm - "Resinous Balm" - Hate at first seed (The End)
8:40am Old Grandad - "No Hell to Fear" - Vol 666 (S/R)
8:36am Mutt - "Ain't no sun" - Creature (S/R)
8:33am Disasteriod - "Gamera" - Money Guilt (S/R)
8:27am Nouvelle vaugue - "Ca plane our moi" - 3 (Peace frog)
8:24am Grandaddy - "Cinderland" - Excerpts from the diary of Todd Villa (V2)
8:23am Ex Cult - "Flickering eyes" - Midnight passenger (Goner)
8:20am Laura Savage - "Ugly when you cry" - The beautiful (Simone)
8:16am Reptaliens - "Simulation" - FM 2030 (Captured Tracks)
8:10am Sleepy Sun - "Demon Baby" - Private tales (Dine alone)
8:07am Roz and the rice cakes - "Jungle gym" - Devotion (Tiger Bomb)
8:04am Jon Sonnenberg - "Knock Knock" - Acoustic selections (Old Man)
8:02am Gert Wilden - "Madame und ihre nicht" - Schulmadchen Report (Crippled dick)
7:58am Lina Tullgren - "Perfect" - Won (Captured Tracks)
7:52am The Luxembourg Signal - "Theres nothing better than a well made machine" - Blue Field (Shelf life)
7:50am Association - "Along Comes Mary" - Best of (Warner Bros)
7:45am Maddox Bros and Rose - "Midnight Train" - 1946-1951 (Arhoolie)
7:45am Hazel English - "Never Going home" - Never Going home (Canvas Club)
7:40am Lon Harmon - "Anytime" - Anytime (Crown)
7:28am Mattiel - "Count Your Blessings" - Mattiel (Burger)
7:26am Ernest Tubb - "Commercial Affection" - One Sweet Hello (Decca)
7:22am Robert Keelin - "Rain, Rain" - Going Places (S/R)
7:19am Mickey Newbury - "How's the weather" - Lovers (Elektra)
7:15am Burt Reynolds - "There's a slight misunderstanding between God and Man" - Ask Me what I am (Mercury)
7:10am Mike Laudermilk - "Abilene" - A tribute to John Loudermilk (Vector)
7:07am Wailin' Jennys - "Wildflowers" - Fifteen (True North)
7:04am Waylon Jennings - "Ain't livin long like this" - What Goes around comes around (RCA)
7:02am Earl Scruggs - "Just begun to care" - I saw the light (Columbia)
6:56am Jody Miller - "Act Naturally" - Sings Buck Owens (Capitol)
6:54am Buck Owens - "Swinging Doors" - Sweet Rosie Jones (Capitol)
6:52am Carl Smith - "Take my ring off your finger" - Greatest hits Vol 2` (Columbia)
6:48am Slim Whitman - "I cast a lasso in the sky" - Birmingham Jail (RCA)
6:46am Ray Pillow - "A slice of life" - People music (Plantation)
6:43am Niel Young - "Fly by Night Deal" - The Visitor (Reprise)
6:35am Ebo Taylor/Uhuru Yenzu - "Victory" - Conflict (Mr Ringo)
6:25am Boubcar Traore - "Ben De kadi" - Dounia Tabolo (Lusafrica)
6:15am Midori Takata - "Ancient palace" - Lunar Cruise (Wrwtfww)
6:10am Lydia Lunch - "Anti-War Manifesto" - N/A (Kalx)
6:03am Uneo Takashi - "#3" - Smoke Under the water (Room 40)
6:00am Omar Ustad Mohammed - "Tabla Solo" - Virtuoso From Afghanistan ()
8:55am King wizard and the lizard wizard - "TEchnorimancy" - poolygondwananland (TO)
8:53am The I.L.Y's - "Gargoyle" - Body Guard (Castle face)
8:47am Black angels - "Young men dead" - Passover (Light in the attic)
8:45am Redd kross - "Insatiable kind" - Hot issue (Bang!)
8:42am Paul Messis - "Back against the wall" - Songs of our time (13 o'clock)
8:40am Girlpool - "Sleepless" - Powerplant (Anti)