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Monday, January 27, 2020 - 12:00pm to 3:00pm

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12:26pm Buck Owens - "King of Fools" - On the Bandstand (Sundazed)
12:22pm Marty Robbins - "Utah Carol" - Gunfighter Ballads (Columbia)
12:19pm Orville Peck - "Buffalo Run" - Pony (Sub Pop)
12:17pm Dick Stusso - "Well Acquainted" - In Heaven (Hardly Art)
12:10pm Charlie Megira - "Tomorrow's Gone" - You're Not From Around Here (Numero Group)
12:03pm Pan American - "Memphis Helena" - A Son (Kranky)
2:54pm Utah Saints - "What Can You Do For Me" - Utah Saints (London)
2:48pm Underworld - "Pearls Girl" - Second Toughest Infants (Wax Trax!)
2:38pm Scritti Politti - "Absolute" - Absolute (Warner Bros.)
2:33pm Kirin J Callinan - "The Whole of the Moon" - Return to Center (Terrible)
2:28pm Ariel Pink - "Time to Live" - Dedicated to Bobby Jameson (Kemado)
2:22pm Choir Boy - "Madeleine" - Sunday Light (Dais)
2:19pm Black Marble - "Feels" - Bigger Than Life (Sacred Bones)
2:05pm Plastikman - "Marbles" - Musik (NovaMute)
2:02pm Breathe Blow Burn - "Breathe Blow Burn" - Breathe Blow Burn (Super Invincible)
1:54pm HTRK - "Mentions" - Venus in Leo (Ghostly International)
1:52pm Fit of Body - "Eighty-One" - Black Box No Cops (2MR)
1:47pm Metz - "Ripped on the Fence" - Automat (Sub Pop)
1:43pm Omni - "Secretly Yours" - Networker (Sub Pop)
1:36pm Girl Band - "Prefab Castle" - The Talkies (Rough Trade)
1:31pm The Byrds - "Why" - Younger Than Yesterday (Columbia)
1:28pm Don McGinnis - "Good Luck To You" - You're Not From Around Here (Numero Group)
1:26pm Porter Wagoner - "Midnight" - Satisfied Mind (Stetson)
1:23pm Lee Hazlewood - "Five More Miles to Folsom" - 400 Miles From L.A. (Viv)
1:20pm Hap Palmer - "Colors" - Learning Basic Skills Through Music (Activity Records)
2:56pm Dude York - "Longest Time" - Falling (Hardly Art)
2:44pm Klein - "Honour" - Lifetime (S/R)
2:40pm Leech - "Brace" - Data Horde (Peak Oil)
2:35pm Lala Lala - "Copycat" - The Lamb (Hardly Art)
2:30pm Chastity Belt - "Lydia" - Time To Go Home (Hardly Art)
2:26pm Nopes - "Immersion" - Stapler (Magnetic Eye)
2:26pm Perfect Pussy - "Interference Fits" - Say Yes To Love (Captured Tracks)
2:22pm White Lung - "I Beg You" - Paradise (Domino)
2:18pm Lungbutter - "Intrinsic" - Honey (Constellation)
2:09pm Gil Scott Heron and Brian Jackson - "We Almost Lost Detroit" - Bridges (Arista)
2:06pm Stevie Wonder - "Evil" - Music Of My Mind (Tamla)
2:02pm Ikebe Shakedown - "Not Another Drop" - Kings Left Behind (Colemine)
1:55pm DJ Sprinkles - "House Music Is Controllable Desire You Can Own" - Midtown 120 Blues (Mule Musiq)
1:47pm Com Truise - "Existence Schematic" - Persuasion System (Ghostly)
1:45pm Injury Reserve - "Best Spot In The House" - Injury Reserve (Seneca Village)
1:42pm Blood Orange - "Charcoal Baby" - Negro Swan (Domino)
1:33pm Don Telling - "Miserlou" - Don Telling's Island Mysteries (s/r)
1:30pm Shelley Duncan - "Somewhere Down the Line" - You're Not From Around Here (Numero Group)
1:28pm Sanford Clark - "Six Days Til Sunday" - Return of the Fool (LHI)
1:25pm Mountain Man - "Around and Around" - Sings John Denver (Nonesuch)
1:22pm Lee Hazlewood - "Georgia Chain Gang" - 400 Miles From L.A. (Ramsey's)
1:16pm -- - "" - ()
1:09pm Kraftwerk - "The Man Machine" - Minimum-Maximum (Astralwerks)
1:00pm Sunn O))) & Boris - "Akuma No Kuma" - Altar (Southern Lord)
12:57pm HTRK - "New Year's Eve" - Venus In Leo (Ghostly International)