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Wednesday, June 27, 2018 - 12:00pm to 3:00pm

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2:58pm Current Joys - "Become the Warm Jets" - A Different Age (Danger Collective)
2:53pm Solid Space - "New Statue" - Space Museum (Dark Entries)
2:46pm Dodos - "Winter" - The Visiter (French Kiss)
2:43pm Foxygen - "Shuggie" - We Are the 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace & Magic (Jagjagwuar)
2:34pm Woods - "With Light and With Love" - With Light and With Love (Woodsist)
2:29pm Man Man - "Rabbit Habits" - Rabbit Habits (Anti-)
2:20pm Anmlplnet - "20,000 Leagues Underneath the Serpent" - Fall Asleep (Ba Da Bing)
2:14pm Trust - "Heaven" - TRST (Arts & Crafts)
2:10pm Jessy Lanza - "It Means I Love You" - Oh No (Hyperdub)
2:08pm The Pantones - "Do You Even Know?" - For the Ones Who Love You (s/r)
2:05pm Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti - "Interesting Results" - House Arrest (Paw Tracks)
2:02pm Nobunny - "I Am a Girlfriend" - Love Visions (1-2-3-4 Go!)
2:00pm Blues Lawyer - "27th Street" - Guess Work (Emotional Response)
1:53pm Yo La Tengo - "Crying of Lot G" - And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside-Out (Matador)
1:49pm Pavement - "At&t" - Wowee Zowee (Matador)
1:46pm Stephen Malkmus and The Jicks - "Solid Silk" - Sparkle Hard (Matador)
1:27pm Speedy Ortiz - "Buck Me Off" - Twerp Verse (CarPark)
1:23pm Winter - "Zooey" - Ethereality (Everything Blue)
1:20pm Thee Oh Sees - "Poor Queen" - Mutilator Defeated at Last (Castle Face)
1:14pm Nancy & Lee - "Lady Bird" - Nancy & Lee (Reprise)
1:11pm Patty Prava - "Ragazzo Triste" - CiaoBella! Italian Girl Singers of the 60s (Ace)
1:07pm Jorge Ben - "Ponta de Lanca Africano" - Africa Brasil (Philips)
1:00pm Lantlos - "Neige de Mars" - .Neon (Lupus Lounge)
12:50pm Deafheaven - "Baby Blue" - New Bermuda (Anti-)
12:45pm Love - "Andmoreagain" - Forever Changes (Elektra)
12:43pm Songs: Ohia - "I've Been Riding with the Ghost" - Magnolia Electric Co. (Secretly Canadian)
12:39pm Iceage - "Beyondless" - Beyondless (Matador)
12:34pm Swans - "Song for the Sun" - White Light From the Mouth of Infinity (Young God)
12:29pm Holograms - "Meditations" - Forever (Captured Tracks)
12:27pm Kitten Forever - "Pinky Swear" - Semi-Permanent (Rat Queen)
12:15pm Lebenden Toten - "Static!" - Static! (Iron Lung)
12:10pm Fiona Apple - "Werewolf" - The Idle Wheel (Epic)
12:06pm Camera Obscura - "Come Back Margaret" - Let's Get Out of This Country (Merge)
12:00pm The Amazing - "Je Travaille Dans laBanque" - In Transit (Partisan)
3:00pm Discharge - "The Nightmare Continues" - Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing (Clay)
2:58pm Discharge - "Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing" - Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing (Clay)
2:56pm Composite - "Queen Alice" - Artemisia (s/r)
2:53pm Turnstile - "High Pressure" - Time & Space (Roadrunner)
2:49pm Super Eagles - "Love's a Real Thing" - World Psychedelic Classics 3: Love's a Real Thing (Luaka Bop)
2:42pm William Onyeabor - "Anything You Sow" - AnythingYou Sow (Luaka Bop)
2:39pm Pangea - "Summertime" - Living Dummy (Burger)
2:36pm Pinned in Place - "Amateur Cartographer" - Ghostwritten By (Razorcake)
2:32pm Prawn - "North Lynx" - Run (Topshelf)
2:27pm Neo Boys - "Nothing to Fear" - Sooner or Later (K)
2:23pm Boris - "Woman on the Screen" - Pink (Southern Lord)
2:21pm World Domination Enterprises - "Funkytown" - Let'sPlay Domination (Caroline)
2:09pm Les Rallizes Denudes - "Night of the Assassins" - Heavier Than A Death in the Family (Phoenix)
2:05pm Cap'n Jazz - "Oh Messy Life" - Analphabetapolothology (Jade Tree)
1:59pm The Dismemberment Plan - "You Are Invited" - Emergency& I (De Soto)
1:56pm Speedy Ortiz - "Lean In When I Suffer" - Twerp Verse (CarPark)