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What you hear is only most of what you get; requests, mostly of the rockin' kind, are incredibly welcome. It's opinion scattered among caffeinated punk, hip-hop, ska, country, rap, rockabilly and practically anything else thrown at the listeners like so much rotten, yet strange, fruit. Run-on sentences are a way of life!

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Tuesday, February 27, 2018 - 6:00am to 9:00am

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8:55am Grace Jones - "Nightclubbing" - Nightclubbing (Island Def Jam)
8:51am Skip Church - "Then We Kissed" - Out of Tune, In Touch with the Devil (Randy)
8:46am Sonics - "Bad Betty" - This Is (Re: Vox)
8:44am Nobunny - "Surfin Bird" - Dr. Demento Covered In Punk (Demented Punk)
8:41am TJ & the Lipstix - "Speed of Light" - Juke Box Queen (Teenadelic)
8:38am Gang of Four - "Guns Before Butter" - Entertainment! (Rhino)
8:35am Neutrals - "England's Not A Place" - Promotional Compact Disk (S/R)
8:28am Cockney Rejects - "The Power & The Glory" - The Power & The Glory (EMI)
8:24am Cock Sparrer - "Out On An Island" - Shock Troops (Pirates Press)
8:18am Manowar - "Call To Arms" - Warriors of the World (Metal Blade)
8:11am Iron Crown - "Valhalla" - Iron Crown (S/R)
7:58am Death Threat - "Tempers Rise" - Death Threat (Prank)
7:54am Happy World - "Unhappy Meal" - Oof (Homestead)
7:48am Flipper - "Survivors Of The Plague" - Gone Fishin' (Subterranean)
7:45am Surfbort - "Hideaway" - Bort to Death (HoZac)
7:43am One Man Army - "Another Dead End Story" - Dead End Stories (Adeline)
7:36am Robert Haigh - "Koto Line" - Creatures of the Deep (Unseen Worlds)
7:27am Black Sabbath - "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath" - Sabbath Bloody Sabbath (Warner)
7:25am Elvis Hitler - "Green Haze Pt. I & II" - Disgraceland (Wang Head)
7:22am Bill Hicks - "Odd Beliefs" - Satirist Social Critic Stand Up Comedian (Ryko)
7:22am Moms - "Fortunate Former" - Doing Asbestos We Can (Bar None)
7:19am Uncle Floyd Vivino and Oogie - "Shaving Cream" - Dr. Demento Covered In Punk (Demented Punk)
7:15am Meg Christian - "Ode To A Gym Teacher" - Lesbian Concentrate (Olivia)
7:08am Quintron and Miss Pussycat - "Telephone Man" - Dr. Demento Covered In Punk (Demented Punk)
7:07am Jerky Boys - "Hurt At Work" - The Jerky Boys (Select)
7:04am Poison Girls - "Crisis" - Hex (Water Wing)
7:00am Rubella Ballet - "Emotional Blackmail" - Ballet Bag (Dark Entries)
6:57am Spits - "Cha Cha Love" - The Spits (Dirtnap)
6:55am Terry Malts - "Off My Back" - Our Love (Split 10" w/ Kids On A Crime Spree) (Emotional Response)
6:47am Ramones - "Pet Sematary (Single Version)" - Pet Sematary (Sire)
6:43am L7 - "Pretend We're Dead" - Bricks Are Heavy (Slash)
6:40am Ali Beletic - "Dead Serious" - Legends of These Lands Left to Live (Lightning)
6:36am Renaldo Domino - "Lady (You Are My Woman)" - Lady/Mercy on Me (Pravda)
6:32am Gwen Avery - "Sugar Mama" - Lesbian Concentrate (Olivia)
6:24am Ikebe Shakedown - "Assassin" - The Way Home (Colemine)
6:16am Orgone - "Melting Pot" - Undercover Mixtape (Colemine)
6:00am Marvin Gaye - "Trouble Man/Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler)" - Marvin Gaye Live (Tamla)
8:57am C-Schulz - "Meisterschaft" - Fruhe Jahre (Unseen Worlds)
8:54am Jawbreaker - "With Or Without U2" - Etc (Blackball)
8:50am Burning Sensations - "Pablo Picasso (FCC Edit)" - KALX Edit (from Repo Man OST) (KALX)
8:43am Shonen Knife - "Eat It" - Dr. Demento Covered in Punk (Demented Punk)
8:38am Mutilators - "Why Keep Livin' (FCC Edit)" - KALX Edit (KALX)
8:35am Nobunny - "Surfin' Bird" - Dr. Demento Covered in Punk (Demented Punk)
8:32am Ramones - "Danny Says" - End Of The Century (Sire)
8:29am T. Rex - "Rip Off" - Electric Warrior (Reprise)
8:20am King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard - "The Fourth Colour" - Polygondwanaland (ATO)
8:18am Anton La Vey - "The Hymn To Satan" - The Satanic Mass (Murgenstrum)
8:15am Spray Paint and Ben Mackie - "Dumpster Buddies" - Get Legless (12XU)
8:13am Black Flag - "Police Story (FCC Edit)" - KALX Edit (KALX)
8:10am Four Lights - "Three Strikes Is A Turkey" - Okay Friends split 7" w/ Squarecrow (Bomb Pop)