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sickly heavy heart rock, lifted sugar eye pop, pins me to the ground wave, and mirror me your memories twee.

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2:15pm White Woods - "Where Did You Go" - Where Did You Go (Suicide Squeeze)
1:50pm FEELS - "Live In-Studio Performance" - ()
1:45pm Sexy Kids - "Sisters Are Forever" - Sisters Are Forever b/w Drown Me (Slumberland)
1:40pm The Garlands - "Open Arms" - The Garlands / Sugarplum 7" Split (Atomic Beat)
1:38pm The Girls - "Chico's Girl" - Girls in the Garage Vol. 9 (Romulan)
1:36pm The Blue Orchids - "Oo Chang-a-Lang" - Girls in the Garage (Romulan)
1:34pm Orca Team - "Vancouver BC" - Vancouver BC (HHBTM)
1:30pm The Aislers Set - "Campanas De Mission" - Mission Bells (Suicide Squeeze)
1:00pm Golden Grrrls - "Billy" - Sea Lions / Golden Grrrls 7" Split (Suicide Squeeze)
12:57pm Tactful Cactus - "For The Taking" - For The Talking (S/R)
12:55pm The James Cotton Blues Band - "Soul Survivor" - Pure Cotton (Verve)
12:49pm Daughn Gibson - "The Pisgee Nest" - Me Moan (Sub Pop)
12:45pm Winter - "Memoria Colorida" - Memoria Colorida (S/R)
12:41pm Easy Love - "Treat Me Mean" - Easy Love (Lolipop)
12:15pm Summer Twins - "Live In-Studio Performance" - ()
12:10pm Rocketship - "Let's Go Away" - A Certain Smile, A Certain Sadness (Slumberland)
12:07pm The Pastels - "Basement Scam" - Mobile Safari (Up)
12:02pm Veronica Falls - "Thorn in My Side" - Six Covers (Rough Trade)
5:58pm Orca Team - "Vancouver BC" - Vancouver BC (HHBTM)
5:55pm Composite - "Paper Fantasies" - Artemisia (S/R)
5:51pm Aggi Doom - "Cakewalk" - Bring Me The Head b/w Cakewalk (Soft Power)
5:48pm La La Vasquez - "Why?" - Buoy (M'Lady's)
5:45pm Lush - "Hypocrite" - Split (4AD)
5:44pm Melody Dog - "Futuristic Lover" - Futuristic Lover (K)
5:26pm Liechtenstein - "Spending Time With You" - Passion For Water (Fraction)
5:22pm Mighty Mighty - "Positively Sesame Street" - A Band From Birmingham (Vinyl Japan)
5:20pm Small Crush - "Signal Dreams" - Blush (S/R)
5:14pm The Servants - "The Thrill Of It All" - Small Time (Captured Tracks)
5:12pm Sea Lions - "Grown Up" - Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Sea Lions But Were Afraid To Ask (Slumberland)
5:09pm Josef K - "Romance" - Young And Stupid (Endless Soul)
5:05pm Low - "Words" - I Could Live In Hope (Vernon Yard)
4:53pm Spook School - "History" - Dress Up (Fortuna Pop!)
4:50pm Orange Juice - "Falling and Laughing" - In A Nutshell (Polydor)
4:47pm White Woods - "Where Did You Go" - Where Did You Go (Suicide Squeeze)
4:42pm Versus - "Tin Foil Star" - Dead Leaves (Teen Beat)
4:37pm Night School - "Casanova" - Blush (Graveface)
4:33pm The She's - "Can't Go Inside" - all female rock and roll quartet (Empty Cellar)
4:25pm La Luz - "Cicada" - Floating Features (Hardly Art)
4:22pm Lets Go Naked - "Sometimes" - Retrospective 1985-2006 (Egg)
4:20pm The Shifters - "A Believer" - A Believer b/w Contrast Of Form (Market Square)
4:17pm Boyracer - "Jump" - Pete Shelley (Emotional Response)
4:15pm Kids On A Crime Spree - "Surgical Lights" - Our Love (Emotional Response)
4:12pm Minerals - "First/Firth" - Minerals EP (S/R)
4:07pm The Ropers - "Cool Self" - Sunbathe (Slumberland)
3:58pm Crystal Cities - "Cut Me Loose" - Who's Gonna Save Us Now (S/R)
3:55pm The Nightblooms - "Butterfly Girl" - Butterfly Girl EP (Fierce)
3:52pm Mane - "In The Dark Of The Night" - Alpha Female (Digital Regress)
3:48pm Dirty Cupcakes - "I Want It" - I Want It (Fuzz City)
3:44pm Burnt Palms - "Back On My Wall" - 2/18/17 (WWNBB)
3:40pm The World - "Namast" - First World Record (Upset The Rhythm)