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Wednesday, April 24, 2019 - 6:00am to 9:00am

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8:58am Marbled Eye - "Isle" - Leisure (Digital Regress)
8:56am New Order - "ICB" - Movement (Factory)
8:52am Anemone - "Segue" - Beat My Distance (Luminelle)
8:49am Jean Claude Vannier - "Mimi Mimi Mimi" - Jean Claude Vannier (Warner Bros)
8:45am Helado Negro - "Pais Nublado" - This Is How You Smiile (RVNG)
8:36am Nicola Cruz - "Obsidiana" - Siku (ZZK)
8:34am Self Jupiter - "When Some Drama Pops Off" - Sexy Beast (Order Label)
8:30am Visitor - "Labor Of Love" - Expat (Detriti)
8:25am Soma Holiday - "Shake Your Molecules" - Shake Your Molecules (Minimal Wave)
8:20am Charles De Goal - "Radio On" - Algorythmes (New Rose)
7:52am Light Conductor - "A Bright Resemblance" - Sequence One (Constellation)
7:50am Adam Tullie - "Meridian Hawk" - Fragments du Monde Flottant (Bongo Joe)
7:46am Hand Habits - "Can't Calm Down" - Placeholder (Saddle Creek)
7:42am Serge Gainsbourg - "L'Hotel Particulier" - Histoire de Melody Nelson (Phillips)
7:38am The Servants - "Everybody Has A Dream" - Small Time (Captured Tracks)
7:30am Pow! - "Here It Comes" - Shift (Castle Face)
7:26am Stratocasters - "Flic" - Opinions (Black Totem)
7:22am Cube - "Sanctuary" - Decoy Street (W.25th)
7:18am Filmmaker - "Mirror Slave" - The Love Market (Detriti)
7:15am Boy Harsher - "Crush" - Cafeful (Nude Club)
7:09am Los Orientales de Paramonga - "Lobos Al Escape" - Cumbia Beat Vol. 1 (Vampi Soul)
7:03am Sorry Bamba - "Yayoroba" - The Original Sounds Of Mali (Mr. Bongo)
6:58am Hamad Kalkaba - "Toufle" - Hamad Kalkaba And The Golden Sounds 1974​-​1975 (Analog Africa)
6:54am Kamuran Akkor - "Dilo Dilo Yaylalar" - Kamuran Akkor (Pharaway Sounds)
6:52am Bernard Estardy - "Rallye Du Diable" - Space Oddities (Born Bad)
6:45am Mindbender - "Undercover Girl" - Stringtronics (PIL)
6:41am Elena Setien - "Window One" - Another Kind Of Revolution (Thrill Jockey)
6:37am Each Other - "Bad Neighbors" - Heavily Spaced (S/R)
6:33am Allume - "Exhale Your Name As If It's Air" - Valentine (Healthy Tapes)
6:29am 3 Leafs - "Theme From Suspirinesse" - Four Blind Men (S/R)
6:21am Web Of Sunsets - "Chaos Waltz" - Chaos Waltz (Moon Glyph)
6:18am Shana Cleveland - "Don't Let Me Sleep" - Night Of The Worm Moon (Hardly Art)
6:13am Leonard Cohen - "Famous Blue Raincoat" - Songs of Love and Hate (Columbia)
6:06am Dirty Beaches - "Berlin" - Love Is The Devil (Zoo Music)
6:00am Skyminds - "An Opening" - Skyminds (Auasca)
8:59am Eleven Pond - "The Stain" - Assemblage (Dark Entries)
8:55am Francoise Hardy - "Voila" - The Vogue Years (Camden Deluxe)
8:51am Chris Cohen - "Song They Play" - Chris Cohen (Captured Tracks)
8:48am Henry The Rabbit - "Road To The Eastern Sea" - Abraham's Sausage Pot (Moon Glyph)
8:45am Deerhunter - "Tarnung" - Why Hasn't Everything Already Disappeared? (4AD)
8:42am Jorge Velez - "Memory Spreads West Ad East" - Roman Birds (S/R)
8:34am Bass Clef - "Worry And Also Somehow Be Happy" - 111 Angelic MIDI Cascade (Slip)
8:31am Fernando - "Briga de Chatos" - Fernando (L.I.E.S.)
8:27am Deerhoof - "Running Thoughts" - The Runners Four (Kill Rock Stars)
8:25am Stella - "Firing Squad" - Career Suicide (S/R)
8:19am Male Gaze - "Gale Maze" - Gale Maze (Castle Face)
7:54am Suicide Dada - "Acque" - Danza Meccanica Vol. 2 (Mannequin)
7:52am Franz Erimeier & Fritz Kosler - "Offnen Sie Mal Ihre Tasche" - Kreaturen Der Nacht (Strut)
7:47am Boy Harsher - "The Look You Gave (Jerry)" - Careful (Naked Club)
7:42am Skee Mask - "VLI" - Compro (IIlian Tape)