KALX LIVE CUTS with Evil Erik

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4:50am Johnny Ill Band - "Post Office" - Post Office (Dusty Medical)
4:46am Dark Beach - "Swamp Girl" - Scream Queen (Unicorn Power)
4:44am The Yolks - "$2 Out The Door" - $2 Out The Door (Randy)
4:38am Front 242 - "No Shuffle" - No Shuffle (Another Side)
4:33am Michael O'Brien - "The Event" - How To Speak Modern (Gamera)
4:29am Throbbing Gristle - "Adrenalin" - Adrenalin (Industrial Records Ltd.)
4:25am Cabaret Voltaire - "Control Addict" - Seconds Too Late (Rough Trade)
4:17am Zongo Junction - "The Van That Got Away" - The Van That Got Away (Primary)
4:13am Jimmy Cliff - "Midnight Rockers" - Midnight Rockers (Oneness)
4:09am Wayne Kramer - "The Harder They Come" - The Harder They Come (ADA41)
4:07am TSOL - "Word Is" - Word Is (Alternative Tentacles)
4:05am The Police - "Nothing Achieving" - Fall Out (Illegal Records)
4:02am Slushy - "Pocket" - Candy Darling b/w Doll (Randy)
3:59am Victim's Family - "Let's Cancel The Future" - Have A Nice Day (Alternative Tentacles)
3:54am Electric Eels - "Splittery Splat" - Jaguar Ride (HoZac)
3:51am Feral Ohms - "Living Junkyard" - Living Junkyard (Valley King)
3:49am Krunch - "C'mon non Gang Da Baby" - C'mon non Gang Da Baby (Massproduktion)
3:43am Krapotkin - "Brinner sa Bra" - Krapotkin/Inferno split (Stupid Oturt)
3:40am AC/DC - "Borrowed Time" - Money Talks (Atco)
3:36am Radar Eyes - "Morning Glory" - Positive Feedback (HoZac)