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2:00pm Juri Seo - "Three Mini Etudes in C" - mostly piano (Navona)
1:56pm The Honey Drippers - "Impeach the President" - Ultimate Breaks & Beats:The Complete Collection (Street Beat)
1:52pm Lee Fields - "Problems" - Soul Fire: The Majestic Collection (Truth & Soul)
1:48pm Maria Muldaur - "Ain't What You Used to Have" - Sweet Lovin' Ol' Soul (Stonyplain)
1:42pm Vickie Anderson (Momie-O) - "You're Welcome, Stop On By" - Funk Spectrum Volume 3 (BBE)
1:37pm Cool Breaze - "Can't Deal With This" - The Groove Active Collection (Om Records)
1:33pm Hideout - "When The Music Stops" - So Many Hoops, So Little Time (Small Plates)
1:28pm Bebe - "Que Me Importa" - Y (EMI)
1:24pm Zion I - "The Sun Came Out" - Atomic Clock (Gold Dust)
1:20pm Los Rakas - "De Alante" - Raka Love (S/R)
1:14pm Buddy Guy - "On the Road" - Living Proof (Silvertone)
1:10pm Cymande - "Dove" - Funk Rock (funkrock)
1:04pm Sixo - "Eye of the Needle" - The Odds of Free Will (Fake Four Inc)
12:46pm Jonsi and Alex - "Happiness" - Riceboy Sleeps (XL)
12:41pm Matt Jaffe & the Distractions - "Hell Hounds of Alcatraz" - California's Burning (S/R)
12:36pm Hear In Now - "Prayer for Wadud" - Not Living in Fear (IARC)
12:32pm Jenn Giant - "Lion With Me" - Paradise (Ba Da Bing)
12:29pm The Fabulous Souls - "Baby I've Got It" - Funk Eight (American Soul Recordings)
12:24pm Heliocentrics - "Human Zoo" - A World of Masks (Soundway)
12:14pm The Mermen - "Valkino Snow" - The Mermen (The Mermen)
12:09pm Syl Johnson - "Concrete Reservation" - Is It Because I'm Black (Jimmy Jones)
12:00pm Carlos Santana - "Folsom Street Blues" - Santana III ()
12:00pm Carlos Santana - "Folsom Street Bles" - Santana III (Captolol)
12:11pm Los de abajo - "Resistencia" - LDA V The Lunatics (Real World)
12:07pm babs gonzalez - "These New York Neighbors" - Movement Soul v2 (ESP-Disk)
12:00pm nina simone - "Funnier than a mosquitos twitter" - Flying Funk (Blue Bird)
2:52pm Bill Cole / Joseph Daley - "My son is your son" - Trayvon Martin Suite (Jodamusic)
2:48pm Robert Carey - "Song of the Guaranteed Wage" - Songs for a Better Tomorrow (UAW)
2:45pm Ska Cubano - "Coqueteando" - Rough Guide to Urban Latino (World Music Network)
2:41pm FEA - "No hablo espanol" - FEA (Blackheart)
2:37pm Lights - "Head Cold" - Midnight Machines (Warner Bros.)
2:33pm The Fall - "Petty Thief Lout" - 458489 B Sides (Beggars Banquet)
2:29pm PJ Harvey - "The Words that Maketh Murder" - Let England Shake (Vagrant)
2:26pm Exene Cervenka & The Original Sinners - "Lonesome War" - "7" (Nitro)
2:22pm Mic Break - "Mic Break" - Mic Break (Mic Break)
2:18pm Los del Abajo - "Resistencia" - LDA V The Lunatics (RealWorld)
2:14pm Propagandhi - "Purina Hall of Fame" - Today's Empires, Tomorrows Ashes (Fat Wreck)
2:11pm Gossip - "Standing in the way of control" - Standing in the way of control (Kill Rock)
2:08pm Rod Melancon - "A man like me shouldn't have a gun" - LA 14 (Blue Elan)
2:04pm mic break - "mic break" - mic break (mic break)
2:00pm Mr. Lif - "Let's Go" - Don't Look Down (Mello Music Group)
1:56pm The Kleenrz - "We Got This" - Season Two (The Order Label)
1:53pm Miss Eaves - "Rubber (Bouncing)" - Black Valley (S/R)
1:48pm Oddisee - "Right Side of the Bed" - The Odd Tape (Mellon Music Group)
1:44pm mic break - "" - (mic break)
1:41pm Roberto Rodriguez - "Wolfie's Corner (Remix)" - Rough Guide to Salsa Clandestina (World Music Network)
1:37pm Ladyhawke - "Wonderland" - Wild Things (Polyvinyl)
1:32pm M.I.A - "Galang" - Arular (X6)
1:28pm Don Redmond and his Orchestra - "Reefer Man" - Reefer Songs (Jass)
1:20pm Underground Evolution - "Afro Cuban High" - Revolutions EP (Cyclo)