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9:09am Evie Sands - "One Fine Summer Morning" - Any Way That You Want Me (Revola)
9:06am The Sounds of Sunshine - "The Untouchable Linda" - Soft Sounds for Gentle People v.2 ()
9:03am Broadcast - "Come On Let's Go" - The Noise Made by People (Warp)
2:53pm Bill Baird - "Spring Break of The Soul" - Spring Break of the Soul (Pau Wau)
2:50pm Ice Cream Mission To Mars - "Dr. Evermore and the Forevertron" - s/t (Toy Moon)
2:46pm Battlehooch - "Oh Yeah, That" - Hot Lungs (Timberline)
2:40pm Meta Meta - "Man Feriman" - Metal Metal (Mais Um Discos)
2:35pm White Lung - "Just For You" - Deep Fantasy (Domino)
2:31pm Ratt - "I Want a Woman" - Ratt and Roll (Atlantic Records)
2:27pm Ex Cult - "Shattered Circle" - Midnight Passenger (Goner)
2:25pm Tweens - "Be Mean" - s/t (French Kiss)
2:13pm Herbie Hancock - "Saturday Night" - Monster (Columbia)
2:11pm Tom Tom Club - "Kiss Me When I Get Back" - Boom Boom chi Boom Boom (Sire)
2:07pm Lyla Fox - "I Only" - Mirrors the Sky (Sub Pop)
2:01pm Heidi Bruhl - "Berlin" - Funky Frauleins (Bureau B)
1:58pm The Dramatics - "The Devil is Dope" - The Best of The Dramatics (Volt)
1:54pm Reigning Sound - "My My" - Shattered (Merge)
1:48pm The Faint - "Help In Hand" - Doom Abuse (Sqe)
1:46pm Mr Little Jeans - "Oh Sailor" - Pocketknife (Harvest)
1:43pm Moonstone Continuum - "The Garden of Fair Play" - Salon Edition (Totally Gross National Product)
1:36pm Todd Rundgren - "Influenza" - The Ever Popular Tortured Artist Effect (Bearsville)
1:33pm Donny and Marie - "You Never Can Tell" - Going Coconuts (Polydor)
1:30pm The Bubble Gum Machine - "A Song That Never Comes" - The Bubble Gum Machine (Rock Beat)
1:26pm Joe Tex - "Show Me" - Wigan Casino Soul (Charly)
1:23pm Prince Buster - "Take It Easy" - King Of Bluebeat (Wah-Wah)
1:20pm Entertainment Calendar - "" - ()
1:14pm The Fresh and Only's - "Who Let The Devil" - House of Spirits (Kemado)
1:07pm Hawkwind - "Waiting for Tomorrow" - Hawkwind: The Flickknife Years (Atomhenge)
1:04pm Brittany Fox - "Rock Revolution" - s/t (CBS)
1:01pm Alice Cooper - "Yeah, Yeah, Yeah" - Killer (Warner Bros.)
12:55pm Jeffertitti's Nile - "Blue Spirit Blues" - The Electric Hour (Beyond)
12:51pm Miniature Tigers - "Frazier Ave" - Cruel Runnings (Yebo)
12:47pm Dark Beach - "Swamp Girl" - Scream Queen 7" (Unicorn Power/Dark Beach)
12:44pm The Donnas - "Looking for Blood" - s/t (Lookout)
12:42pm Strychnine - "Ex bx" - Paink:French Punk Athems (Born Bad)
12:41pm The Frogmen - "Tioga" - Surfin' Roots (Silver Voices)
12:39pm The Denels - "Here Comes The Ho-Dads" - Surfin' Roots (Silver Voices)
12:36pm Honey Ltd. - "Silk N' Honey" - Honey Ltd.: The Complete LHI Recordings (Light In The Attic)
12:33pm Free Design - "Kites Are Fun" - Kites Are Fun (Light in the Attic)
12:30pm Grouper - "Imposter In The Sky" - Wide (Weird Forest)
12:25pm Tobacco - "Eruption" - Ultima IL Massage (Ghostly International)
12:23pm Maria Minerva - "Runaway" - Histronic (Not Not Fun)
12:21pm Avey Tare's Slasher Flicks - "A Sender" - Enter The Slasher House (Domino)
12:15pm Grouper - "Imposter In The Sky" - Wide (Weird Forest)
12:12pm Fanny - "Solid Gold" - First Time In a Long Time (Reprise)
12:04pm Joan as Police Woman - "Good Together" - The Classic (PIAS)
3:56pm The Space Lady - "Synthesize Me" - The Space Lady's Greatest Hits (Night School Records)
2:53pm Los Matematicos - "Me Atrapaste" - Los Nuggetz (Rock Beat)
2:50pm Erasmo Carlos e Sues Tremandoes - "Vem Quento Que Eu Estou Fervendo" - Los Nuggetz (Rock Beat)
2:45pm The Stypes - "You Can't Judge A Book" - Snapshot (Island)