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Let's waste some time together. Or not. Eat rocks.

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11:25am Middle Ages - "Bad Man" - The Middle Ages (Ripe)
11:22am Coloured Balls - "Devil's Desciple" - Won't You Make Up Your Mind (Just Add Water)
11:20am Milky Wimpshakes - "My Heart Beats Faster Than Techno" - Love Songs For Punk Rockers (Slampt)
11:15am Cub - "Cast A Shadow" - Volcano (Mint Records)
11:12am Jackson Politick - "Well Adjusted Austrailians" - J.P.7.1 (Market Square)
11:10am Free Kitten - "Punk v. Punk" - Kitten Bozzanova (Kill Rock Stars)
11:09am Mozart - "The Monkey" - Nasty (Iron Lung)
11:08am Mozart - "Broad Daylight" - Nasty (Iron Lung)
11:06am Patti - "Love Today" - Good Big (Erste Theke TonTraegger)
11:03am Fatal Microbes - "Violence Grows" - Violence Grows (Small Wonder Records)
11:00am Bananas - "Billy Reuben" - Nautical Rock and Roll (Plan-It X)
10:51am Vaselines - "Lovecraft" - Dum-Dum (S/R)
10:48am 1981 - "Easy (It's Not)" - Easy (It's Not) (Dandyboy)
10:45am Smokescreens - "Used To Yesterday" - Used To Yesterday (Slimberland)
10:43am Spencer Owen Timeshare - "Experimental Prototpye Song Of Tomorrow" - Presentation (S/R)
10:36am Tame Impala - "Expectation" - InnerSpeaker (Modular)
10:32am Gun - "Situation Vacant" - Psychedelic Dream: A Collection of 60s Euphoria (Columbia)
10:28am Th' Losing Streaks - "Order of The Day" - This Band Will Self Destruct In T-Minus (Slovenly)
10:26am CTMF - "Fire" - Brave Protector (Burger / Damaged Goods)
10:18am Dave 'n' Megan - "I Wanna Kiss You This Christmass" - It's A Team Mint Xmas vol. 1 (Mint Records)
10:16am Vicious Cycles - "Hot Dogs In The City" - Motorcycho (Pirates Press)
10:13am Splatcats - "These Boots Are Made For Walking" - 5 Big Ones (Bloodbath Records)
10:11am Lincolns - "Pop Kat" - Riot City (Satan Records)
10:09am Greasy Gills - "Mr. Rebel" - The Spring Collection (Hi-Tide)
10:06am US Four - "The Alligator" - Teenage Shutdown: Jump, Jive & Harmonize (Teeneage Shutdown)
10:04am Mar-Kets - "Bristol Stomp" - Surfer's Stomp (Liberty)
10:02am Thee Mighty Caesars - "Black Elk Speaks" - Medway Powerhouse Vol. 1 (Hangman Records)
9:52am Greg Ashley - "Bruises" - Another Generation of Slaves (Trouble In Mind)
9:48am Dawn Riding - "Dear Maggie" - Last Spring (Long Road Society)
9:46am Tom Paxton - "Buy A Gun For Your Son" - Ain't That News (Elektra)
9:44am Patsy Montana - "I Only Want A Buddy Not A Sweetheart" - Country & Western Classics: The Women (Time Life)
9:41am Carl Smith - "If You Tried As hard To Love Me" - Carl's Country Golden Era (Cowgirlboy)
9:25am -- - "Fire Alarm" - -- (--)
9:21am Lady Midnight - "Catorce" - Death Before Mourning (Sound Verité)
9:16am Alice Coltraine - "Oh Allah" - Reflection on Creation and Space (Impulse!)
9:14am Sly and the Family Stone - "Fun" - Greatest Hits (Epic)
9:10am So Ons - "Tej" - Tej (Transistor Sound)
9:06am Crass - "Merry Crassmas" - Merry Crassmass (Crass)
9:00am Car Seat Headrest - "Beast Monster Thing" - How To Leave Town (Matador)
11:58pm Preening - "Work Policy" - Gang Laughter (Digital Regress)
11:56pm The World - "Kill Your Landlord" - Reddish (Microminature)
11:55pm French Vanilla - "All The Time" - How Am I Not Myself (Danger Collective)
11:50pm Jacques Greene - "Drop Location" - Dawn Chorus (LuckyMe)
11:44pm CTMF - "Fire" - Brave Protector (Burger)
11:42pm Willie Thrashrt - "We Got To Take You Higher" - Native North America Vol. 1 (Light In The Attic)
11:38pm Th' Losing Streaks - "Order of The Day" - This Band Will... (Slovenly)
11:36pm Chaparral Trio - "Roxanne" - A Deadly Dose of Wylde Psych (Arf! Arf!)
11:33pm George Washington & The Cherrybombs - "Crisco Party" - Northwestern Battle of the Bands (Big Beat)
11:24pm Lady Midnight - "Bloodsong" - Death Before Mourning (Sound Verite)
11:21pm Betty Everett - "The Shoop Song (It's In His Kiss)" - The Shoop Song (It's In His Kiss) (VeeJay Records)