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Monday, October 4, 2021 - 12:00pm to 3:00pm

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1:56pm De-Bons-en-Pierre - "Least Liked" - EP No.2 (Dark Entries)
1:49pm Automatic - "Suicide In Texas" - Signal (Stones Throw)
1:46pm Empat Lima - "Mooncake" - Typical Girls Vol. 5 (Emotional Response)
1:43pm En Attendant Ana - "Flesh or Blood" - Juillet (Trouble In Mind)
1:39pm Clothilde - "Fallait Pas Ecraser La Queue Du Chat" - French Swinging Mademoiselle (Born Bad)
1:36pm Jacco Gardner - "Grey Lines" - Hypnophobia (Polyvinyl)
1:33pm Mr. Elevator - "Alone Togeher" - Goodbye, Blue Sky (Castle Face)
1:23pm Gladio - "De Astra Planeti" - Means To Freedom (L.I.E.S.)
1:19pm Martina Bertoni - "Principles And Pedals" - All The Ghosts Are Gone (Falk)
1:12pm Saariselka - "Afterlight" - The Ground Our Sky (Temporary Residence)
1:08pm Charlie Megira - "The Coochimamas Swingers" - Tomorrow's Gone (Numero Group)
12:59pm Mulatu Astatke - "Asiyo Bellema" - New York - Addis - LondonThe Story of Ethio Jazz 1965-1975 (Strut)
12:57pm Ranil - "Muevete Mi Amor" - Ranil y su Conjunto Tropical (Analog Africa)
12:53pm Piri - "Reza Brava" - Voces Querem Mate? (Far Out)
12:51pm Tureyis - "Kanar Aglarim" - Kerpictendir Evieri (Diskotur)
12:49pm Chelique Sarabia - "Maracaibo En La Noche" - Revolucion Electronica En Musica Venezolana (Pharaway Sounds)
12:45pm Los Piranas - "Llanero Soledeno" - Historia Natural (Glitterbeat)
12:35pm The Heliocentrics - "Burning Wood Ship" - Infinity Of Now (Madlib Invasion)
12:33pm The Creatures - "Ice House" - Feast (Wonderland)
12:29pm Antena - "Achilles" - Camino Del Sol (Factory Benelux)
12:26pm And The - "Feux d'Artifice" - Revers Des Yeux (AB)
12:20pm Plus Instruments - "Vom Ertrunkenen Madchen" - Metal Dance 2 (Strut)
12:15pm Lapalux - "The Lux Quadrant" - Amnioverse (Brainfeeder)
12:11pm Yello - "Bostich" - Night Flanger (Ralph)
12:00pm Cute Heels - "Watch That Neon" - Spiritual (Dark Entries)
8:57am Mazzy Star - "Rose Blood" - Among My Swan (Capitol)
8:52am Mazzy Star - "Common Burn" - Seasons Of Your Day (Fontana)
8:40am Ulla - "Leaves And Wish" - Tumbling Towards A Wall (Experiences Ltd.)
8:33am Caterina Barbieri - "Closest Approach To Your Orbit" - Ecstatic Computation (Editions Mego)
8:26am Anne Muller - "Drifting Circles" - Heliopause (Erased Tapes)
8:22am Papercuts - "New Body" - Life Among The Savages (Easy Sound)
8:15am Shopping - "All Or Nothing" - All Or Nothing (Fat Cat)
8:13am Patti - "Unlike (ft. Jazz Adam)" - Good Big (Erste Theke Tontraeger ‎)
8:10am Bay Of Pigs - "Addiction" - Plastic Pigs (Chameleon)
8:07am Turquoise Days - "Blurred" - Alternative Strategies (Minimal Wave)
8:05am Negative Gears - "2020 Vision" - Negative Gears (Static Shock)
8:03am Pets - "Pest" - Get Turned On (Sacramento)
7:56am Choo Ja Kim - "Ah, My Lost Love" - Golden Hits (Universal)
7:52am Sinn Sisamouth - "Quando My Love" - Cambodian Rocks (Khmer)
7:46am Mukhtar Ramadan Iidi - "Check Up Your Head" - Mogadisco - Dancing Mogadishu (Somalia 1972-1991) (Analog Africa)
7:42am Bienveillance Abymienne - "Ti Jenes An Nou" - Cadence Revolution (Strut)
7:39am Anne Philippe - "Pour La Gloire" - Toujours Chic (Ace Fu Records)
7:30am BJ Cole - "The Cold Mountain Mariner" - The New Hovering Dog (United Artists)
7:27am Anthene - "etc." - Weightless (Home Normal)
7:21am Daniel Lopatin - "Windows" - Uncut Gems (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (Warp)
7:20am Salami Rose Joe Louis - "Collision, Gravity, Time" - Zdenka 2080 (Brainfeeder)
7:17am Beat Detectives - "Sex Tape 03 Vocal" - Nefertiti Abstract Movie (NYPD)
7:10am Mekanik Kommando - "Dress Grey" - I Would Be Quiet In The Woods If Only A Few Birds Sing (Torso)
7:06am Dissemblance - "Rescue" - Over The Sand (Mannequin)
7:02am The Actor - "Deutsches Madchen" - Exploded View (Trumpett)