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Difficult, experimental, avant-garde, industrial, noise, and adventurous music. Every Wednesday night / Thursday morning from midnight to 1 am.

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Thursday, February 22, 2018 - 12:00am to 1:00am

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12:49am Carl Stone - "Mom's" - Mom's (New Albion)
12:43am Dean Roberts - "Dystopia Airport" - Moth Park / Soundtracks to Utopia (Formacentric Disk)
12:36am Excepter - "The Anti-Noah" - Presidence (Paw Tracks)
12:33am The Mayhem Lecture Series - "Episodio Dois" - WT45 (Arcitc Dub/Sursumcorda)
12:29am Matt Shoemaker - "Track 3" - Spots to the Sea (Helen Scarsdale Agency)
12:22am Charles Amirkhanian - "Vers Les Anges" - Walking Tune (Starkland)
12:19am MacGillvray - "Murdered Mermaid Song" - Watermarked in Flame (antigen)
12:16am k3T3m - "Zarz@r" - Syn3rgy (Self Released)
12:14am Boy Fruit - "Wo Hop To" - Demonology (Debacle)
12:11am Julien Sauser & Lucas Tamarit - "False" - Rechiat (Self Released)
12:08am Pierre Henry - "Agitation" - Interieur Exterieur (Philips)
12:05am phog masheen - "The Time Between Eruptions" - The Eternal Battle of Heat and Cold (Love Earth Music)
12:01am Tarab - "Wind" - Wind Keeps Even Dust Away ()
12:50am David Behrman - "Leapday Night" - Four Tet DJ-Kicks (K7)
12:44am Big Band Brutal - "Frumeindafonk" - Nart Nibbles (Kitchen Motors)
12:38am Psychic TV - "Coumpletion 4A" - From Here To Tranquility (Silent)
12:32am V/A - "Bang My Drum Slowly" - Ooh Ooh Ahh! (Arf Arf)
12:28am Voice of the Eye - "Siddhartha" - Narratives: Music For Fiction (Manifold)
12:26am Alva - "Charotcha" - Slattery for Ungdom (Menlo Park)
12:16am C.C.C.C. - "Deeper than core" - Love & Noise (Endorphine Factory)
12:09am Cranioclast - "Rail To Kansk" - Lost in Karak (Flabbergast)
12:05am AMK and Kitten on the Keys - "Now & Forever" - Since You Went Away (Banned Production/Noisepoly)
12:03am Dr. Jerry Falwell - "Love Makes The World Go 'Round" - Love Makes The World Go 'Round (Thomas Road Baptist Church)
12:01am Ken Nordine - "Original Sin" - How Are Things In Your Town? (Blue Thumb)
12:56am Anschluss - "Crossing the Barbed Wire" - The Mobile Plumb Bob (Swill Radio)
12:54am -- - "" - ()
12:51am Katrina Krimsky/Trevor Watts - "Moonbeams" - Stella Malu (ECM)
12:32am Stephen O'Malley - "Gruidés" - Gruidés (DDS)
12:29am -- - "" - ()
12:25am Vicenzo Ferrara/Pietro Vallone/Vito D'Angelo - "Novena di Natale" - Voci (Luciano Berio) (ECM)
12:17am Gordon Mumma - "Mesa (excerpt)" - Mesa/Pontpoint/Fwyyn with Pauline Oliveros and David Tudor (Lovely)
12:12am Jerry Hunt - "Transform (stream): monopole" - Ground: Five Mechanic Convention Streams (O.O. Discs)
12:11am Joan La Barbara / Kenneth Goldsmith - "46" - 73 Poems (Lovely)
12:05am Musica Elettronica Viva - "Message (excerpt)" - Leave the City (BYG)
12:00am Marc Barreca - "Near Greenwater" - Subterrane (Palace of Lights)
12:57am The Fall - "Totally Wired" - Grotesque (After the Gramme) (Castle Communication)
12:52am Terre Thaemlitz - "G5.A-S" - means from an end (Mille Plateuax)
12:48am Annie Gosfield - "Lost Signals and Drifting Satellites" - Lost Signals and Drifting Satellites (Tzadik)
12:44am Tranquil - "Tokyo Stealth Dub" - To Reach the Heaves, The Stars Must Divide (Colorful Clouds for Acoustics)
12:39am Fe-Mail - "After The Rain" - Blixter Toad (Asphodel)
12:35am Black Dice - "A2" - Beaches and Canyons (DFA)
12:31am Philip Jeck - "Above" - Stoke (Touch)
12:25am Martin Tetrault - "Dodo" - La nuit ou j'ai dit non. (Audioview)
12:24am Paul Schutze - "The lotus Voltage" - Abysmal Evenings (Virgin Records)
12:21am Richard Horowitz - "Queen of Saba" - Eros in Arabia (Freedom To Spend)
12:18am Eric Copeland - "Oreo" - Hermaphrodite (Paw Tracks)
12:14am Charles K. Noyes - "Mizo No Oto" - Full Stop (Ecstatic Peace)
12:06am Bird Show - "All Afternoon Pt. 2 (Dawn of the Dead)" - Green inferno (Kranky)
12:04am Main - "Core (Organic)" - Ligature Remixes (Beggar's Banquet)
12:02am The Fall - "Prole Art Threat" - Slates (Superior Viaduct)