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sickly heavy heart rock, lifted sugar eye pop, pins me to the ground wave, and mirror me your memories twee.

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Tuesday, December 10, 2019 - 9:00am to 12:00pm

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11:58am Boy Scouts - "Cut It" - Free Company (Anti)
11:54am The Pastels + The Tenniscoats - "Vivid Youth" - Two Sunsets (Domino)
11:51am Unwound - "What Was Wound" - New Plastic Ideas (Kill Rock Stars)
11:49am The World - "Punctuate" - Reddish (Microminiature)
11:45am Kevin - "Bike" - .org (S/R)
11:39am Vagabon - "In A Bind" - Vagabon (Nonesuch)
11:36am Lisa Prank - "Cross My Fingers" - Perfect Love Song (Father/Daughter)
11:34am Half Japanese - "One Million Kisses" - Charmed Life (Fire)
11:32am Greasy Gills - "Mr. Rebel" - The Spring Collection (Hi-Tide)
11:29am Sacred Paws - "Almost It" - Run Around the Sun (Merge)
11:22am Omni - "Flat Earth" - Networker (Sub Pop)
11:18am Makthaverskan - "In My Dreams" - III (Luxury)
11:15am The Vanishing - "Princess Poison" - Songs For Psychotic Children (Gold Standard)
11:12am Preening - "Pillow Case" - Gang Laughter (Digital Regress)
10:57am Very Truly Yours - "I'd Write You A Song" - Things You Used To Say (Skywriting)
10:53am Seekers - "Child of Mine" - We'd Like To Teach The World To Sing (Elektra)
10:51am Jeanines - "Wake Up" - Jeanines (Slumberland)
10:48am Ex-Void - "Only One" - Only One (Prefect)
10:46am The Jesus and Mary Chain - "Dirty Water" - Stoned & Dethroned (Blanco y Negro)
10:43am St. Christopher - "All Of A Tremble" - All Of A Tremble (Sarah)
10:40am Charly Bliss - "Feed" - Supermoon (Barsuk)
10:30am Say Sue Me - "Old Town" - Where We Were Together (Damnably)
10:28am Lush - "Light From A Dead Star" - Split (4AD)
10:25am La Sera - "Real Boy" - Sees the Light (Hardly Art)
10:21am Haley Heynderickx - "Oom Sha La La" - I Need To Start A Garden (Mama Bird)
10:18am Kids on a Crime Spree - "Jean-Paul Sartre" - We Love You So Bad (Slumberland)
10:11am Los Saicos - "Demolicion" - Los Saicos (Repsychled)
10:10am Icky Boyfriends - "I'm Not Fascinating" - Live in San Francisco (Castle Face)
10:08am Horrible/Adorable - "Hey Stranger" - Amy Understands (S/R)
10:07am La Luz - "True Love Knows" - Weirdo Shrine (Hardly Art)
10:05am Julia Shapiro - "I Lied" - Perfect Version (Hardly Art)
10:04am Reyna Tropical - "No Me Quieres" - Reyna Tropical (S/R)
10:00am Y La Bamba - "Entre Los Dos" - Entre Los Dos (Tender Loving Empire)
9:57am Kazu - "Come Behind Me, So Good!" - Adult Baby (Adult Baby)
9:49am Suture - "Pretty Is" - Good Girl (Dischord)
9:47am Glass Candy & The Shattered Theatre - "Brittle Women" - Brittle Women (S/R)
9:45am Automatic - "I Love You, Fine" - Signal (Stones Throw)
9:39am Magazine - "The Light Pours Out Of Me" - Real Life (Virgin)
9:36am Veronica Falls - "Thorn in My Side" - Six Covers (Bella Union)
9:32am Heavenly - "C Is the Heavenly Option" - Le Jardin De Heavenly (Sarah)
11:56am The Pantones - "Control" - For The Ones Who Love You (The Living Room Demos) (S/R)
11:54am Wire - "Dot Dash" - Chairs Missing (Toshiba-EMI)
11:51am Blues Lawyer - "Alone" - Something Different (Mt St Mtn)
11:48am Jeanines - "Hits The Bone" - Jeanines (Slumberland)
11:45am Mountain Man - "You and I" - Sings Wilco (Nonesuch)
11:40am Shana Cleveland - "New Song" - Night of the Worm Moon (Hardly Art)
11:36am Lola Beltran - "Sufriendo a Solas" - Llanto Y Coraje (RCA)
11:32am Mercedes Sosa - "Gracias A La Vida" - Gracias A La Vida (Philips)
11:27am Y La Bamba - "Ojos Del Sol" - Ojos Del Sol (Tender Loving Empire)
11:25am Shoestrings - "Nothing To Hide" - Wishing on Planes (Le Grand Magistery)