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11:55pm My Teenage Stride - "Christopher Come" - Living In A Straight World (Unblinking Ear)
11:52pm Brave Radar - "Lion Head" - Fixture (Fixture)
11:49pm Chris Cohen - "As If Apart" - As If Apart (Captured Tracks)
11:42pm Claude Lombard - "Polychromes" - Chante (Palette)
11:38pm Nine Circles - "Twinkling Stars" - Nine Circles (Primary)
11:34pm New Order - "Cries and Whispers" - Everything's Gone Green (Factory)
11:31pm Philippe Laurent - "Distortion" - Hot-Bip (Fraction)
11:20pm Fuchsia - "Me And My Kite" - Jet Lag (Pegasus)
11:16pm Jim Sullivan - "Rosey" - U.F.O. (Light In The Attic)
11:14pm Lower Dens - "Non Grata" - LAMC #9 (Famous Class)
11:09pm Broadcast - "Unchanging Window" - The Noise Made By People (Warp)
10:54pm Lithics - "Lizard" - Borrowed Floors (Water Wing)
10:51pm Death In June - "In The Night Time" - The Guilty Have No Pride (New European)
10:48pm Liars - "Nothing Is Ever Lost Or Can Be Lost My Science Friend" - They Threw Us In A Trench And Stuck A Monument On Top (Gern Blandsten)
10:46pm Deep Throats - "Good Bad Pretty" - Good Bad Pretty (Castle Face)
10:43pm Black Bug - "Reflecting the Light" - Reflecting the Light (HoZac)
10:28pm Charlotte Walters - "Angel Of Sin" - Toujours Chic! (Ace)
10:25pm Tafo (feat. Nahid Akhtar) - "Kad Ley Way" - The Sound Of Wonder! (Finders Keepers)
10:22pm Bola Johnson - "Lagos Sisi" - Afro Baby: The Evolution of Afro-Sound in Nigereia 1978-9 (Soundway)
10:20pm Edson Frederico - "Bobeira" - Brazil 45, Number 45 (Mr. Bongo)
10:06pm Repeated Measures - "Into The Void" - Collapse (New Los Angeles)
10:03pm Autolux - "Junk For Code" - Pussy's Dead (30th Century)
9:59pm Mathematiques Modernes - "T.V. Night" - Les Visiteurs Du Soir (Celluloid)
9:57pm Casino Music - "Viol AF Dis" - Bippp- French Synth Wave 1979-85 (Everloving)
9:43pm Facit - "Albatros" - Mat At Duvorna (Cititrax)
9:37pm Group Rhoda - "Tresspass" - Wilderless (Dark Entries)
9:33pm Circa Tapes - "Catephillare" - Love And Venom (Medical)
8:59am Black Moth Super Rainbow - "Permanent Hole" - Panic Blooms (Rad Cult)
8:56am Eric Copeland - "321 Contact" - Trogg Modal Vol. 1 (DFA)
8:53am Instant Music - "Do Not" - Instant Music (Dark Entries)
8:50am Ciudad Lineal - "Industria" - El Nuevo Hombre (La Vida Es Un Mus)
8:47am Exploded View - "Raven Raven" - Obey (Sacred Bones)
8:36am The Caretaker - "The Loves of My Entire Life" - Everywhere At The End Of Time (History Always Favors The Winners)
8:33am Bill Jaffee & His Islanders - "House of Jade" - Hawaiian Paradise (Fidelio)
8:31am Bobby Christian - "Caravan" - Technicolor Paradise (Numero Group)
8:27am Los Destellos - "Elsa" - The Roots of Chicha: Psychedelic Cumbias from Peru (Barbes)
8:19am Stanislas Tohan - "Dja Dja Dja" - African Scream Contest Vol. 2 (Analog Africa)
8:17am Los Sospechos - "Mirror Door" - Postales OST (Colemine)
8:00am KALX Morning News - "" - ()
7:52am Aphex Twin - "1st 44" - Collapse (Warp)
7:47am Lee Gamble - "Swerva" - Mnestic Pressure (Hyperdub)
7:44am Otto Von Schirach - "The UFO Is Waiting" - Draculo (Monkeytown)
7:39am Bal Pare - "Venuszepter" - Hamburg Paris Catania (Konkurrenz)
7:35am Zastranienie - "Fragmenti" - Forward + Rewind: The Future Echo Tapes (Aufnahme + Wiedergabe)
7:23am Marie Davidson - "Burn Me" - Working Class (Ninja Tune)
7:18am A Place to Bury Strangers - "Lost Feeling" - Exploding Head (Mute)
7:15am Bodega - "Bookmarks" - Endless Scroll (What's Your Rupture?)
7:12am Prettiest Eyes - "Pools" - Pools (Castle Face)
7:08am Pridjevi - "Pozuri Polako" - Pridjevi (Trouble In Mind)
7:05am Selda Bagcan - "Niye Cattin Kaslarini" - Selda (Turkuola)