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8:58pm Total Control - "Expensive Dog" - Typical System (Iron Lung)
8:52pm Bevel Emboss - "City Of Amsterdam" - I Like Movies (BMRD)
8:49pm Dry Heeves - "The Creep" - Boogie Till You Puke (S/R)
8:45pm The Deathrays - "Cowboy Ron vs The Denizens Of Psychedelia" - Songs From A Vacuum (S/R)
8:41pm Steinski & mass Media - "It's Up To You (Television Mix)" - It's Up To You (Television Mix) (DOV)
8:35pm Funky Destination - "Brothers and Sisters This Sound Run Town" - Gonna Give Ya Something To Funk On (Cold Busted)
8:31pm Brownout - "Flaximus" - Vinyl Is Good for You Vol. 1 (Paris DJs)
8:25pm Spiral Shades - "Frustrations" - Hypnosis Sessions (Riding Easy)
8:19pm Norilsk - "Potsdam Glo" - Japetus (S/R)
8:15pm Campus Calendar - "" - ()
8:12pm The Undertones - "Teenage Kicks" - The Undertones (Ryco)
8:10pm Buzzcocks - "Ever Fallen In Love" - Love Bites (United Artists)
8:08pm The Damned - "Love Song" - Machine Gun Etiquette (Chiswick)
8:05pm Fear - "Let's Have A War" - The Record (Slash)
8:03pm Pussy Riot - "Putin Lights Up The Fires" - Putin Lights Up The Fires (S/R)
8:00pm Spider Heart - "Love and War" - pre master (S/R)
7:53pm Docteur Legume - "2001Cerveau Salade" - La Planete Sauvage (Springy)
7:50pm Man Or Astro Man? - "All Systems Go" - Defcon 5 4 3 2 1 (Communicating Vessels)
7:47pm Bevel Emboss - "I Like Movies" - I Like Movies (BMRD)
7:42pm Loose Pills - "Get Drunk, Play Records" - Rx (China Pig)
7:38pm White Reapers - "Ohh (Yeah" - White Reapers (Polyvinyl)
7:34pm Sonic Avenues - "Waiting For A Change" - Mistakes (Dirt Nap)
7:30pm Entertainment Calendar - "" - ()
7:24pm Bankie Phones - "Yo Just Bang Rocks And Smoke Newports" - Human Crisis (Always Human Tapes)
7:18pm Gates Of Slumber - "Death March" - Storm Crow (Scion AV)
7:10pm Bang Data - "Toro Mata" - La Sopa (Rockolito)
7:08pm RJD2 - "1976" - 1976 (Definitve Jux)
7:05pm Quantic - "Magnetica" - Magnetica (Tru Thoughts)
7:02pm Umbrella Bed - "Dub Away" - Refill (Mad Butcher)
6:58pm Black Slate - "Postcode Gangster" - World Citizen (Unit 8)
6:54pm Black Slate - "Black Slate Rock" - Rasta Festival (Alligator)
6:47pm Looters - "Fall Alone" - Fall Alone (S/R)
6:43pm Neung Phak - "Wai Wai Wai" - 2 (Abduction)
6:41pm Ice Balloons - "Hole In The Ground" - Ice Balloons (IB)
6:36pm The Estranged - "The Ride" - The Estranged (Dirt Nap)
5:46am Om - "On The Mountain at Dawn" - Variations On A Theme (Holy Mountain)
5:39am Noothgrush - "Useless" - Noothgrush/Agents Of Satan split (Worthless)
5:35am The Meteors - "Hills Have Eyes" - Mutant Rock (ABCD5)
5:32am Cocktails - "Friday" - Friday (Grazer)
5:29am Polyphemus - "Stonecutter" - Stonecutter (BBQ)
5:25am The Sadies - "Cork & Monkey" - The Sadies (Minty)
5:21am Uh Bones - "A Mess" - Only You (Randy)
5:18am Sabalon Glitz - "Zoroaster" - Zoroaster (Trixie)
5:14am Cat Party - "A Thousand Shades Of Grey" - A Thousand Shades Of Grey (Yellow Number Five)
5:12am So Many Wizards - "Night Chills" - Daydream (Lolipop)
5:08am Mono Pause - "El Cebo" - Mono Pause/Aavikko split (Seeland)
5:02am Joy Division - "Transmission" - Transmission (Factory)
5:00am German Shepherds - "The Earthquake Has Come" - The Earthquake Has Come (Superior Viaduct)
4:56am Motocaster - "The Buddha" - The Buddha (blast-o-platter)
4:53am Negativland - "Truth in Advertising" - Truth in Advertising (Eerie Materials)