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Difficult, experimental, avant-garde, industrial, noise, and adventurous music. Every Wednesday night / Thursday morning from midnight to 1 am.

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Thursday, January 24, 2019 - 12:00am to 1:00am

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12:56am Autechre - "os viex3" - Oversteps (Warp)
12:46am Lucrecia Dalt - "Atmospheres Touch" - Anticlines (Rvng Intl.)
12:40am Cruel Diagonals - "Aberrance" - Pulse of Indignation (Drawing Room Records)
12:38am Pauline Oliveros - "Monkey" - Ghostdance (Deep Listening)
12:32am Black Merlin - "Self Heat" - Kosua (Island Of The Gods)
12:27am Knud Viktor - "Les Ephemeres" - Les Ephemeres (Institut for Dansk Lydarkæologi)
12:19am Steve Reich - "It's Gonna Rain (Part 1)" - Early Works (Elektra Nonesuch)
12:15am Bernard Parmegiani - "Operation Ypsilon" - Mémoire Magnétique, Vol​ 1. (Compilation De Bandes Magnetiques Inedites (1966-1990) (Transversales Disques)
12:12am Laurie Spiegel - "Three Sonic Spaces II" - Unseen Worlds (Unseen Worlds)
12:02am Moniek Darge / Godfried-Willem Raes - "Shifts" - Logos Works (Experimental Intermedia Foundation)
12:00am Monique Rollin - "Etude Vocale" - Archives GRM (INA-GRM)
12:57am Drum Komputer (Terre Thaemlitz Remix) - "e.p.l." - Ambient Intermix (Instinct)
12:51am Sol K. Bright's Hollywaiians - "La Rosita" - Hawaiian Steel Guitar Classics (Arhoolie)
12:48am Blacklight Braille - "Labor Day" - Electric Canticles of the Blacklight Braille (Vetco)
12:46am Architects Office - "AO 347.4 (Live in San Francisco July 1987)" - Colorado (RRRecords)
12:44am Sonny Chillingworth - "Moe 'Uhane (Dream Slack Key)" - Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar Masters (Dancing Cat)
12:42am Roxy Music - "Love is the Drug" - Siren (Atco)
12:38am Grandmaster & Melle Mel - "White Lines (Don't Don't Do It)" - Street Jams: Electric Funk Part 3 (Rhino)
12:35am Prince - "Pop Life (Sheila E. Fresh Dance Mix)" - Pop Life (Paisley Park)
12:26am Phthalocyanine - "NAVYj3" - Pre-Invalid EP (A-Musik)
12:22am David Bowie - "Space Oddity (Excerpt)" - Space Oddity 7" (RCA)
12:19am Various - "Side A" - No Borders (Generations Unlimited)
12:17am Khun Paw Yann - "Unknown" - Guitars of the Golden Triangle (Sublime Frequencies)
12:12am Longmont Potion Castle - "Lizards" - LPC 9 (D.U.)
12:07am Curious Voltage - "Model City" - Endless Grindstone (K.O. City Studio)
12:03am Blacklight Braille - "Lord Boar is Dead" - Greet the Fool (Vetco)
12:01am Drum Komputer (Terre Thaemlitz Remix) - "e.p.l." - Ambient Intermix (Instinct)
12:50am Commode Minstrels In Bullface - "4" - Fantastic Picnic ()
12:45am Coil - "Aqua Regis" - Panic (Wax Trax)
12:29am Liz Allbee - "Strategies For Failure and Relief From Persistent Positive Symptoms" - Strategies For Failure (Resipiscent)
12:20am Koji Asano - "Solstice Eclipse" - Solstice Eclipse (Solstice)
12:13am Jessica Moss - "Entire Populations" - Pools of Light (Constellation)
12:07am CM Von Hausswolf - "Day and Night" - 800,000 seconds in Harar (Touch)
12:00am Cheryl E Leonard - "Beach Adelie Penguins; Adelie Colony young chicks; Adelie Colony Adolescent Checks; Calving Marr; Shore Brash Ice" - Chattermarks (Great Hoary Marmot)
12:55am Hazard - "Debugged" - Star Switch On (Touch Tone)
12:40am Igor Stravinsky - "Le Sacre du Printemps" - The Firebird (Suite) (Galleria)
12:38am Terrestrial Tones - "Experimental Farm" - Space Is No Place (Psych-O-Path)
12:27am C.C.C.C. - "Track 1" - Live Sounds Dopa (Endorphine Factory)
12:25am Einsturzende Neubauten - "Negativ Nein" - Strategies Against Architecture (Homestead)
12:20am Hunting Lodge - "Banishing Dirge" - Will (Dark Vinyl)
12:15am Karlheinz Stockhausen - "Prozession" - Prozession (Varese)
12:10am Katharsis - "Repentance Wall" - Suspension of Belief (s/r)
12:00am Swamp Terrorists - "Cynic Forage" - Combat Shock (Sub/Mission)
12:56am Off World - "Extraction" - I (Constellation)
12:52am Neighborhood Rhythms - "Ramp I" - Patter Traffic (Freeway Records)
12:50am Orquesta La Solucion - "Amor Para Dos" - La Solucion (LAD)
12:45am Nurse With Wound - "The Only Constant Thing is Change" - Soliliquy For Lilith (World Serpent)
12:40am Patsy Cline - "I Fall To Pieces" - The Patsy Cline Story (Decca)
12:34am Off World - "Primitive Streak" - I (Constellation)
12:25am John Holt - "Side 2" - Disco 45 (Sonic Sounds)