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Difficult, experimental, avant-garde, industrial, noise, and adventurous music. Every Wednesday night / Thursday morning from midnight to 1 am.

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Thursday, September 20, 2018 - 12:00am to 1:00am

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12:01am Frying Pan Ocean - "Hurricane Florence" - Hurricane Florence (Frying Pan Ocean)
12:19am Johnathan Coleclough - "Windlass" - Windlass (KIP)
12:14am The Conet Project - "(XPH) High Pitch Ploytone" - Recordings of Shortwave Numbers Stations (Iridal)
12:02am Las Sucias - "Improv" - Chupate Estas (The Label)
12:53am Merzbow - "Zophorus Part 3" - Zophorus (Blossoming Noise)
12:43am So Percussion - "Part II" - So Percussion (Cantaloupe Music)
12:40am Flatline Construct - "Process" - Amduscias (Zen Flesh)
12:30am Longmont Potion Castle - "LPC 9 Medley 1" - Longmont Potion Castle 9 (D.U.)
12:22am Flapper - "Dreambar" - Amduscias (Zen Flesh)
12:15am Lokonon Andre & Les Volcans - "Mi Kple Dogbekpo" - African Scream Contest (Analog Africa)
12:10am Various - "Side A" - RRR 500 (RRRecords)
12:05am Traditional - "Vudu HAITI" - Africa in America (Corason)
12:00am Z'ev and Chris Watson - "East African Nocturne" - East African Nocturne (Atavistic)
12:53am e.p.l. - "Drum Komputer (Terre Thaemlitz Remix)" - Ambient Intermix (Instinct)
12:51am Traditional Tohono O'Odham Songs - "Echo Song" - Traditional Tohono O'Odham Songs (Canyon)
12:48am Steve Roach - "In the Catacombs (Again)" - The Throne of Drones (Sombient/Asphodel)
12:44am Scriabin - "Guirlandes, Op. 73 No. 1" - Hilde Somer Plays Scriabin (Mercury)
12:42am Albin & Rebekah Zak - "Molmolpis" - Sphinx (Gabriel)
12:38am Nolan Hatcher & Craig Nutt - "Saurornithoides for two clavichords, No. 2" - Dinosaur Time (Say Day-Bew)
12:35am Verve - "Endless Life" - Gravity Grave (Hutt)
12:28am Gerd Zacher - "Sons Brises (comp. Juan Allende-Blin)" - Modern Works for Organ (Heliodor)
12:24am Unknown - "Track 3" - Toshiba Express Singles (Toshiba Express)
12:19am Joji Yuasa - "Terms of Temporal Detailing (Homage to David Hockney)" - Temporal Details (Einstein)
12:17am Trad Gras Och Stenar - "All Along the Watchtower" - The Green One (Silence)
12:16am Steve Miller Band - "My Own Space" - Book of Dreams (EMI)
12:13am Maryanne Amacher - "Sound Characters" - The Throne of Drones (Sombient/Asphodel)
12:10am Cocteau Twins - "Oomingmak (@33rpm)" - Victorialand (4AD)
12:07am Durutti Column - "Lips That Would Kiss (Form Prayers to Broken Stone) (@33rpm)" - Lips That Would Kiss (Benelux)
12:04am Todd Barry - "Germaphobe" - Super Crazy (Comedy Central)
12:02am e.p.l. - "Drum Komputer (Terre Thaemlitz Remix)" - Ambient Intermix (Instinct)
12:58am Residents - "Smelly Tongues" - Meet the Residents (ESD)
12:50am Psychic TV - "African Initiation Drum and Animal Tusk Horn" - Themes (Cold Spring)
12:40am m-tec - "echo8" - A Murder In THe Company Of The Vespertine (Vespertine)
12:35am Psychic TV - "23 Tibetan Human Thigh Bones" - Themes (Cold Spring)
12:31am mic break - "**" - ** (**)
12:25am Grind Orchestra - "Jolly throats" - Jolly Throats e.p. (Japan Oversaes)
12:17am Igor Stravinsky - "The Rite of Spring" - The Philadelphia Orchestra, Riccardo Muti conducting (Angel Air)
12:15am Igor Stravinsky - "Le Sacre du Printemps" - The Firebird (Suite) (Galleria)
12:05am Art Ensemble of Chicago - "Side A" - BAP-TIZUM (4 Men With Beards)
12:00am Mumia Abu-Jamal - "Side A" - All Things Censored... (Alternative Tentacles)
12:55am Anthony Braxton - "Side A" - Composition #96 (Leo)
12:53am Derek Bailey & Cyro Baptista - "Toca Joga" - Cyro (Incus)
12:47am Factums - "Two AM - The Disguise" - Untitled (Siltbreeze)
12:45am Waiting for Bardot - "Voice of the U.K." - Bullshit Detector Vol.2 (Crass)
12:39am Michelle T. Clinton & Wanda Coleman - "Black Angeles" - Manifesting The Rush/How to Hang - Howling Poems of the Beat Generation (New Alliance)
12:36am Charasmatix - "Funk Delica Tor" - Funk Delica Tor (Flying Rhino)
12:33am Velvet Underground - "I Heard Her Call My Name" - White Light/White Heat (Verve)
12:30am Allen Ginsberg/Peter Irkivsjt - "Mantras" - East Village Other (EVO) (ESP)
12:25am Crazy Doberman - "Crazy Doberman" - Free LSD (Radical Documents)
12:25am Fred Frith & Chris Cutler - "Artcore" - Vol. 2 Live in Trondeheim, Berlin & Limoges (R&R)