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Thursday, December 26, 2019 - 9:00am to 12:00pm

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12:56pm Prince Akaba - "Vba Vba Min Lomo" - Akaba (Agig Ohi Sound Records)
12:51pm Oscar & The Majestics - "Shake a Tail Feather" - rare & unissued cuts '64-'66 (Beat Rocket)
3:27am C. Kostra - "Ready or Not" - Parallel Partyverse (Pytch)
3:18am Lennon Claypool Delirium - "Amethyst Realm" - South of Reality (ATO Records)
3:02am Honourable Vincent Ugabi - "Oghena Solamame" - Agenebude (Vin & Dav Records)
2:54am Van Goat - "I Live In A Bubble" - Follow Me Under (Pride Fighter)
2:50am F. Kenya - "Ngakula Ngakula" - Ngakula Ngakula (Essiebons)
2:42am Carvels NYC - "I Fell In Love With a Dead Boy" - Life Is Not A Waiting Room (Leather Long Musk)
2:30am Rita Marley - "One Draw" - Big Blunts (Tommy Boy)
2:27am Lord Adusa - "Ozun Special" - Mabena Otu (Ojikutu Record)
2:20am Bloodshot Bill - "Know Myself" - Come Get Your Love Right Now (Goner)
2:12am Fax Clark - "Findjougou" - 7" (BAS)
2:08am Black Drumset - "There's A Shark In the Boat" - Charged (S/R)
2:06am Faust - "Birds of Texas" - Faust Alive! in the USA (Bureau B)
2:00am Zeal Onyia and His Music - "Idegbani" - Zeal's Messages (Phillips)
1:52am Mareen Tucker - "Around and Around" - I'm Sticking With You An Introduction to Moe Tucker (Modern Harmonic)
1:43am Eddie Okonta - "Otanjele" - Page One '81 (Phonodisk)
1:35am Jerry Solomon - "Frisco Girl" - Virginity For All! Private Press 45s 66-69 (Modern Harmonic)
1:25am Atakora Manu - "Osebo Anyami Ankyemi" - Afro Hi-Life (Makossa)
1:19am M Z M - "Bug" - MZM (Infrequent Seams)
1:15am Mars Williams: Presents An Albert Ayler Xmas vol. 2 - "Love Cry" - Presents an Albert Ayler xmas Vol. 2 (ESP-Disk)
1:10am Professor Adomagbo Irene and his musical group of Weppa - "Edi Noku" - Volume 4 (Coconut)
1:04am Tommy McCook and the Skatalites - "Corner Store" - Birth of Ska (Trojan)
12:42am P.T. Foo & His Jolly Band of Nigeria - "Tunisa Ebi Ne Neiye" - P.P. Special (Sir Dolu)
12:34am Hellogoodbye - "Hang Loose" - S'only Natural (S/R)
12:26am Sunny & His Traditional Band - "A.A. Ame" - Omoa Regba of Iuleha (Akpolla)
12:18am Budos Band - "Maelstrom" - V (Daptone)
12:09am Obiajulum - "Iwe Adimma" - Sound Power Of Africa (Yamson)
12:00am Peter Martin - "Bend" - Third Coast Percussion (Orange Mountain)
12:52pm Minimal Man - "Her Heart Is All Alone" - Mock Honeymoon (Monster Music)
12:49pm Camper Van Beethoven - "O Death" - Our Beloved Revolutionary Sweetheart (Virgin)
12:46pm Flibbertigibbet - "Whistling Jigs To The Moon" - Whistling Jigs to the Moon (Sommor)
12:43pm Vanilla Fudge - "Sketch" - The Beat Goes On (Atco)
3:22am Amyl and the Sniffers - "Balaclava Lover Boogie" - big attraction and giddy up (s/r)
3:20am Nanci Griffith & The Crickets - "Well...All Right" - Not Fade Away (Decca)
3:14am Meat Puppets - "Dusty Notes" - Dirty Notes (Syndicate)
3:10am The Fall - "Impresson of J. Temperance" - Grostesque (After The Gramme) (Rough Trade)
3:07am Turning Jewels Into Water - "Dark Waters Rushing In" - Map of Absences (FPE)
3:03am Boy Harsher - "Crush" - Careful (Naked Club)
3:00am The Good The Bad and the Ugly - "The Trio Main Title" - The Good The Bad and The Ugly (Liberty)
2:58am Hub City Stompers - "Inspector 7" - Oi!/Skampilation Vol. 3 (Radical Records)
2:51am The English Beat - "I Confess" - What Is (I.R.S.)
2:48am Yellow Man & Fathead - "Donkey Want Water" - For Your Eyes Only (Surrey)
2:44am Ten To One - "The Mad Lads" - Studio One Lovers (Soul Jazz)
2:37am Vertacyn Arc Materializer - "NatGeo" - Tasting The Sea ()
2:34am Fat Mattress - "Childhood Dream" - Fat Mattress II (Polydor)
2:30am Modern Mouse - "Heart Cooks Brain" - The Lonesome Crowded West (Up)
2:26am Ceschi - "Middle Earth" - Sad, Fat Luck (Fake Four, Inc.)
2:21am King's Ransom - "Ain't That a Shame" - Party Party Party (Cheep!Cheep!)
2:17am Lennon Claypool Delirium - "Toady Man's Hour" - South of reality (ATO Records)