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1:20am Larry Polanski - "ii-v-i" - freeHorn (Code Blue)
1:17am Myra Medford & Ben Goldberg - "Miniture" - Dialogue (BAG)
1:12am Lou Reed - "White Light/White Heat" - Rock n Roll Animal (RCA)
1:07am Abronia - "Smoke Finger" - Obsidian VIsions/Shadowed Lands (Water Wing)
1:00am Painkiller - "Devil's Eye" - Guts of a Virgin ()
1:50am Donald Byrd - "Elmina" - Kofi (Blue Note)
1:46am Don Bryant - "Something About You" - Don't Give Up On Love (Fat Possum)
1:40am Jaimie Branch - "Theme Nothing" - Fly or Die (IARC)
1:37am Damaged Bug - "No One Notice The Fly" - Bunker Funk (Castle Face)
1:30am Painkiller - "Buried Secrets" - Buried Secrets (Toy's Factory)
1:18am Boris - "Dystopia - Vanishing Point" - Dear (Sargent House)
1:05am Iceland Symphony Orchestra - "bd" - Recurrence (Sono Luminus)
1:00am Circa Tapes - "Corravo" - Love And Venom (Medical)
8:54am Ray Charles - "America the Beautiful" - Forever (Concord)
8:50am Tech Riders - "Damage Control" - In The Sky (Korm Digitaal)
8:46am Rammstein - "Amerika" - Reise, Reise (Republic)
8:42am Katja von Kassel - "Lili Marlene" - Katja von Kassel (S/R)
8:37am Goldfrapp - "Faux Suede Drifter" - Silver Eye (Mute)
8:32am The Clamour - "Rat Race" - Greed Money Oil God (S/R)
8:29am Bombpops - "All In A Day's Lurk" - Fear Of Missing Out (Fat Wreck Chords)
8:27am Baby Shakes - "Do What You Want" - Turn It Up (Lil' Chewey)
8:24am Oh! Gunquit - "Get Wound Up" - Lightning Likes Me (Decapitator)
8:16am King Woman - "Heirophant" - Created In The Image Of Suffering (Relapse)
8:07am Black Angels - "Life Song" - Death Song (Partison)
8:04am Isaac Rother & The Phantoms - "Possession" - 5 Hits From Hell (Surfin Ki)
7:59am Sam Cooke - "Summertime" - 20 Great Hits (Phoenix)
7:54am Johnny Cash - "Ballad of Ira Hayes" - Johnny Cash's Greatest Hits Volume 1 (Columbia)
7:47am Maritza - "Om Bara Du Gav En Vink" - THE GIRLS WANT THE BOYS: The Beat Girls: 1966-1970 (Ace)
7:41am Young Gun And Silver Fox - "Long Way Back" - West End Coast (Go!)
7:38am Lynval Golding and Contra Coup - "Know Your Rights" - Know Your Rights (Mossburg)
7:35am Fuzz Attack - "Zombie Girl" - Bitch (Dub el Duce)
7:28am Los Straightjackets - "You Inspire Me" - What's So Funny about Peace Love and Los Straightjackets (Yep Rock)
7:23am Cracker - "Big Dipper" - Garage d'Or (Virgin)
7:15am Rabbit Velvet - "Love On A Throne" - Ochre Ombre (S/R)
7:11am Jesus and Mary Chain - "Get On Home" - Damage and Joy (Artificial Plastic)
7:04am Alien Sex Fiend - "Wish I Woz A Dog" - Who's Been Sleeping In My Brain? (Relativity)
6:57am Witch Jail - "Slime Wave USA!" - My Brain Is In The Cupboard (Above The Kitchen Sink) (Too Much Rock)
6:55am Nature's Vegas - "Burger King Hat" - Never Get Better (S/R)
6:52am Joey C and the Aspects - "Chicken Back" - Whiplash Crude Unissued New Jersey Rock And Roll (Norton)
6:49am The Mad Doctors - "She's A Psycho" - No Waves, Just Sharks (Killer Pizza)
6:45am E Gone - "Blind Tribe" - All The Suns Of The Earth (Sunrise Ocean Bender)
6:36am Curtis Mayfield - "Back to the World" - Back to the World (Curtom)
6:31am Liminanas - "Kostas" - Malamore (Hozac)
6:26am Nino Ferrer - "Looking For You" - Nino and Radiah (CBS)
6:22am Chaz Bundick Meets Mattson 2 - "Star Stuff" - Star Stuff (Company)
6:13am Black Spirituals - "Body" - Of Deconstruction (Sige)
6:06am Total Eclipse - "XXL Files" - Access Denied (Blue Room)
6:00am Future Blondes - "Synth" - Feather 17 (Blind Prophet)
3:26am John Lee Hooker - "Blues Before Sunrise" - Burnin (Get Back)
3:21am Tiki Tones - "Lava Flow" - Idol Pleasures (Mai Tai)