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Tuesday, June 26, 2018 - 9:00am to 12:00pm

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11:56am Saxon - "Thunderbolt" - Thunderbolt (Silver Lining)
11:52am Armand Van Helden - "The Tear Drop" - Nympho (Ultra)
11:45am Aamir - "Love Goddess (feat. Myka 9)" - The Quiet After the Storm (Oooh! That's Heavy)
11:44am Pharaoh Sanders - "Myth" - Village of the Pharaohs (Verve)
11:40am DEDE - "Golden Divine" - Panoply (Fresh Selects)
11:36am Nacho Picasso - "I'm a Greek God" - Lord of the Fly (s/r)
11:32am Ernest Rogers - "Mythological Blues" - Turn Me Loose (Outsiders of "Old Time" Music) (Tompkins Square)
11:29am Tom Paxton - "Icarus" - How Come the Sun (Reprise)
11:25am Manuel Vera Trio - "Venus - Peace" - The Planets (Mayo)
11:23am Julie Harris - "Demeter" - Gods of the Greek Myths (Hellenicrecord)
11:19am Cold Sholda - "Modern Myth" - Fire Starta (s/r)
11:11am Crossing - "The Valley of Lost Names" - If There Were Water (Innova)
11:07am Anonymous Inc. - "Icarus" - Anonymous Inc. (s/r)
11:04am Groop - "A Famous Myth" - Groop (Sundazed)
11:01am Alec R. Costandinos - "Where Are You Going, Perseus?" - Winds of Change (Casablanca)
10:55am Eddie Izzard - "Perseus and Medusa" - Sexie (Ella Communications)
10:50am DJ Koze - "Club Der Ewigkeiten" - Knock Knock (Pampa)
10:45am Killah Priest - "Gallery of the Gods" - Planet of the Gods (Proverbs)
10:40am Oracle Hysterical - "Helen" - Hecuba (National Sawdust Tracks)
10:36am Rotary Connection - "Tales of Brave Ulysses" - Songs (Geffen)
10:30am Sa-Roc - "The Holy Tablets (feat. Wise Intelligent & Quadir Lateef)" - Nebuchadnezzar (AVX)
10:26am Olympians - "Apollo's Mood" - The Olympians (Daptone)
10:21am Richie Havens & Fresh Flavor - "(Can't You Hear) Zeus' Anger Roar" - (Can't You Hear) Zeus' Anger Roar (n/a)
10:16am Marcus D - "Dionysus (feat. Cise Star)" - The Lone Wolf (Absolutzero)
10:10am Entourage Music & Theatre Ensemble - "Neptune Rising" - Ceremony of Dreams (Tompkins Square)
10:05am Richard Kiley - "Hades" - Selections of Greek Mythology (Hellenicrecord)
10:01am Chasm - "Icarus" - Chasm (Awakenings)
9:56am Kadhja Bonet - "Childqueen" - Childqueen (Fat Possum)
9:53am U.G. - "Super Gods" - Portals (Creative Juices Music)
9:49am Tor - "Myth" - Blue Book (Loci)
9:47am John F.C. Richards - "The Iliad: Priam and Achilles (Book XXIV)" - Homer - Greek Epic Poetry: Read In Greek by John F.C. Richards (Smithsonian Folkways)
9:44am Portico Quartet - "Endless" - Art In the Age of Automation (Gondwana)
9:37am Iron Crown - "Valhalla" - Iron Crown (s/r)
9:32am Chase - "Zeus" - Ennea (Sony)
9:30am Zvonimir Nagy - "Prelude VI" - Angelus: Music for Organ (Ravello)
11:57am Shape of Broad Minds - "Solo (Underwater) (feat. Deborah Jordan)" - Craft of the Lost Art (Lex)
11:52am Mudkids - "Water To Earth (H2O)" - 4 Trackmind (Faith Healing Tunes)
11:50am Statesman Quartet - "If You Drink This Water" - The Sensational Statesman Quartet (RCA)
11:48am Hearts of Soul - "Waterman" - The Hearts of Soul (Park)
11:46am Cryptic One - "Unicycle (Water Cycle)" - The Anti-Mobius Strip Theory (Day by Day)
11:43am Little Tornadoes - "Water/Modern Song" - Apocalypse! (Rio Bogota)
11:40am One Be Lo & Bean One - "Water Guns (Lead Is Water BORN)" - The Original B.O.R.N. O.N.E.S. (Subterraneous)
11:31am Pimps of Joytime - "H2O" - High Steppin (Write Home)
11:27am Parquet Courts - "Before the Water Gets Too High" - Wide Awaaaaake (Rough Trade)
11:22am J-Live - "How Much Is Water?" - How Much Is Water? (Mortier Music)
11:17am Kay the Aquanaut - "Nemo (feat. Ceschi)" - Waterloo (Circle Into Square)
11:14am Margaret Brandman - "The Water Dragon" - Cosmic Wheel of the Zodiac (Navona)
11:10am Gregory Porter - "Water" - Water (Motema)
11:07am Apathy - "How to Breathe Underwater (feat. Suave-Ski & Jus Cuz)" - Weekend at the Cape (Dirty Version)
11:02am Elaquent - "Like Water" - Parallel (Urbnet)