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Let's waste some time together. Or not. Eat rocks.

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8:42am Memories - "Dream About You" - American Summer (Randy)
8:36am Lucksmiths - "Southernmost" - Southernmost (Matinee Records)
8:33am Cibo Matto - "Birthday Cake" - Birthday Cake (El Diablo)
8:31am 999999999 - "White Devils" - White Devils (Hozac)
8:30am IUD - "You Smell" - Squish (Happy Tails)
8:27am Salteens - "Tomorrow" - Tomorrow (Drive-In Records)
8:25am Lonely Surfer & His Surfer Pals - "Horror Break" - Horror Break (Planet Pimp)
8:24am Matt K. Shrugg - "Bad Tripper" - We Were D.O.A. (Tic Tac Totally)
8:22am Woolen Men - "Emily" - Quick Trips (Log Lady)
8:17am Music Explosion - "Little Bit 'O Soul" - Little Bit O'Soul (Laurie)
8:14am Gene Pitney - "Time Won't Let Me" - Time Won't Let Me (Musicor)
8:11am Dale Watson - "Yankee Doodle Jean" - Good Luck 'n' good Truckin' Tonite (Kock Records)
8:08am Yeah Yeah Noh - "Cottage Industry" - Cottage Industry (In Tape)
8:05am Electric Eels - "Jaguar Ride" - Jaguar Ride (Hozac)
8:03am Len Bright Combo - "Someone Must've Nailed Us Together" - Someone Must've Nailed Us Together (Empire)
7:58am Brent's TV - "Everybody's Baby" - Lumberjack Days (Lookout)
7:56am Muskrats - "New Frankie & Jonnie Blues" - Eat From The Pie Of Life (Woodgrain Records)
7:54am Lois Maffeo - "Long Time Gone" - Press Play And Record (Kelt)
7:48am New Order - "Temptation" - Temptation (Factory Records)
7:44am Los Disco Duro - "Te Lo Creo" - Te Lo Creo (Discos Mas)
7:39am K-Maxx - "Supa Drunk" - Supa Drunk (Funk Connection)
7:35am Johnny Clarke - "Recession" - Recession (Tafari)
7:26am Father Murphy - "Jesus" - Jesus (Madcap)
7:24am Street Eaters - "Frigid Digits" - Polluted Waters Split 7" (Dead Broke Rekerds)
7:21am Downtown Struts - "Victory" - Victory (Pirates Press)
7:15am Crass - "Nagaski is Yesterday's Dog's End" - You're Already Dead (Her Master's Voice)
7:15am Rancid - "Idle Hands" - I'm Not The Only One (Lookout)
7:13am Lizards - "Is It Late?" - Is It Late? (Demos-Tones Records)
7:10am Divine - "Born to be Cheap" - Born To Be Cheap (Wax Trax!)
7:08am X-Teens - "Anyone Can" - Nothing Left To Say (Artnik Records)
7:06am Pointed Stickl - "" - ()
7:06am Pointed Sticks - "What Do You Want Me To Do" - What Do You Want Me To Do (Quintessence Records)
7:03am Dwight Twilley Band - "Shark" - Shark (Hozac)
6:57am Curtis Harding - "Keep on Shining" - Keep on Shining (Burger Records)
6:54am Ballantynes - "Fait" - Faith (La-Ti-Da Records)
6:52am Shirelles - "Things I Want To Hear (Pretty Words)" - Baby, It's You (Scepter Records)
6:48am Chad VanGallen - "I Want You Back" - I Want You Back (Sub Pop)
6:46am Ramonas - "Wait!" - Spread The Germs (Kelt)
6:38am Parasites - "Hang Up" - Hang Up (Lookout)
6:36am Ramones - "Bonzo Goes To Bitburg" - Bonzo Goes To Bitburg (Beggars Banquet)
6:34am Angel Sluts - "Social Breakdown" - Susie Was A Nihilist (Fat Sandwich)
6:29am John C. Clarke - "A Distant Relation" - A Distant Relation (Epic)
6:26am Bleeding Rainbow - "Waking Dream" - Waking Dream (Kanine)
6:23am Lemon Curd - "A Day In The University" - Nemo's Land (Cornflakes Zoo)
8:58am Delta 5 - "Leaving" - Shadow (PRE)
8:55am Floyd Daykill Combo - "Dance Franny Dance" - Dance Franny Dance (Jetstar Records)
8:52am Booker T and the MGs - "Outrage" - Outrage (Stax)
8:49am Pebbles - "You Can't Sit Down" - You Can't Sit Down (Planet Pimp)
8:48am Hi-Fives - "Misery" - Sometimes (Go Zombie!)
8:45am Ye Ascoyne d'Ascoynes - "Just the Biggest Thing" - Just the Biggest Thing (Hangmand Records)