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12:11am The Miracle Workers - "I've Been Infected With You" - ()
12:02am Alex Carlin Band - "The Devil Has Work For Idle Hands" - Are You Better Than My Girlfiend (S/R)
12:00am Psycotic Pineapple - "Say That You Will" - 7" (Pynotic)
12:00am This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb - "The Ballad of Sonny Liston" - 3 ()
12:54pm Friends of Betty's - "94" - Blind Faith II (Underdog)
12:52pm The Bohicas - "XXX" - The Making Of (Domino)
12:48pm Fifteen - "Alienations" - Swain's First Bike Ride (Lookout!)
12:45pm Storm Bugs - "Car Situations" - Let's Go Outside & Get It Over (Snatch Tapes)
12:35pm Gus Buzbee - "Remember The 20th Century Man" - Pioneer The Stepchild of Mother Nature and Father Time (Wooden Studios)
12:30pm The Flames - "Solitude" - Electric Psychedelic Head Swirlers (Purple Lantern)
12:23pm Fraternity of Man - "Oh No I Don't Believe It" - Fraternity of Man (ABC)
12:19pm Animal Collective - "Floridada" - Floridada (Domino)
12:17pm The Rocking Vickers - "I'm Alright" - The In Crowd: UK Mod and RB Beat 1964-1967 (RPM)
12:12pm Meat Wave - "Delusion Moon" - Delusion Moon (Side One Dummy)
12:09pm Impatient Youth - "Were You Popular in High School?" - Don't Listen (Lost & Found)
12:07pm Fetal Remains - "The Condom Song" - Pop Goes The Fetal (Ominus)
12:05pm Fear - "Null Detector" - More Beer (Restless)
12:03pm The Cramps - "Rocket In My Pocket" - Werwoelfen After Dark (Spanish Fly)
12:00pm The Fuzztones - "MD Nothing" - Action (Situation Two)
3:26am Ravi Shankar - "Raga Shree" - The Exotic Sitar and Sarod (Capitol)
3:20am Ryan Huber - "Tribunal" - Aleksandr (Inam)
3:16am The Scofflaws - "William Shatner" - The 3rd Wave, Vol. 1 (Beloved)
3:13am Peaches - "Sick In The Head" - Rub (Anti-)
3:08am Velvet Underground - "Beginning to See The Light" - Velvet Underground (MGM)
3:04am Surf Rock Is Dead - "Never Be The Same" - SRID (S/R)
2:57am Fatboy Slim - "The Journey" - Palookaville (Skint)
2:52am Monokle - "Calypt Feat. Milinal" - Rings (Ki)
2:44am Pink Floyd - "Careful With That Axe, Eugene" - BBC Archives 1970-1971 Disc 1 (Harvested)
2:40am Uncle Wiggly - "Trust" - There Was An Elk (Shimmy Disc)
2:36am Esbe - "Songs We Danced To" - Bloomsday (Cold Busted)
2:34am Mahalia Jackson - "My Story" - 20 Greatest Hits (MP Records)
2:30am Country Joe McDonald - "Jesse James" - The Essential Country Joe (Vanguard)
2:27am Robyn Hitchcock - "Baby Let Me Follow You Down" - Royal Queen Albert and Beautiful Homer (Warner Bros.)
2:20am Activate - "Bill Laswell" - Baselines (Elektra Muscian)
2:17am Sonido Gallo Negro - "Tzantza Soul" - Sendero Mistico (T-Vox)
2:04am Sun Ra & His Intergalactic Arkestra - "Discipline 99" - Outer Space Employment Agency (Avant Jazz)
2:01am Freaks Amour - "Lava Lamp" - Regressive Music for Mind and Body (NART)
1:54am The Slickee Boys - "The Crawling Hand" - Cybernetic Dreams of Pi (Twin Tone)
1:52am The Spiral Electric - "Take The Drop" - Upon Your Shore (S/R)
1:40am Sonny Rollins - "Non-Cents" - Don't Stop The Carnival (Milestone)
1:35am Booker Little - "A New Day" - Out Front (Barnaby/Candid Jazz)
1:31am Black Masala - "I Love You Madly" - I Love You Madly (S/R)
1:23am Childbirth - "Tech Bro" - Women's Rights (Suicide Squeeze)
1:21am Paleface - "A Cheatin' Song" - The Show Is On The Road (Ramseur)
1:18am Ryan Adams - "Blank Space" - 1989 (Pax-Am)
1:16am Dirt - "Hiroshima" - The Complete Works (Active)
1:13am Fat Mattress - "Petrol Pump Assistant" - Fat Mattress (ATCO)
1:09am Roxy Music - "Ladytron" - The First Roxy Music Album (ATCO)
1:04am The Fall - "C'N'C-Hassle Schmuck" - Slates (Bonus tracks) (Castle)
12:57am Baiki - "En Rose" - Globalienation (S/R)