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Wednesday, October 24, 2018 - 6:00pm to 9:00pm

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11:54pm Buck-N-Nice - "Three Sides" - EMAG (Busy Inc)
11:52pm Homeboy Sandman - "Gumshoe" - Kindness for Weakness (Stones Throw)
11:49pm Private Eye - "Private Eye" - Private Eye (Fantasy)
11:41pm Sha La Das - "Open My Eyes" - Love In the Wind (Dunham)
11:38pm Damu the Fudgemunk - "Trenchcoat, Fedora & Briefcase" - Spur Momento Trailer (Redefinition)
11:36pm Subtitle - "Seventies Western Crime Scene, Pt. 1" - Terrain to Roam (Alpha Pup)
11:34pm Armando Trovajoli - "Jail" - 7 Volte 7 OST (EMI)
11:32pm J.J. Cale - "Dick Tracy" - Dick Tracy (Liberty)
11:30pm Chants - "Dick Tracy" - Dick Tracy / Choo Choo (Verve)
11:24pm Ice-T - "Dick Tracy" - Dick Tracy (Warner Bros.)
11:16pm K-Def - "A Threat To Society" - The Unpredictable Gemini (Redefinition)
11:14pm SlythAve - "The Edge (feat. Quantic)" - The Invisible Man: An Orchestral Tribute to Dr. Dre (Tru Thoughts)
11:11pm Inf - "Bubblegum Heist" - Music for Crime Scenes (Beats Broke)
11:10pm Don Adams - "The Detective" - The Detective (Roulette)
11:08pm Los Sospechos - "Jano's Revenge" - Postales OST (Colemine)
11:04pm AllOne - "Open Case" - Dusty Dossiers (Fake Four Inc)
11:01pm Cuasares - "Mutacion" - Afro-Progresivo (Pharaway Sounds)
10:58pm Tavares - "Whodunit" - Anthology (Capitol)
10:56pm Blacastan & Stu Bangas - "Murder Mystery II" - The Uncanny Adventures of Watson & Holmes (Brick)
10:48pm Harry Nilsson - "Who Done It?" - Knnilssonn (RCA)
10:44pm Midnight Hour - "Black Beacon" - The Midnight Hour (Linear Labs)
10:42pm Sir John Gielgud & Ralph Richardson - "The Yatsley Case, Pt. 8" - Sherlock Holmes - The Yatsley Case (Tin Toy)
10:39pm Red Krayola - "Sherlock Holmes" - God Bless the Red Krayola and All Who Sail With It (International Artists)
10:38pm LFZ - "These Crimes Occured At Night" - Name Plus Focus (Castle Face)
10:33pm Gerard Presgurvic - "Detective" - Detective (Polydor)
10:29pm Rhyme Time - "Better Left Unsolved" - Gnarly (s/r)
10:19pm R+R=Now - "The Night In Question (feat. Terry Crews)" - Collagically Speaking (Blue Note)
10:18pm Dick Powell - "Richard Diamond, Private Detective (1952 Shows)" - Richard Diamond - Private Detective (Dick Powell)
10:15pm Onyx Collective - "Don't Get Caught Under the Manhattan Bridge" - Lower East Suite Part Three (Big Dada)
10:10pm Fall - "Detective Instinct" - Room to Live (Sanctuary)
10:06pm Marco Polo - "Drunken Sleuth (feat. Invincible)" - PA2: the Director's Cut (Slice of Spice)
10:00pm Tommy Flanders - "A Detective Story" - The Moonstone (Verve Forecast)
9:57pm Peace to Mateo - "Twelve" - Some Strange Reason (Young Heavy Souls)
9:54pm Controller 7 - "Xylophone" - The Lost Tapes (1997-1998) (s/r)
9:50pm L*Roneous - "Scooby Doo" - Scooby Doo (LR1 b nn n )
9:43pm Fawksie 1 & DJ Ethos - "Case of Hip Hop (feat. Paragon)" - No Artficial Flavors (s/r)
9:42pm Jack Webb - "The Big Safe" - Dragnet Volume 4 (FQ Old Time Radio Shows)
9:39pm Ben Pirani - "Not One More Tear" - How Do I Talk to My Brother? (Colemine)
9:36pm Olympics - "Private Eye" - Doin' the Hully Gully (Arvee)
9:32pm Moka Only - "Detectives" - Roadlife (Legendary)
11:59pm Guilty Simpson - "The American Dream" - Ode to the Ghetto (Stones Throw)
11:53pm Bombay Royale - "Zhooti Naina" - Run Kitty Run (Hopestreet)
11:51pm Offwhyte - "Flagstaff" - Both Sides of the Mississippi (Galapagos4)
11:48pm Shuta Hasunuma & U-zhaan - "ISO" - 2 Tone (Commmons)
11:43pm Asha Bhosle - "Yeh Mera Dil Yaar Ka Diwana" - Don (Silva Screen)
11:37pm Citizen - "Earthquake! (feat. Self Advaocate & Fly Cobb)" - Earthquake! EP (Study Music)
11:35pm Royce Da 5"9 - "Street Hop 2010" - Street Hop (MIC/One)
11:31pm El Michels Affair - "Unathi" - Unathi (Big Crown)
11:25pm Jem - "Come On Closer" - Finally Woken (ATO)
11:21pm Mos Def - "Auditorium (feat. Slick Rick)" - The Ecstatic (Downtown)