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3:43am Teen - "Luv2Luv" - Good Fruit (Carpark)
3:38am Jane's Addiction - "Been Caught Stealin'" - Been Caught Stealin' (Warner Bros.)
3:35am Lucius - "Tempest" - Wildewoman (Mom + Pop)
3:24am Common Sage - "A Dead Tree, A Dead Shopping Mall Outlet" - Where are you? I'm in Klamath Falls, are you here? (Good Sadie)
3:20am Flasher - "Skim Milk" - Constant Image (Domino)
3:16am Nikola Cruz - "Senor de las piedras" - Siku (ZZK)
3:11am The Hunches - "Confusion" - Same New Thing (Almost Ready)
3:07am All Them Witches - "When God Comes Back" - Lightning at the Door (Near New West)
3:03am PG13 - "Chapter Three" - PG13 (Edgetone)
3:00am Amazing Rhythm Aces - "Third Rate Romance" - Amazing Rhythm Aces (ABC Records)
2:59am Pictures of Vernon - "Camp Games 1:1" - Now That's What I Call Music Vol 420 (S/R)
2:50am The Range - "Metal Swing" - Nonfiction (Donky Pitch)
2:47am Pancake Circus - "Rewind that Mankind" - Pancake Circus (S/R)
2:41am Vertacyn Arc Materializer - "I Would Like to Be a Cow. Now." - Tasting the Sea (10GeV)
2:37am Slowly, Slowly - "Ten Leaf Clover" - St. Leonard's (UNFD)
2:32am Honeydew - "Drugs" - Float Away, Dangling (S/R)
2:26am Sad Cops - "It's Eating At Me" - Liam Murphy Holt (S/R)
2:16am Adam Hopkins - "Haven of Bliss" - Crickets (Out of Your Head)
2:12am Cake - "Sheep Go To Heaven" - Prolonging the Magic (Zomba)
2:08am Method Man - "Cereal Killer" - Blackout! (Def Jam)
2:00am Helena Deland - "A Stone is a Stone" - Altogether Unaccompanied (Luminelle)
1:56am Dilly Dally - "Marijuana" - Heaven (Partisan)
1:52am Zion I - "The Bay" - True and Livin' (Live up)
1:50am Robert Frost - "Once by the Pacific" - Robert Frost Reads the Poems of Robert Frost (Decca)
1:46am Buttechno - "Orient ACD" - Minimal Cuts (Incienso)
1:44am Rancid - "East Bay Night" - Let the Dominoes Fall (Hellcat)
1:36am Turnover - "Dizzy on the Comedown" - Peripheral Vision (Run for Cover)
1:31am Ken Wiley - "Gato Magico" - Cuerno Exotico (Krug Park)
1:26am Blue Scholars - "The Inkwell" - Blue Scholars (S/R)
1:22am KC narayanaswamy - "Kriti: Sabhapatikku" - Dhyanam/Meditation (Explorer)
1:20am Kohinoorgasm - "Chalo" - Chalo EP (S/R)
1:11am Gordi - "Heaven I Know" - Reservoir (Jagjaguwar)
1:05am Gearwhore - "Ghost by Day" - Drzue (Astralwerks)
1:03am Ethers - "Temporary Exiles" - Ethers (Trouble in Mind)
1:00am Blis - "You Can Tell A Lot" - Starting Fires in My Parents' House (Sargent House)
5:54am Rosetta - "Neophyte Visionary" - Utopioid (S/R)
5:53am n/a - "n/a" - n/a (n/a)
5:50am Madeline Tasquin - "Mosquito" - Future Telephone (S/R)
5:46am Active Bird Community - "Amends" - Amends (Barsuk)
5:44am Free Throw - "Tongue Tied" - Those Days are Gone (Count Your Lucky Stars)
5:39am n/a - "n/a" - n/a (n/a)
5:33am Bjollukor Tonlistarskol Reykjanesbaejar - "Hoppipolla" - Klukk-Sigur Ros In Bells (Krunk)
5:28am I'm Glad It's You - "A Long December" - Daydreams (6131 Records)
5:26am time fraud - "Houston" - time/fraud (S/R)
5:22am The Greeting Committee - "You'e Got Me" - This Is It (Harvest Records)
5:20am n/a - "n/a" - n/a (n/a)
5:16am Kittyhawk - "The Petravicz Estate" - Hello, Again (Count Your Lucky Stars)
5:12am Sharon Van Etten - "Hands" - Remind Me Tomorrow (Jagjaguwar)
5:05am Daniel Avery - "Drone Logic" - Drone Logic (Phantasy Sound)
5:01am CBS News - "Ring Around The Moon" - The Incredible Year (CBS)