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1:48pm Emancipator - "Wolf Drawn" - Soon It Will Be Cold Enough (Loci)
1:45pm Eto & Superior - "Wolves" - Long Story Short (Below System)
1:40pm Beau Brummels - "The Wolf of Velvet Fortune" - Triangle (Warner Bros.)
1:37pm Caamp - "Wolf Song" - By & By (Mom+Pop)
1:28pm Joni Mitchell - "The Wolf That Lives In Lindsey" - Mingus (Asylum)
1:25pm Illogic - "Man or Wolf" - A Man Who Thinks With His Own Mind (s/r)
1:22pm Alan Lorber Orchestra - "Echo of the Night" - The Lotus Palace (Modern Harmonic)
1:18pm Binary Star - "Wolf Man Jack" - Masters of the Universe (Subterraneous)
1:10pm Paul Winter - "Wolf Eyes" - Common Ground (Universal)
1:05pm Remulak - "Get Lost" - One (Village Live)
1:03pm Robert Redford - "TheWolf You Never Know" - The Language and Music of the Wolves (Tonsil)
1:00pm MF Grimm - "Howl" - Downfall of Iblyis: a Ghetto Opera (Day by Day)
12:57pm Audimatic - "The Wolves" - The Manual EP (Myers St)
12:51pm Sham-Ettes - "Big Bad Wolf" - Girls In the Garage Vol. 4 ()
12:48pm Nicholas Carras - "The Happy Animal" - Mr. Peters' Pets (Modern Harmonic)
12:46pm Boris Karloff - "The Wolf Man" - An Evening With Boris Karloff and His Friends (Decca)
12:42pm Nas - "Queens Wolf" - The Lost Tapes 2 (Mass Appeal)
12:40pm Dirty Art Club - "Strange Wolf" - Vermilion (Phonosaurus)
12:36pm Grand Analog - "Howl (Like Wolves)" - Modern Thunder (Shadow Cabinet Music Group)
12:30pm Lloyd & Devon - "Wolf Out Deh" - Stand and Give Praise: Roots Reggae (Trojan)
12:27pm Hearing Things - "Houndstooth" - Here's Hearing Things (Yeggs)
12:24pm Howlin' Wolf - "Tail Dragger" - The Real Folk Blues (Geffen)
12:20pm Shawn Lee - "Big Bad Wolf" - Golden Age Against the Machine (BBE)
12:17pm Trillionaire$ - "Wolf Boy" - By Hook or By Crook (Urbnet)
12:13pm Bat - "She Wolf" - Bat Music for Bat People (Cleopatra)
12:09pm Evolve - "Wolves (feat. Asphate & Spit Gemz)" - I Am Lyricist Swollen Pens (Boom Bap Masterpiece)
12:06pm Barbra Streisand - "Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?" - The Barbra Streisand Album (Sony)
12:03pm Joseph T. Spaniola - "Fertile Grounds" - Escapade (Big Round)
12:01pm David Bowie & the the Philadelphia Orchestra - "The Wolf Stalks the Bird and Cat" - David Bowie Narrates Prokofiev's Peter & the Wolf (RCA Victor)
2:54pm Barry Miles - "Skeleton Dance" - Scatbird (Pure)
2:49pm St. Vincent - "Marrow" - Actor (4AD)
2:46pm Arcitype - "The Skeleton" - Evolution (AR Classics)
2:39pm Brzowski - "Roll My Bones (feat. Astronautalis & K-the-I???)" - Maryshelleyoverdrive (Milled Pavement)
2:36pm Flaming Lips - "Funeral Parade" - Kings Mouth (Warner)
2:32pm Emancipator - "Bury Them Bones" - Safe In Steep Cliffs (s/r)
2:31pm Hal Holbrook - "The Skeleton In Armor" - The Best Loved Poems of Longfellow (Master Classics)
2:29pm Porter Wagoner - "Bones" - The Farmer (RCA)
2:24pm Saafir - "Bones" - Unreleased Boxcar Sessions (Hobo)
2:20pm Remulak - "Snap Your Neck" - One (Village Live)
2:15pm Kate Nash - "Skeleton Song" - Made of Bricks (Fiction)
2:12pm Roxy Rawson - "God's Got Bones" - Quenching the Kill (s/r)
2:07pm Harry Nilsson - "Old Bones" - Knnillssonn (RCA)
2:03pm Allan Sherman - "I See Bones" - My Son, the Nut (Collector's Choice)
2:02pm Caravan Palace - "Ghosts" - Chronologic (Le Plan)
1:59pm Fairfield Four - "These Bones" - I Couldn't Hear Nobody Pray (Word)
1:55pm Lifesavas - "Skeletons" - Spirit In Stone (Quannum)
1:52pm Jack Prelutsky - "The Dance of the Thirteen Skeletons" - Nightmares and the Headless Horseman Rides Tonight and Poems To Trouble Your Sleep (Caedmon)
1:47pm Vanderslice - "Bone Museum (feat. Vic Spencer)" - The Best Album Money Can Buy (s/r)
1:42pm Sureshot Symphony - "Skeletons" - Elegant Aggression (Green Streets)
1:39pm Awol One & Ecid - "Skeleton & Fresh" - Awol One & Ecid Are... (Fill In the Breaks)