Kendra K

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What Heino making love to a manatee would sound like, only better.  Unless she actually plays Heino in which case it sounds worse than a manatee making love to Heino.

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8:59pm Free Loan Investments - "Hard To Smiles" - You Will Understand (Boof)
8:51pm Cub - "The Day We Met" - Pep (Mint)
8:48pm Sam & Dave - "Said I Wasn't Gonna Tell Nobody" - Said I Wasn't Gonna Tell Nobody (Stax)
8:45pm Ural Thomas and the Pain - "Pain Is the Name Of Your Game" - Pain Is The Name Of Your Game (Pres Records)
8:42pm Loved-Ones - "Lickin' Stick" - Lickin' Stick (Hightone)
8:40pm J J Jackson - "Boogaloo Baby" - It's All Right (Calla)
8:33pm Firewood - "Rococo" - It must be 12"to be named 7" (Robber Baron Records)
8:31pm Bagpipe Operation - "Melody Lane" - Mt. Lavaty (Harriet Records)
8:29pm Tiger Trap - "Supercrush" - Supercrush (King's Road Records)
8:26pm Pinkz - "Something About You" - Something About You (Gearhead)
8:24pm Millie Small - "My Boy Lollipop" - My Boy Lollipop (Fontana)
8:22pm Flirtations - "Nothing But A Heartache" - Nothing But A Heartache (Deram)
8:14pm Bats - "Shake Shake, Slop Slop" - Shake Shake, Slop Slop (Polydor)
8:12pm Lords - "Poison Ivy" - Poor Boy (Columbia)
8:09pm Hi-Fives - "Secret Sodas" - Dishwasher (702 Records)
8:05pm Fevers - "I Wanna Do It" - I Wanna Do It (Lip Stick)
8:02pm Troublemakers - "That's Funny All Right" - That's Funny All Right (Swingline)
7:55pm Preening - "Fascist Flecks" - Nice Dice (Fine Concepts)
7:51pm New Order - "Ceremony" - Ceremony (Factory)
7:48pm Happy Supply - "Health Place" - Happy Supply (Dutch Courage)
7:45pm English Singles - "Ordinary Girls" - Ordinary Girls (Slumberland)
7:42pm Television Personalities - "Where's Bill Grundy Now?" - Where's Bill Grundy Now? (King's Road Records)
7:28pm Jawbreaker - "With Or Without U-2" - Jawbox/Jawbreaker (Selfless)
7:26pm Scared of Chaka - "Hot Dog On A Stick" - Hot Dog On A Stick (DJY)
7:24pm Blank Fight - "This Bike + This Guitar" - House Band Feud (BBT)
7:20pm Jeffrey Evans and Ross Johnson - "Cotton Fields" - Caladonia (Spacecase)
7:19pm Buddy Holly - "It Doesn't Matter Anymore" - It Doesn't Matter Anymore (Coral)
7:16pm Bonnie Lou - "Dancing In My Socks" - Daddy-O (King Rocker)
7:09pm Hollies - "Now's The Time" - Now's The Time (Parlophone)
7:07pm Ramona - "I Have No Time" - I have No Time (Doob Rock'n)
7:05pm Rainbows - "Balla Balla" - Ju Ju Hand (CBS)
7:03pm Traditional Fools - "Rock and Roll Baby" - I Got A baby (Chocolate Covered Records)
7:00pm Liquids - "Zilch" - Heart Beats True (Digital Regress)
6:57pm Marbled Eye - "Former" - EP2 (Digital Regress)
6:45pm Dark Beach - "Swamp Girl" - Scream Queen (Unicorn Power/Dark Beach)
6:43pm TJ and the Lipstix - "Speed of Light" - Juke Box Queen (Teenadelic)
6:40pm Teenage Burritos - "Danya" - Danya (Volar)
6:37pm Slushy - "Pocket" - Candy (Randy)
6:35pm Sherry's - "Pop Pop Pop Pie" - Pop Pop Pop Pie (Guyden Records)
6:26pm Yea Ming and the Rumours - "Baby Blue" - Baby Blue (S/R)
6:24pm Stone Poneys - "Different Drum" - Different Drum (Capitol)
6:20pm Monkees - "Tapioca Tundra" - Valleri (RCA Victor)
6:17pm Bob Seger System - "2+2=?" - 2+2=? (Starline)
6:10pm Halter Skelter - "I Need You" - I Need You (Just Add Water)
6:07pm Plastic Bertrand - "Ca Plane Pour Moi" - Ca Plane Pour Moi (Sire)
6:04pm Neurosis - "Nonsense" - Aberration (Lookout)
6:02pm Daudyflin - "Skitablod" - Daudyflin (Iron Lung)
11:56pm Pllush - "3:45" - Stranger to the Pain (Father/Daughter)
11:52pm Business of Dreams - "Turning Away" - Business of Dreams (Kocliko Records)
11:45pm Persuasive Percussion - "Autumn in New York" - Persuasive Percussion 3 (Command)