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Monday, December 12, 2022 - 9:00am to 12:00pm

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2:54pm Follakzoid - "II" - I (Sacred Bones)
2:48pm Holy Fuck - "Luxe" - Deleter (Holy Ef)
2:38pm Sam Mallet - "Marine Life" - Wetlands (Musique Plastique)
2:35pm Agnes Obel - "September Song" - Aventine (Play It Again Sam)
2:33pm Ferrante & Teicher - "The Moon Was Yellow" - Heavenly Sounds In Hi-Fi (ABC)
2:30pm Arthur Lyman - "Akaka Falls" - Taboo (HiFi)
2:28pm Monster Rally - "Pow Wow" - Adventures On The Floating Island (Gold Robot)
2:22pm Broadcast - "I Found The F" - Tender Buttons (Warp)
2:13pm Vanishing Twin - "Truth Is Boring" - Choose Your Own Adventure (Soundway)
2:07pm Dead Monks Club - "Crystal's Song" - Books of My Numberless Dreams (S/R)
2:05pm somesurprises - "Sometimes" - somesurprises (Drawing Room)
1:56pm Shopping - "No Apologies" - All Or Nothing (Fat Cat)
1:52pm Minimal Compact - "Statik Dancin'" - Minimal Compact (Crammed Discs)
1:48pm Christiane F - "Wunderbar" - Gesundheit! (Posh Boy)
1:47pm And The - "Ravages" - Revers Des Yeux (AB)
1:42pm Carol - "Breakdown" - Breakdown (Dirty Dance)
1:38pm Dissemblance - "Drag Me Out" - Over The Sand (Mannequin)
1:29pm Steve Reich - "Nagoya Marimba" - Works 1965-1995 (Nonesuch)
1:26pm Francis Bebey - "Bissau" - Akwaaba (Original)
1:22pm Sumit Satchathep - "Starved Of Love" - Classic Productions by Surin Phaksiri: Luk Thung Gems From the 1960s-80s (Em)
1:18pm Willie Colon - "Abuelita" - La Gran Fuga (Fania)
1:15pm Hailu Mergia & The Walias - "Yikirta Lemminalehu" - Tche Belew (Awesome Tapes From Africa)
1:08pm The Botticellis - "Flashlight" - Old Home Movies (Antenna Farm)
1:04pm Alan Munson - "Fences" - One Man's Journey: 1972-1974 (Modern Harmonic)
1:00pm Mr. Elevator - "Love Again" - Goodbye, Blue Sky (Castle Face)
12:57pm Arbes - "Sun On My Back" - Psalms (Sports Day)
12:54pm Kelley Stoltz - "Sister" - My Regime (Banana & Louie)
12:44pm Bobby Callender - "Raga Man" - Rainbow (MGM)
12:39pm Balam Acab - "Big Boy" - See Birds (Tri Angle)
12:35pm Benoit Honore Pioulard & Sean Curtis Patrick - "Nordmeer" - Avocationals (Beacon Sound)
12:31pm Anthene - "Silver Screen" - Weightless (Home Normal)
12:23pm Steve Hauschildt - "A Planet Left Behind" - Nonlin (Ghostly)
12:17pm Carter Tutti Void - "T 3.3 - The State51 Conspiracy" - Triumverate (Conspiracy International)
12:10pm Borusiade - "Time (No Time)" - Fortunate Isolation (Dark Entries)
12:04pm Phuture - "Your Only Friend" - Acid Tracks (Trax)
2:57pm Blonde Redhead - "Elephant Woman" - Misery Is A Butterfly (4AD)
2:52pm Stereo - "No More" - Somewhere In The Night (Minimal Wave)
2:48pm Polaroid - "Occidente" - Senza Respiro (Dark Entries)
2:46pm The Servants - "Complete Works" - Small Time (Captured Tracks)
2:44pm The Gonks - "I Hired A Hitman" - Five Things You Didn't Know About The Gonks (Rocks In Your Head)
2:41pm Loving - "She Refused To Say" - Loving (Human Sounds)
2:33pm Coldbeat - "Double Sided Mirror" - Mother (DFA)
2:29pm Camedor - "Energia/Tiempo" - Portal (Debacle)
2:26pm My Panda Shall Fly - "Ngalopkha" - Tropical (Soundway)
2:19pm Pauline Kim Harris - "Deo (After Ockeghem's Deo Gratia A 36): III" - Heroine (Sono Luminus)
2:11pm Black Marble - "A Different Arrangement" - A Different Arrangement (Hardly Art)
2:08pm Front 242 - "GVDT" - Geography (Wax Trax!)
2:05pm Club Music - "Human Extinction" - Club Music Vol. 1 (Chicago Research)
2:02pm Afrikan Sciences - "Transient Authority" - Circuitous (Pan)
1:59pm Nah - "Rather Die" - Woe (Ranch)